Paper painting – creating daisies

Paper painting – creating daisies

japanese daisy title with wm

This week I am all about the crafts, the simple ways to decorate your home. Granted I am like that a lot of the time, I really enjoy sharing ways to decorate your home without a ton of skills, a huge budget or a ton of time. Today’s post goes right along in that theme. I am continuing my collaboration with U-CAN Americas and Biri Biri to bring you Paper painting – creating daisies. This is my third kit I have gotten to work with and with each one I am enjoying it more and more. Not that I did not enjoy it the first time, but now I know what I am doing and I am enjoying the process so much!

biri biri paper art projects collage

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Last week I created the grapes, and shared a full video tutorial with you. The previous week is when I introduced this company and Japanese art style to you all when I made the lovely cherry card. I shared a very thorough step-by-step tutorial. Which you can go and see here. I am not going to repeat that again, if you are new here or misses that post you can go back to see how to create this. Today I am sharing a few new details I have figured out and other ways of creating things.

paper art kit

I was so excited to start working on these Japanese daisies! 


Here are the instructions that come with every kit. There is also some advanced techniques I was wanting to give a go at. I am not claiming I am a pro at this, not much in life I claim to be a professional at other than being a professional human being. Other than that I am a work in progress. However, I felt I was ready to take on some new techniques. I am also the person that if you say not to open that door, I hesitate for .2 seconds and then open the door. There are other ways of doing this and I had  to try them!

biri biri paper art kit

This is the art kit for the daisies. Lots of beautiful and bright colors!

paper painting japanese daisies

Once I had my pattern down I got to work.

drawing daisies

This kit has a ton of delicate tiny daisies. A lot! I traced them with the designated paper.

making paper daisies

To give the delicate definition I was hoping to get I decided to cut them out. Where as before I was tracing and ripping apart. This gave me some beautifully clean lines and defined daisies.

purple paper

I adored the finer details in the example picture, like the purple details on the daisies.

wetting paper

I achieved this by using the paintbrush that has a holder for water in it, then wetting the paper.

pulling paper

My kids had no school on the day I was making these, so I gave Nora a lesson in crafting photography. Who are we kidding, this girl has it down by now and knows how to zoom, direct, change lighting, settings and shoot. She is possibly more “pro” than me here. Anyways, back to the paper daisies. To give the appearance of the shaded daisy center I took the slightly wet paper then pulled at the edges, very softly.

making paper thin

This has the paper have a frayed look to it, which softens the edges and helps it blend into the white of the daisy petals better.

details for paper flowers

Using the glue mix, which is what all of this is attached with I put these purple pieces into the center of the daisy.

daisy details

Using the tweezers to push down, scrunch or move in anyway. The glue takes a little bit to adhere so there is time to move things around. I have found in doing these kits that the paper is somewhat pliable. If I need a curve, slightly bent edge I can easily manipulate the paper after it is attached to get the desired effect. Not always having to rely on the guess work or ripping or cutting the piece beforehand.

making detauils for paper daisies

The daisies are coming together!

paper daisy center

I did the same technique of wetting and fraying the paper to put the center of the daisies on. The one thing to keep clear in making any of these kits is to plan out your paper layers. The bottom layer goes on first and you build from there.

daisy with no center

daisy with center

The tiny yellow pieces made is feel so cheery!

finishes daisies

I love the colored paper, it all has such vibrant colors.

tracing leaves

The next part is my favorite. With these Biri Biri kits making the leaves are so fun. Each one calls for a slightly different effect and this one I am using the tear method. I traced the individual leaves on the green paper. Y0u have lots of options in the color of the paper and what blend of green you want by where you place the template. I liked mixing up the leaves to have multi-colors of dark and light green.

ripping paper leaves out

I used the edge of the tweezers, the pointer side to trace the leaves. Then softly and carefully rip around the line.

making paper leaf

This is what gives that soft appearance of a almost water color look. Pull at the edges a little to have a frayed look. You can also wet the edges to have an even more frayed look.

making leaves

I tended to like to not have the leaf lay flat, having a few portions rise to bring home the 3-D effect.

paper leaves 2

It is coming together, I have daisies and leaves that are floating. I need some stems.

adding stems

I felt there was a lot of frayed edges and wanted to have some defined lines again. So I cut out the stems. Using the traced lines as my guide on what stems I needed and which length.

adding flower stems

Again, you can manipulate the paper slightly once it is on the surface. I did this a lot to have the stem be “just so” in it’s direction. I felt the key to making this look as real as possible was to have the stems appear to actually meet up, so keeping the stems going in the same direction was important.

paper leaves

Lastly, to add a few more details to the leaves I cut out tiny slivers of light green to add the vein details on a leaf. Keeping in mind the curve and direction of the leaf and having the veins have the same direction.

paper art side by side

The side-by-side comparison of this is fun to see. The colors are so vibrant with the papers given that they actual paper creation stands out so much more!

paper painting details

paper painting daisies

This Paper painting – creating daisies was I think my favorite one I made yet. It has such delicate features and I was able to translate that onto the paper. I am thinking this one will end up in Nora’s bedroom which is full of flowers, butterflies and anything nature.

biri biri flower kit

paper art kits

Next week is my last collaboration and share about this gun Japanese art technique. I am going to be sharing the many ways to can create and display these in your home. Giving the options and hopefully some creative ideas. I have my favorite spots for where will all end up but I want to share some other ways, helping encourage that these can become part of your home decor and not just a fun craft. I am already coming up with some ideas and eager to create them!

japanese daisy title with wm

Last week everyone who went to a link and signed up got a free trial kit, I cannot wait to hear and see your creations you made with it! Please tag me and U-CAN Americas so we can see your hard work! This week it is the same drill, you go to Biri Biri’s website and a pop-up will show where you can go and sign up for your own free trial kit. I love to try out new ideas, I love that you all get to try it out too, I also love sharing crafts, and talking home decor. Which means I am in my happy place right about now!

Did you go and get your free trial kit last week? Any new crafts you have done recently? 


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  1. Emily, you did a beautiful job on this, yours is prettier than the inspiration. I didn’t know you were so artistic!

  2. This type of art is so interesting, I can see it being a great way to add some pizzazz to homemade holiday cards.

  3. This would be so fun to get into! I need artwork like this in our home.

  4. I just love the daisy artwork! So beautiful!

  5. so pretty! I wish I was more crafty. This would take me forever…

  6. This is an interesting art form. Do you think it’s too complicated for young kids? My niece is 5.

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