Paper painting, a video tutorial

Paper painting, a video tutorial


Hi Friends, how are we all doing? I am crafting up a storm and also getting my home ready for spring! It is right around the corner and I am pumped for it. I can just see the warmer temperatures, longer days, flowers blooming. Can you feel it? Every time I think of spring I think of blooms, flowers, and maybe even a vegetable garden if I think I will have it together enough by then. A girl can hope! Today I get to share Paper painting, a video tutorial, and this one is about grapes. Which goes along with me and my spring dreams.

biri biri washi cherry collage

**This post is sponsored, I was provided supplies and compensation. My opinion of this brand is mine alone**

Last week I introduced you to a company called Biri Biri and their new Japanese art style of paper painting. I shared how I created a cute cherry greeting card. I hosted a giveaway and one lucky winner is on their way to creating Biri Biri art of their own! Don’t get too upset, you can get a starter kit of your own, details are at the bottom of this post. It is big, exciting and much better than a giveaway, I promise!  Yes, I am furthering this collaboration and you get more chances to win.  The cherry card was my first time creating with their kits and I loved the outcome, but I learned a thing or two. I get the chance to do it all again with a new kit!


One thing I did not share before was the instructions that are sent with each kit. These have a ton of tips, different ways of doing things, different techniques and helpful tools. If the instructions are not enough there is a U-CAN learning method program which gives you access to video’s and any questions you might have will be answered. This is a simple craft project, but there is a lot of steps. It is nice to know that if there are any issues they will be explained. I am going to be sharing a video to show the process of me creating this grape paper art.

grape paper art

I am loving the bright colors and the over sized leafs are so beautiful on this grape art. I have to say that I really like creating the leaves with these kits. It is such a relaxing thing to add details and the veins to the leaves. This part is up to personal preference and I really get to let my creativity out.

I am so excited for you to see this video of me making it! I get to show off my manicure, I think I should start working out my hands, they need to be ready for their close up from now on. I wanted to have a way for the process of creating this paper painting as a whole to be seen, so people who are not familiar with this art technique can see the art come together.

So, how did you like the Paper painting, a video tutorial? I will let you in on a little secret, it took me a little longer then what the video showed. I do not actually work that fast, I wish. Then all of my housework, crafts, and writing would be done by now. I need to figure out a way to work at warp speed in real life. Can someone get on that and make it happen?

leaf art

biri biri paper paint


I did these leaves in a different technique then when I was making the cherry leaves. I ripped the edges in the shapes needed instead of cutting them. This allowed me to make the edges have fringe on them. It really helped in using the darker green “shading” of the leaves.paper leaf details

When pulling the edges apart the one trick is to use the paintbrush from the starter kit that holds water in it. You get the outline a little damp and then slowly and carefully pull the paper, to reveal some subtle fringe. This gives the wonderful appearance of the water color look. I had a few comment last week that it looks like a painting, the fringed edge effect is what really helps that out. I used it more in this grape art and really like what it did with the meshing of the darker and lighter greens.


I used more of the technique of the paper being peeled apart to create the veins in the leaf. I showed that really clearly in the video and you will have to see how it is done. A great effect that brings the leaves to life.

biri biri grape art

I was not sure how best to display this, my plan was to put each art piece in a standard frame with a glass front. But the colors and details of these are so beautiful I do not want to hide them away or lessen the effect. I have gotten creative with how I am displaying these in my home, which I will share in a upcoming post.

For these grapes I set them inside a wood tray I made. I liked the rustic element of the dark wood mixed with the natural elements of grapes and leaves, all with rich colors.

kitchen art

I am always looking for simple ways to decorate my kitchen, I never want to overpower the space. This gets enough traffic and clutter as is. I felt it was a match made in heaven to have these grapes displayed in the kitchen. It also is a sneaky way to cover up an electrical outlet when not in use. Sneaky, sneaky.

grape art in kitchen

I adds just the right touch of color in here.

art in kitchen

As you can see, I have a few other smaller and simple things adorning my counter top that fit in with the nature, food and green theme. I like to have things match without it being overly done.

paper art in kitchen

I am loving this collaboration with Biri Biri, I am a crafter at heart and getting my hands on these kits has been so much fun. I have also enjoyed introducing this Japanese paper painting technique to you all. I have heard from others that this is new to them and they are eager to give it a try!


Now for the nitty-gritty! I told you that you would have more chances to win, this is it! All you have to do is  click on this link to get a complimentary Biri Biri trial kit mailed to you … at no cost!

Have you heard of this art form before? Have you created something using these kits? If so share the link here, or tag me and Biri Biri in a social media post so we can see what you have created. I would love to see some of the creations you made with your free trial kit, tag me in them and post on social media! 


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  1. What a cool technique! I’ve never heard of this before, so I’m definitely going to go check out the kit! I love the texture of your painting.

  2. This looks great, what a fun project! I really like how the grapes look on your kitchen counter!

  3. What a neat technique! I can see how practice makes perfect with this art form.

  4. I’ve never heard of this technique before, but it looks like something I’d love to give a try! The tray you framed it in looks superb. Great post and love the video!

  5. Super cute Emily. The grapes are perfect in your kitchen.

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