DIY home improvement projects happening

DIY home improvement projects happening

master bedroom (1)

Hi guys, I wish today I was sharing another amazing home decor project. I had it all planned out, I was going to share my boys reading nook in their bedroom. With just a few simple ideas I gave them a place to get lost in books. But, BUT…. life happened yesterday (Wednesday) and kicked my booty. We have had crazy strong winds here lately, and for half of the day yesterday our power was out. I tend to write my post one day in advance, and with no electricity I could not edit pictures and write my post. So instead I am whipping together a post explaining the DIY home improvement projects happening around here in the next few weeks.

It is always busy around here, this is a legit DIY household. Partly because I love decorating my home and working on it, and also due to the fact that this little blog has blossomed into an actual job. So now I have to decorate and do home improvement projects. This is what I tell Dale who is currently painting our bedroom wall while I write this. Yep, part of the DIY projects for the next few weeks is our bedroom. It is the last frontier of un-touched space in our home. I have always showed off the above picture, a somewhat “meh” bedroom. Well my friends, it is a hot mess. This wonderfully massive space now has to function as this blog’s headquarters. I write here, craft here, take tutorial pictures and videos here, and if Dale is lucky I let him enter to sleep in his tiny corner of the bed. Kidding, this is our room and the issue is that I still want it to feel like a bedroom while it functions as a office/craft room.


The time has come! I am beyond excited to get this project underway. I need the dual function to be well planned out, I need the work space and we would like a restful place at the end of the day. I am also excited because I had the insight of a pro organizer and am working along with a big home decorating publication. I can’t give away too many details yet, but it rhymes with shmood zouskeeping. Eeek, I know you can’t crack my code at all and it is still my little secret, I am so giddy about this project!

As you can see from the above picture, I have begun painting. The tan color is on one wall, and the black trim was me thinking I was going to go dark and dramatic in here. Which I realized is not me at all. I just shared my Spring home tour and people described it as light and bright. I am not a dramatic decorator, so the black has been primed and painted over. I painted the trim in our bathroom black, which I like because it is such a tiny space the black trim does not feel overwhelming.


The DIY home improvement projects happening is making itself known with the walls, there is a lot of repairing to do. I spoke about this a while ago. The cliff notes version is we had a leak when it rained from this window. Found and fixed the leak, but in the process half of the drywall on one wall and insulation had to be pulled. I am so close to having this finally spackled up and painted over. Once done you would not even be able to tell there was even an issue!


The doors are off of their hinges in our bedroom, except the bathroom. We are not that kind of married couple, I need some privacy. The doors are off because the walls are finally getting painted! I am going with a super light blue, almost a sky blue. The color plans in here has been changed so much, but I think this is it. Well I know it is because I have purchased the paints, and a few walls are painted. I am loving the look of it.


As of now my work space is all over the place. It is hard to believe my pretty home that you saw in the Spring home tour was just last week. I have hit fast forward with this project for some publication deadlines (another hint). I am looking forward to this being done quickly because it is really difficult to not have a designated place to work and craft. I realize my issue is ridiculous in the grand scheme of things, not having a place to craft. But, when you do this for a job I need to have a pretty set-up without too much clutter. I have a plan for this space, and am eager to get it rolled out. I also need to let my husband have some of his bedroom back, for the sake of our marriage.


For now my work space (And Dale’s) is the dining room table.


The DIY home improvement projects happening is going to be crazy. But the best kind of crazy, I have to admit I like a little chaos in my life. I get antsy and bored if I don’t have things going on. Obviously, I had three kids in three years, we have two dogs… the calm life is not what I have ever wanted. This post was not my intention, as I had something scheduled to share. But I was a slacker and did not get it written before the power went out. I also did not charge my laptop. It would have been so much nicer if the power going out could have given me some kind of forewarning. To quote Stephanie Tanner from Full (and Fuller) house “How rude!” Sorry to disappoint on my regularly scheduled programming, I blame Mother Nature. I will be explaining this master bedroom plans and projects more soon, I just wanted to let you know what I am up to. I will say, this bedroom of mine looked rough right before I started working on it and I will have some killer before pictures!

Watch out for the post that was supposed to go live today, next week. For now I get to go back to my crazy messy house and knock out a few more projects. Once this room is done it will be back to finishing up the laundry room, and then a new project. I will be changing things around in my dining room. Adding some wood detailing and making it overall more fancy and functional. I spoke about some of these here in the beginning of the year. The dining room is a new-ish plan and won’t be getting started until next month. So in closing, I leave you with pictures of my sweet dog’s Teddy and Finn. I can’t deliver any pretty after pictures today, so their cute faces will have to tide you over. When in doubt, bring out the puppies!

Do you have any projects you are working on in your home? Let me know about them! 


Here is a list of other home improvement projects I have done-



  1. I can’t believe all the DIY stuff that you do, I find it very impressive. We keep putting our fixer upper projects off altogether!

  2. Like me, you always seem to have many projects going on at one time! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the space!

  3. What a wonderful time of year to start sprucing up your living space, although home projects are your forte all year round!

  4. Exciting! Congrats on working with better gnomes and shmardens! 😉 Can’t wait to see the end result!

  5. Your list sounds like mine, it never ends! Can’t wait to see all the progress.

  6. We have very similar lists! Thank you for always sharing your projects, they are truly an inspiration.

  7. I am in awe every time I look at your pictures; your home is truly a masterpiece. It’s stunning, yet also so warm and inviting. You have a gift. And I’m so impressed with the projects that you take on!

  8. I love how things are progressing with your DIY and amazed that you did it all.

  9. Love your projects! Can’t wait to see the new changes to your home.

  10. I am 100% with you about the whole house being one mess of a DIY project! Although I like that your husband is helping, most of the time mine must be wondering what kind of crazy lady he married!

    • Ha ha, mine wonders the same thing but I think he feels keeping the crazy lady happy is best 😉 No, he really does love working on projects too, it is our couple time.

  11. We can’t even manage to change the lightbulbs around here, so I am legitimately amazed by you. I wish you could come hang out here for about a week and fix this place up! 🙂

    • Wow, thank you so much! I would love to decorate for others one day! And believe me, we have a few light bulbs that need changing. The little things get lost in the shuffle.

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