Paper painting, creative ways to display art

Paper painting, creative ways to display art

paper painting art collage group

Hi guys! I have been sharing the paper art I created with the Biri Biri kits these past few weeks. I thought for this one I would share the creative ways I am displaying them in my home. I like to think outside of the box with my home, it is what has kept cost low, creativity, uniqueness and a custom feel to my home. I wanted to share Paper painting, creative ways to display art so that when you get your free trial kit (information at the bottom of this post) you have a few different ways to display it in your home. I also am sharing a video of the simple ways I created these art displays. I kept it simple and easy to make so anyone can create Biri Biri art and display it!

birir biri art supplies

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The Biri Biri starter kit comes with everything above. Pretty much all you will need to create your own Japanese paper art!


Each individual art kit comes with this instruction sheet. It has basic steps, details and more advanced techniques. I tried a slightly different technique with each collage I made.


My first collage I made was this greeting card. I sent it to my Grandma and she loved the beautiful details and bright colors. In this post you can find the very detailed step-by-step tutorial I broke down.


The next collage I made was this beauty with grapes. I found out I have a love for creating leaves with this paper art technique. I shared a video in this post with the full view of me making this collage.

japanese daisy title with wm

I got to create more leaves with this daisy picture. I did a slightly different technique for these leaves, ripping them instead of cutting them.

geisha art

Here is the collage I just created, a beautiful Geisha apprentice. I loved the colors and textures that came with this one.

biri biri supply kit

Here are the supplies given for this.

chinese geisha art

I did not think that another full tutorial was needed, you can go here for the written instructions and here for the video. I used the same techniques mentioned in the previous post.

paper art geisha

The colors in the paper provided are stunning! It makes it really difficult to mess up simply because the product and paper are such a great quality.

paper painting project group

Here is what I did with each of the collages. I am not showing the cherries because I already sent that to my Grandma and she is happily displaying it on her refrigerator. I created two wall art pieces, and one serving tray.  You can see how I created the tray here. I felt that the grapes worked perfectly as a serving tray. These do not need to be just wall art, as you can see.

DIY wood frame

The simplicity of this frame lets the Japanese daisies shine all on their own.

green picture frame

grapes in tray

I was not sure at first how I can get more creative, I knew I wanted to incorporate the grape collage into my kitchen. I realized a serving tray is such a brilliant way to display this. The Plexiglas over the art protects it from any spills.

paper collage tray

Now I just need my husband or kids to bring me breakfast in bed!

japanese paper art


This last collage, the Geisha apprentice I used two left over pieces of wood flooring. I snapped them together and glued them in place. Then the rest is a poster board and tacks to attach it all. I wanted a modern but classic look to match the art and I feel like this works perfectly together.


I hope you have enjoyed seeing these creations! I have loved doing Paper painting art technique and was pleasantly surprised with the results. Truth be told I was nervous when I got them in the mail, I was not familiar with the technique and there was a lot of paper. It felt overwhelming. But, go step by step, get creative and enjoy it. I promise you that it is something you will have fun with and want to do again! I am eager to make one with my kids. I think they can do some of the simple steps.

collage group

The Paper painting, creative ways to display art was the natural progression for this. I know that you all were loving the art itself, but I wanted to share and make clear what exactly you could do with this art once it is made. I hope you all got some inspiration for when you start making your own Biri Biri art. If you have not, you still have a chance to get a free trial kit of your own! Just go here and the pop up window will come up. Then you enter your information and a kit is sent to you! Have you signed up for a kit of your own? Did anyone get creating yet?


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  1. These are all so pretty and perfect for Spring, the tray is my favorite!

  2. What a wonderful art work! I think even my kids would love to try it out!

  3. What fun projects and creative ways to hang them! Just ordered my free kit! 🙂

  4. These are so pretty! I wish I had your creative skills.

  5. These are so neat Emily! The cherry art is my favorite but I love the textures in your Geisha art. Thank you for sharing such a cool product! pinning!

  6. What a fun project and they look great! I am partial to the daisies but probably just because it feels like spring.

  7. Love the daisies especially!

  8. Love your creative ways of displaying your art!

  9. I love the Daisy’s and how you displayed it!

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