Ombre yarn wall art, ready, set, craft challenge

Ombre yarn wall art, ready, set, craft challenge

ombre wall art title

This week I am back into the full swing of things around here. The kids are back in school, I have my writing and creative time back. I assumed with the kids back in school that meant I would have a perfectly clean home. Wrong. Between the hurricane that is three kids in the morning before school, and my crafting activities my home is a mess. It is ok though, creating is messy! Today I get to share one of those creations. I joined up with three talented ladies for a monthly challenge. Today it is all about making Ombre yarn wall art, from the Ready, set, craft challenge.

Yes, yarn was the item of choosing. I will admit, I do a lot of crafting. I use wood, twine, rope, paint, stickers, glitter. Not so much yarn. I had to actually go and purchase some. Who knew there were so many options? I narrowed my yarn down to 4 hues of blue and decided to get really trendy and do it Ombre style. Ombre for all of you not in the “know” is a gradual lightning or darkening of color in a pattern. I have been complimented on my Ombre hair color a few times. Spoiler alert, it is just my darker natural roots showing through because I am a lazy hair highlight person. I have lazy person/accidental Ombre hair, reason number 1.3 million why I am not a fashion blogger. I decided to make a yarn wall art with blue. I love wall art, I love blue, lets do this… Ready, set, craft!

yarn project supplies

I recently redid the massive gallery wall in my living room. I made it bigger, badder, and more fierce. I will be sharing the before, after and in between to that soon.  In doing so I rearranged the pictures and have a few left over frames. I had this black one and my 4 pretty blue yarns.

hombre yarn

I wanted to have the Ombre pattern go from dark to light.

measuring yarn

The look of the colors is very dramatic, so I knew I needed to keep the lines as even as possible. I measured how long the frame was. Then divided that number into 4 to get the evenly distributed sections.

marking for hombre yarn picture

Marked off the four even sections of the frame.

yarn project

Using the frame as a reference I began cutting the yarn. I wanted them long enough to wrap around the back of the frame.

gluing yarn to picture

There is a few ways I could have secured the string to the frame. By stapling it to the back, tape, glue, hot glue gun, or simply folding it into the frame. I went with the hot glue gun option. It can be a little messy with hot glue gun strings. I do not even know what those are, but they are horrible and super clingy. Stage 5 clinger status, you all know what I mean.  I was not too worried about them because I am only gluing down each end. Each end is then covered up by the front of the frame. If you are needing a cleaner look I would recommend not using hot glue. Unless you know how to use it like a boss, a crafting, magician boss, then get your glue gun on.

hombre yarn gluing

I got into a rhythm with this. Cut a bunch of yarn in one color, glued down one side. Then pull tight and glue down the other.

gluing yarn on picture

I got done with the first row, using my marked line as the stopping point.

making hombre yarn wall art

From there it was onto the next color. Going from dark to light. There was some serious discussion from my know it all daughter Nora. She is almost 8 and knows everything there is to know about anything, just ask her. She is also a color professional and insisted I had the darkest color wrong. I am pretty sure I was right. You can all tell me if I am wrong, I can take it. I will however never admit it to Nora. Her ego would be too much.

hombre yarn art

I am done, this yarn has been officially Ombre-ed!

putting frame on

I set the back of the frame back into the front of the frame. Being sure to have all of the ends of the yarn be in the back. Hide the ugly mess where no one can see.

ombre wall art

I love how it turned out! It is fun, colorful and was a very simple project.

ombre wall art DIY

I hung it on a wall in the living room. It is really a mini-wall between the kitchen and the dining room. This space cannot have too much going on. This gives just the perfect pop of color needed to make this match the rest of my home.

ombre wall art title

I think we all know I am about the cheap and easy in life. Crafting that is! I am ok splurging on things or taking my time with a project if needed. However, crafting should always be simple and quick. This Ready, set, craft challenge fits that very well. Also adding a bit of Ombre for good measure. Maybe with the kids back in school I can go and get my hair highlighted again and not be rocking the lazy Ombre. I have naturally very dark hair and like it to have a lighter look. I am always in denial with how fast my hair grows and assume I can wait a few months between highlights. This is what we call “Ombre” hair. No shame in my non-fashionable game. This is why I share my home, I am a hot mess.

The other 3 talented bloggers who host this challenge always look adorable and have intentional Ombre hair if that is their goal. They also created some great crafts with the yarn challenge. I am the one the selected next months challenge supply and I picked wood. I have surprised zero people that are daily readers. I adore using wood for home decor and am already brainstorming on ideas!

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  1. Cute project! I was cracking up about your hair. I stared at the colors a good while trying to decide if you or Nora were right, and I honestly can’t decide. (I’m sure that’s helpful.) Enjoy getting your house back–that break seemed like it was never going to end!

  2. Super cute idea! Love it!

  3. I love this Emily! Totally up my alley, right down to the color scheme! Off to buy yarn lol!

  4. Looks great and I love the colors that you chose!

  5. Hi there, visiting from Blogtalk 😉 What a cozy craft–LOVE it!

  6. This is fun! I love any shade of blue and I love how they are mixed together in the ombré pattern!

  7. This is so pretty! Plus, I feel like it could double as a mini organizer or photo display by tucking items under the yarn! Great job!

  8. I love yarn. It’s so versatile! And this is such a fun way to use it!

  9. This is such a fun idea, Emily! I love using simple things like yarn to create beautiful artwork.

  10. Emily! I love your simple yet adorable crafts! This is fantastic and the colors fit your home perfectly.

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