A simple way to organize toys

A simple way to organize toys

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Hello all, today I am checking in real quick. I have a ton of things going on behind the scenes, projects getting done and a big Friday around here with a fun giveaway all set up! This post is all about the simplicity, the simplicity of organizing toys. What?! I know, those seem like opposing sides. Simple and organizing toys do not go together. Books have been written about this, posts have been shared, parents have been pulling out their hair, this is a constant struggle for anyone with kids. But A simple way to organize toys is possible, and I am here to show you how I did that. Leave the hair pulling to your kids and their petty fights over who looked at who wrong.


I got creative and thoughtful with the toy organizing in my boys’ bedroom overhaul.  I painted furniture, built a table, so many baskets, shelves, bins, and crates. I shared the toy storage ideas here, these ideas work great for their bedroom. If I did not have family members that are very eager toy givers these toy solutions would be enough. But, my kids have more toys then I had planned for toy storage solutions. In the past I piled the toys in the room, lined the wall with bins. The problem with that is the mess becomes overwhelming very quickly, it is almost too much at once for kids and they go toy crazy. There is also not much room for any actual play space, my kids build train tracks, line up cars, hop from the hot lava, do crazy dances in their bedroom. We need toy organization but we also need clear and ample play space. Finding ways to implement the two into a room with 4 walls that has to squish all of that in can be challenging. I do not want wall to wall shelving, it is not practical or functional for my kids. So I came up with another idea for the overflow of toys.


First step, karate chop those toys in half! I assembled the Minions and they sorted through all of their toys big or small. Donate, keep or throw away sections

bopy closet

The next step is to utilize the closets. My boys are crazy lucky to have a walk in closet to share, which does make the idea of using the closet for more toy storage a lot easier. However, as you can see I have bins under clothes, crammed in a corner. The closet is an ideal area to stuff every nook and cranny as long as that stuffing is done in a way to organize and not hide. We all have that one closet you don’t open because it is bad. Pro parenting tip, don’t have that closet be anywhere near where the kids are. The mess will not stay in the closet for long. I have found the key to my kids keeping their rooms fairly clean is to give them the useful space and have a place for everything. Otherwise they become overwhelmed and you end up with toys stuffed anywhere there is room.

toy organization solution

The simple way to organize toys is made possible with my good stand by… bins! Everybody gets a bin! We had this old and ugly shelf in the basement and I figured it could be put to use in my boys closet. Setting it in the corner of the closet and setting some larger toys on it and sorting other toys into bins.

boys closet storage

I know, bins and shelves are not a novel thing. Look at any home store in the world and they have aisles of bins. Which I always go down and buy a few. When in doubt, buy bins and baskets, always! The brilliant idea of this is that kids have such short attention spans. They literally forget about the toys in the closet, if it is not in the main part of their bedroom they do not play with them that often. Which means when they do decide to play with the toys in the closet it is as if they have new toys all over again.

I explained about our art supply closet organization and our red, yellow and green bins system. They follow that rule with our art closet and it works really well. There are two rules in my boys’ bedroom, One being two children are not allowed on the top bunk bed, because safety and more than one child means it is a party and someone is going to get hurt. Just science. The other rule is a new one that I created because of this simple way to organize toys endeavor, the bins cannot come out of the closet until their room is cleaned up, and only one bin of toys can come out at a time. We try to let the kids have a free for all in our home, too many rules are not a good thing. But teaching my kids how to maintain their bedroom and help keep it clean is something they will take with them into adulthood.

boy bedroom storage solutions

You can go and see the more detailed ways I set up my boys’ bedroom to have the best toy storage solutions. Today like I explained earlier is all about the simple way to organize toys, we all need simple in our life. The basics in organization are always a good thing to fall back on. There is a reason the bin and basket aisles are so plentiful, because they work. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I am dealing with a lot of complicated in my day to day life with some big posts coming together aNd some projects getting done. I have kids in school and we are knee deep in homework, studying, spelling words, and extra curricular activities, I am looking for the best simple solutions for everything in my life!

What are some of your favorite simple organization tools? I know I am not the only one needing simplicity in this crazy and hectic life!





  1. I love your way of organizing with bins – I could not make it without bins and baskets myself. Toys for kids are not my problem these days – my own toys are though and organization is at the top of my list. Cathy

  2. Great way to organize toys. I think the kids toys are one of the hardest areas to organize. Thanks for the ideas.

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