Valentines crafts, DIY wall art and a magazine feature!

Valentines crafts, DIY wall art and a magazine feature!

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Hi all! I am lucky enough to be in the point with this blog where I have some loyal and long term readers, some just discovering me, and some not sure why they are here. Either way we have all jumped into our love of all things home together. With that being said, some of you might not be too familiar with me and this blog. Along with sharing my ideas on this blog I also contribute at other places. As both a DIY contributor and a freelance writer. My freelance writing tends to be about parenting, life or other experience’s. I moonlight as a Mommy around here and LOVE to write about them, finding that outlet with other publications is so fun! I am compiling a list of my freelance writing so you can all peruse that, coming soon I promise. Today is exciting because I get to show off a little bit of my contributing jobs! I have Valentines crafts, DIY wall art and a magazine feature to share.


First of all, let me say this is really exciting for me. I have had some wonderful features online from big and small sites. I was lucky enough to have one digital magazine feature early in my blogging career. Today I get to add to that with two crafts featured at Ella & Annie in the Winter 2016 issue! Pinch me now, seriously!

supplies for arrows

The first craft I made was some easy to make Valentines day arrows.

craft arrows for valentines day

craft arrows

They turned out adorable! I will be giving a mini-tour of my home tomorrow with the few Valentines decorations I put up and you can see these beauties in action!

decorative tape for projects

The other craft I shared at Ella & Annie is with the help of my littles and some washi tape. I should mention that on Thursday I have a fun crafting project all about washi tape that I am taking part in with a group of bloggers. So much inspiration coming your way!

kids painting in craft room

I taped a heart shape on the canvas and my kids got to work painting.

taking off tape from heart

This was a great kid driven project by using the painters tape but I did need to step in to help the process along. My kid’s had such a fun time making these!

kids heart art

Each of my kids had very different ideas on how to decorate their canvas, this may not be Pinterest perfect but they are perfect for my home! I am in the business of putting content on Pinterest, but even I have to side eye some “kids” crafts. This my friends is a legit kid craft with only minimal parental involvement.


The last little bit of this Valentines crafts, DIY wall art and a magazine feature is the wall art feature. Lately I have been all over wall art, and today is no different. I shared over at Homedit how to turn pictures into memories with this rustic wood frame tutorial. I used pictures that I have snapped over the years, trying to get creative with the poses of my kids. Just to really make them feel like art, then I had them printed massive and I created the frame for them. These have to be one of my favorite projects I have done, it is pictures of my kids, but bigger! Anything with my kid’s face is a win in my book.

I enjoy writing here so much, and get to be a little more “me” on my blog. But, getting the opportunity to write, create and reach a different audience is a lot of fun. Getting to be featured in a digital magazine is really amazing and I am honored to be featured in Ella & Annie magazine!  I have a ton of new crafts and projects lined up for this week, and I just realized I need to get my butt in gear because Valentines day is this weekend! Eek, I have the home decor and craft part down however I have a husband and kids I like to smother with love on this day too. I have prepared nothing for them. Men have it easy, flowers and a card with their sweet words, done. My husband is not a flower kind of man, maybe he will be happy with bacon?




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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    I absolutely LOVE this idea. I want to do this with my kids now 🙂

  2. Wow that is so neat what a few supplies can do. Who needs expensive art stores when you can do this yourself. Awesome!!

  3. Okay I have never used this kind of tape but now I want to. I love DIY projects with kids. So much fun and memories.

  4. Congratulations Emily, you deserve it!!

  5. Congrats! Those arrows are so cute.

  6. I love those paintings. Great ideas for things to do with the kids.

  7. Congrats on the adorable magazine feature and I LOVE the Valentine’s artwork craft! So cute!

  8. First off, congrats on the feature!! That is amazing! Love the Valentine’s art!! I really want to make something with my daughter this year for Valentine’s Day, so I am collecting ideas!

  9. Those arrows are adorable!! We are totally going to snag this idea 🙂 My son is a huge “Arrow” fan and we could make these as a decoration for his room.

  10. congrats on your magazine feature – that’s awesome! And those craft ideas were super cute

  11. Such beautiful decorations that honestly, could be up all year long! I love the kids crafts.

  12. You are uber talented! I can’t even believe how cute the crafts you came up with are.

  13. The hand painted hearts are too cute and I would happily display them on my living-room wall. Congratulations on your magazine feature.

  14. I am living my inner crafting wanna be through you. You came up with some creative projects here.

  15. I like those arrows. I think they would be fun to make with the kids. 🙂

  16. Those are great crafts! I love those arrows and I think my kids would have a lot of fun making some.

  17. What a great idea! Your kids must love doing crafts with you!

  18. Super cute Emily! I love how they get to see their art for much longer than Valentine’s day!

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