Fab furniture flippin’ contest, side table turned into play table

Fab furniture flippin’ contest, side table turned into play table

I am on a serious furniture refresh kick lately, they are so fun to do and the instant improvement is my favorite. I am not a patient person, sure a full room renovation is wonderful and awe worthy, but that takes time. Painting a piece of furniture that was tired or on it’s way to the dumpster gives it an instant face lift and I like seeing those instant results. This  side table turned into play table that I am sharing is part of a bigger project, the Fab furniture flippin’ contest, the theme of this months challenge is A fresh start. This is a new decorating challenge for me, one that I am pinching myself I get to be a part of!

fab furntirue flippin title

FFFC Graphic

**This is a sponsored post, I was provided with the chalk paint for this project but my opinions are my own**

Being a home decor blogger I get to take part in some fun things, and this is one of them for sure. The full details and all of the others linking up can be found at City, suburb, sanity and Thirty eighth street. Not only is this a fun decorating challenge, it is a contest and I am one of the ones you can vote for! Granted, I have seen a few of the entries and am inspired beyond belief with them which means my chance of winning is a little less. It is ok, I got to work with DecorArt and their Americana chalky paint finishI was familiar with this paint before but had never personally worked with it. I have to say, I loved working with this paint. It had such an ease to it when brushing the paint on, covered great and I did not need to sand my side table at all. Yay for no sanding!

table before

I have slowly been revamping Nora’s bedroom, I added a simple window seat to her bedroom, which she adores. She and I are working on a gallery wall with some fun prints and various collections which I hope to share soon. We redid her room last year, but the needs of her room have shifted so quickly. I hope to have a few tiny alterations to her room done soon and I can reveal her new bedroom. She is not a big time toy player. She will play pretend games with her brothers, read, or draw. The one main-stay for her are a few doll houses she has. She plays with these like crazy. I picked up a table from Goodwill that was $4, was almost exactly what I was hoping to find to store her dollhouses and gear into. It only took me going to three different Goodwill’s to find it. Which I am not complaining about at all, I had my littlest little Gavin with me, we lunched, shopped, gossiped, laughed and found this table (among a few other things). It is real wood and sturdy, just stuck in the 80’s.

chalk paint

I knew I wanted to go bright with this table, her room has a pink, green and tiny spots of turquoise in it. I can have more fun in my kids’ bedrooms with colors which I take full advantage of. The color I selected is a beautiful green that is called “New life”. I felt it fit in with the theme of A fresh start, I chose a light satin varnish to go along with it. I don’t want to spoil it too much, but these two together are a stunning combo!


The brilliance of this Chalky finish is that there is no prep needed, no sanding, stripping or roughing up the finish on the furniture. Wipe it down to get rid of the dust and start painting. I told you I am not a patient person that chalk paint is perfect for that, I get results right away.

painting table

one coat chalk paint

The above picture is with one coat of paint.

painting the legs of table

I wanted a clear and clean finish for this, so another coat was put on. A lot of people assume that chalk paint means you have that shabby chic or distressed look. You can do that with these paints, along with mixing the colors to create a custom color. But, I prefer a clean look with not a lot of fuss. I decorate with bright and busy patterns in my home, I like to keep the furniture to a calm level.

second coat of chalk paint

Here it is after the 2 coats. Be sure to wait between coats for it to dry fully.

adding wax

Next, time to make this shine! Because it is in Nora’s bedroom where she has a bright pink desk, I knew I could bring the drama a little and chose a light satin varnish to go on top. It adds a little sheen to it.

finishedng wax

As you can see the difference in the above picture with the varnish on the top of the table and the non-varnished part towards the bottom.

green table no details

I love this color!

washi tape

With this being for Nora’s bedroom I can get a little whimsy and fun. I purchased this tape that is a fun and busy pattern, it just happens to be the same bright pink of her desk.

adding tape for detailing

I pushed it down onto the table in one corner the pulled it along the top edge. I knew I wanted to add some kind of detailing to this table, something fun and colorful. Adding a wood piece was my initial plan but this is a fun and simple alternative.

adding tape

adding more tape tp table

I felt the bulk of the table required two rows of the colorful tape. I lined them up perfectly to make it appear as if they were one solid trim.

green table with pink details

Here is the beauty all jazzed up and done! I think this fits in with the Fab furniture flippin’ contest,  a fresh start. I may not be a Doctor but I sure did bring this table back to life!….. Yes, that was my attempt of a joke, I am here every day for your entertainment!

painted table

Now all of the beautiful lines and details of this table are able to be seen.

pink details on table

kids play table

I was antsy to get it set up in her bedroom. I organized her dollhouse’s and accouterments in the bottom portion, a perfect storage area.

furniture redo

I shopped her bedroom for all of the rest. She has little knick-knacks all over her room, and I found a few cute options to set on this table.

girl bedroom ideas

A tiny Nora picture in this frame, I cannot bring myself to update it, she was not even two here. Where does the time go?

girl bedroom decor

I created these butterfly glass hurricanes almost two years ago. They were so simple to make, although if you go to the tutorial be warned that this was in month 2 of my blogging journey and the pictures are rough. It is ok though, the process is explained, the idea is out there for people to use. That is the goal around here, I just get to look and see how I have upped my picture game since then.

butterfly decor

how to paint furniture

I am not sure how much longer this sweet and girly bedroom will last for my 8 year old. She is quickly growing and I am sure rounding up to the “I hate pink” phase soon. Every girl seems to go through it, then she grows up and  has a girl of her own and the pink love is back in full force. Just the circle of life my friends.

Table redo, tired to bright and functional


fab furntirue flippin title

I think this side table turned into play table can be deemed a success! It functions, it went from tired and old to bright and whimsical, the table fits perfectly in her bedroom.

kids bedroom playspace

top of table

The subtle lines in this table are something I did not even notice before it was painted. They all blended in together before.

kids playtable

This is where the reality of my home, and this blog are shown in full force. Nora was not having my cute set up of books and butterfly hurricanes. Those got set back on her desk and her dollhouse is set in it’s rightful home. Nora runs this show in her room, I am just here to grant her wishes and make it happen. Keepin’ it real around here. A perfectly styled home only lasts long enough for me to snap the pictures.

dollhouse table

kids playroom idea

It does still look adorable though. The fact that it functions so well and is not just taking up space in her room is really nice. We have a good sized home, but as usual we can always use more space. Every single inch of it needs to be used smartly, no “just because” decor around here.

girl bedroom play area

If you are familiar with this blog you should remember that I had two spiffy and new poufs in her bedroom, right in this spot. They will still be used here so she does not get arthritis in her knees from playing. But the moment these pictures were being taken my youngest Gavin was using them as rocks in the living room to jump from, and he could not touch the lava. I mean, it was for my son’s survival I left him as is in the perils of the lava monsters.

goodwill table upcycle

Caleb & Nora gave up on the game to play in the newly acquired play area, leaving their little brother to fend for himself.

fab furniture clippn title

I love the idea of having a play table for the kids in their room. This dollhouse can be taken down and Nora can build Lego’s on it, draw, play school, whatever. She has ample floor space as well which is so important for little kids to have. Having a table space I find really let’s them have options with playing as well. We limit tablet and TV time for our kids a lot, so most of their free time is spent entertaining each other and playing. Which is what Dale and I hoped to do, their rooms have been set up with their playing needs and organization in mind.

large pinterest table image

fab furntirue flippin title

This Fab furniture flippin’ contest, turned into play table is done! If you are interested in taking part in one of the future challenges you can email info@fabfurnitureflippincontest.com to find out more information and see about creating something of your own. There will be participants linking up until February 26th for this February challenge, then the voting starts! I will be shouting it out on social media, handing out Vote for me buttons at lunch, making a speech over the intercom and formulating a smear campaign on the others. Kidding! But man those were the days with childhood class president campaigns. At my school it was a hot topic to promise soda machines and longer recess. Spoiler alert…. it never happened. The only thing I can promise is that every participant “brought it” with their furniture piece and I am ready to get some inspiration going!

Be sure to go over to City, suburb, sanity and Thirty eighth street to see all of the entries!





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  1. I love this! And the washi tape is genius!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love, love, love this!!! My 4 year old would love this too! Thanks for the idea!

  3. What a lovely flip! Beautfully done. The green and pink are wonderful together.

  4. I’m impressed with how well the paint covered the wood grain. The color is great for a young lady’s room, especially with the hot pink tape for accent 🙂 I’ve pinned this and invite you to link up with Creative Craft RoundUP on Life Beyond the Kitchen.

  5. Love this table and love the color green you chose!!

  6. VERY cool! I love projects like this, where someone can see what an item is NOW and what it has the potential to be with a little bit of elbow grease. It turned out great, and I love the green! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  7. Emily this turned out adorable! I love the bright green in your daughter’s room! It fits her doll house perfectly! Fun touch with the washi tape too!

  8. Looks loads better! It looks really fresh now with that lovely shade of green paint – pinned!

  9. This is an AMAZING idea and I am totally bookmarking this to do for my daughter! Love, love, love!

  10. This is a great idea for an old table. The color you chose is great too, love the green and pink combo.

  11. I love the way the table turned out! I’m excited to try it on one of my old tables that I’ve been wondering what to do with! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Such a cute and feminine piece for a girls room!

  13. What a cute project. A table specific for large puzzles or trays for the pieces would be a great project as well. Might have to look into doing that!

  14. Holy smokes, what a difference! I love the pink and green-so cute!!

  15. This a great idea everything is kept in the same playing table. Beautiful choice of color. I’m working right now on mine. Who will be the winner? Lol

  16. I love the way the table turned out! Beautiful paint color, too!

  17. Wow! So nice! I love how you did it and then showed different ways the table can be used. So cute!

  18. I love the makeover. I’m always looking for cute things in the playroom.

  19. This is such a cute table! I would have never suggested this table is a re-do! A lovely way to turn something old into something useful! 🙂

    • Thanks! I love seeing the potential in things, and this table caught my eye because it was sturdy. I knew a good table in great shape is always worth it.

  20. I should do something like that with our downstairs coffee table. It is in rough shape, but I suppose it might be a waste of time to fix up one thing in a room full of other old crappy stuff. LOL Yours looks awesome!

    • Start small, redoing one table and then moving onto the next piece. Looking at the big picture of re-decorating can feel intimidating. Take it one project at a time.

  21. Love the green and pink combo! Your little one looks like she loves it! Thank you for participating in this month’s #fabflippincontest… Carrie, Thirty Eighth Street

  22. Adore the Lily Pulizter vibe you created with the color choices, perfectly bright and happy for a girls room!

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