Paper flowers video tutorial

Hi guys! Yesterday was the first day of Spring! I am thrilled to be on our way to warmer weather and hopefully soon some blooms sprouting up! I do love the sun staying out later though, which makes the time change worth it. Living in Wisconsin means that we are a few weeks at least away from getting real flowers to grow outside. So I am sharing how you can make some artificial ones in your home! The Paper flowers video tutorial is what I am sharing today.

Paper flowers video tutorial

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Guys, these are so simple to make. I think total to make one is maybe 5 minutes, possibly. If you are like me and can’t craft without one child, animal or spouse interrupting you it might take you ten minutes. I shared them last week  and created the original tutorial post a while ago, that you can see here. But, I thought it would make for a great, quick and fun craft video!



So in-between painting my master bedroom, shopping at Ikea, wrangling three kids and putting some of the Ikea furniture together I did this craft video. I know you all can see with the tutorial how simple it is to make. But a cute video, with fun music and sped up will show just how simple it is! By the way, you can see the fun I was having this weekend if you are following me on social media, Instagram and Facebook are the ones I stay in touch with. If you are there and follow me, send me a shout-out! I would love to get to know you all more! 


paper flowers with WM

This Paper flowers video tutorial is something I enjoyed putting together. As you can see I have a ways to go with my craft video skills, but I am loving the process so much!

paper flowers


I am also loving the simple paper flowers! I have them in a few spots around my home, just to add some colors, patterns and a little whimsy to my home. I mean, I am not fooling anyone… they are obviously not real flowers. But they are so cute, you can’t help but love them anyway! I am ready for Spring, I went shopping a few weeks ago and got a few new clothes for me. Light, bright and airy Spring perfection! I am not a fashionable person, and am covered in paint most of the time. But when I am feeling fancy I like to look nice, so I splurged and got me some new clothes. Now I just need somewhere other than my kids school, Home Depot, or my home to wear them to.

Either way, my home and I am ready for Spring! 


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