The complete blogging calendar 2016

The complete blogging calendar 2016

The complete blogging calendar 2016

Today I am going to be veering off of the normal path for Our house now a home, I will be bringing back the home decor talk tomorrow. This post is strictly for bloggers, they are my peeps. If life was a high school there would be a blogging group at the lunchroom and I would be hanging there. It would be decorated with reclaimed wood, printable name tags, and have many throw pillows. So this post is catered to my clique in life. We are a tough bunch who work hard, long, but so rewarding hours. I am sharing The complete blogging calendar 2016 that I created. I am letting you all download it for free!

blog behind the scenes calendar

I created this calendar out of a need of one for myself. I purchased one that was OK, which I lost. That is a whole other issue. I diligently purchased another one, and it was “fine”. I was able to keep track of what I needed in my day to day blogging life. The issue came in with the behind the scenes things. I can plan my posts and have the schedule for it. I have collaborations, emails to get back to, home decor challenges with deadlines long before they go live. There is a lot of work that goes in long before I hit publish. All of that work needs to be organized too. I love the opportunities coming my way and want to say yes to them all. I do however want to make sure I am doing all I need to with the new commitments, not dropping the ball. I also need to feel that I have everything under control.

I can look at a calendar and when I have time to work can stat immediately because I can easily see what is next on the agenda. This calendar allows me to work more effectively, responsibly, I actually found I had more time to say yes to things once it was all laid out. Having The complete blogging calendar lets me see if there is any holes in my posts for the week or month. I can brainstorm new ideas and pull from those when I need to fill a day.

Because of this need to find and keep my sanity I got creative and created this calendar for myself. When it was done I realized all of my blogging friends would most likely love this as well. This is where it benefits you all. I am giving this calendar away for free! All you have to do is download it and hit print. That is it! Fill it out, put it in a binder and you have the year organized and ready for your creativity!

If this were a late night infomercial the next portion of this would be “But wait, there’s more!!!” This calendar with two sections, one with the editorial and one with the behind the scenes schedule is just the beginning. I have a ton more content I will be rolling out. Helping in many aspects of organizing our blogging life. The way to get access to these free printables is to subscribe to my email list. Each month I will be releasing more printables and you will have access to them all.

blogging calendar bundle

I will be sharing post organization, sponsorship organization, social media group organization printables. The name of the game is organization! I feel like if bloggers had a universal word it would be organized, we all have to keep it together. Back to the lunchroom analogy, the bloggers lunch table would also have bins with labels and some kind of command center. This calendar has already been put to use for me and I am loving it! I will also be creating fun printables for the home. I have really enjoyed creating images and will be sharing my creations.

In the tradition of bloggers supporting each other I will be releasing the companions to this series of blogging organization printables sooner than once a month. So you will be able to have the complete series in quick succession. I will be adding to it throughout the year and releasing them to you for download. If I come up with a sheet that would be useful for myself I can only assume others would feel the same.

If you have an idea, have a need or want that would be a great addition to this send the idea my way. I am always looking for ways to simplify and organize the process of planning my time wisely. If I have missed an idea I am all for fixing that. I am so excited to get this out to everyone and have them use it! I put in a lot of work into this, having it look cute, appealing and function well. If you download this and love it shout it out, let me know! If you know of other bloggers who could use this, send them this way. All you have to do to get access to all of the complete blogging calendar 2016 is subscribe to my email list. You get updates on new posts, and access to all of the printables new or old.

blog post printable

I have always just wanted to stick to home decor with this blog, and plan to. For all of you not into blogging do not worry, I will just simply be sharing an image and a link for the blogging people to download within the daily email. My usual newsletter will still be coming with updates on latest posts. It is business as usual for the strictly home decor fans. I will keep the announcements of new printables to the newsletter and maybe a few on social media. I read a lot of home decor blogs and know how frustrating it can be when other topics get thrown into the mix. It is difficult for me to not expand a little, my blogging side of things is just as big as decorating my home. I have learned a lot and want to share what I have learned. I am all for sharing those tips and tricks with anyone interested.

Free printable! The complete blogging calendar 2016!

Click to download the first series in the Complete blogging calendar 2016. Be sure to subscribe to get all updates and new additions to this calendar. You can print all of these out or download them to your computer and update them within your computer. Keeping your home paperless if you are into that sort of thing.

Our house now a home printable editorial calendar 2016

Our house now a home printable behind the scenes calendar

Our house now a home printable blog collaboration list

I am working on other ways for me to share my blogging specific ideas, more on that in the future. Just be prepared for big ideas, massive, life changing with me and blogging! If you are not yet a subscriber and want all access to the printables you can go here and sign up. Let me know what you think of the calendar, things missing, more on your wish lists of organization? Let me have it!


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  1. I am always looking for great ways to keep my life organized. This looks awesome, Emily. You did a wonderful job. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is fantastic! Printed and done! You rock!

  3. Such a great resource Emily! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. This so awesome Emily! I so need a planner like this in my life! As soon as we get home and back to our printer I’ll be adding this to my new years organization kick! Thanks!

  5. Absolutely love the calendar idea! What a great way to be organized Emily! Thank you for this! Found you via FFB by the way!

    Cheers from Philippines!

    Iris @ EarthLoveSkin

  6. Love it Emily! Printing and Pinning!

  7. Great job on this, Emily! Looks like a lot of thought and planning came along with this. Great way to keep blogging all organized!

  8. This is awesome! I am not very good at being organized – but working on getting better! This calendar will definitely help. Thanks for sharing!

  9. This is just what I am looking for to get organized with posting regularly. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Great freebie! I don’t know how you did it, but the colors match perfectly with my home office 😉 I have subscribed to keep updated for future printables. Thank you! And I definitely agree with the analogy of the cafeteria crowd.

  11. Amazing! I am always looking for planners since I over plan my days. I am absolutely using yours.

  12. This is AMAZING !!! Laci

  13. Love this. Thanks for helping with the organization.

  14. Now that’s some organization!! I love the old fashioned “write it down on paper method.” That’s what works best for me.

  15. Thank you, Emily! I have needed something like this for a long time.

  16. I have considered trying to schedule my blogging, but I don’t think it is in my personality. I can’t make myself do something because it is on a schedule.

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