Kids art table organization ideas

Kids art table organization ideas

Kids art table

I am a home decor blogger, it is my day job. But, I highlight as a Mom to three little ones that are professional mess makers. The fact that I take pictures of my home, and need to make it be inspiring goes against all things that is a home with three kids. This is why I am going organizing crazy lately. I figure and hope that if everything has a place things can stay picked up. I prefer my home picked up, yes for my blog but more so for me. I am a certified home-body, I had formal training. I need my home to be picked up (not impeccable) in order to truly relax. My kids art table is that one space that always is a mess. I had to reconfigure the Kids art table organization ideas.

kids diy art table

This is how I wished the art table looks. The picture above is with the “old” ideas. I only shifted some things but what I came up with is definitely worth the simple and quick changes I made.

11666076_783036775127266_542663989666333605_n (1)

This is the reality. I mean, I get it. Creativity cannot be neat, the very essence of it is one hot mess. But, my kids becoming afflicted with sequin and glitter flu where they upchucked the stuff is serious. There is no way my kids did this on purpose, I blame the crafting flu. My angels would never make this mess on their own, again, and again, and AGAIN! Aside from not letting them have free range of art supplies I needed to come up with a better solution.

art closet after

My organizing quest started with the Art closet re-organizing. Yes, this is part 2 or 3 of this saga. I always organize, think I am done. Then the kids have at it and I see the holes in my well thought out plans. So far this version of the art supply closet is holding strong. The function of this is pure organizing perfection. The color coordinated bins work magically for my kids, and I even have space to store more art supplies.


However, this is the reality of the art table. This art table was created by taking apart a particle board shelf and turning it into a art table. This was done in the early stages of my blogging, with no pictures of the process, horrible lighting and my tiny little ones making an appearance. Also, Dale did most of the work. I was still afraid of power tools. I am over that fear and now exclaim “stand back you Man. This is women’s work” while speaking gruffly and not banging on my chest… because boobs…. I call him Man all the time when I am working with my power tools, it brings out the cave-woman in me.

I have a lot of the tools needed to make this art table work really well. The one issue is it is overfilled with “stuff” We do not need three sets of markers, glue or broken crayons. My kids have standards and broken crayons are un-usable with their creations. Purging some of the art supplies was first on the list of my Kids art table organization ideas. Because I organized the art supply closet so well I was able to store a lot of the surplus of markers, crayons and colored pencils in the closet. I only have one set of each out on the table now. I hope this will simplify the art table space and allow for more room.


I made this crayon holder from a 4×4. I adore it, but it does take up space. I decided to move it against the wall instead of in the middle of the table allowing a little more work space for the kids. The holes are just right for the crayons and I am able to fit a large set of crayons in the holes. Spoiler alert, we do not have the crayons color coordinated on a daily basis. I know, shocking! Actually it is randomly done by my middle child Caleb who is all about things being neat and tidy. He is crazy obsessed with things having a place and putting them there. This guy will be a dream spouse in the future. He was not aware color coordinated crayons was an option, now that he knows it is he will sit there and separate them just for fun. It is the other two that prefer the chaos of the art table.


tin can storage

To help in the organization I used some cute tin cans. No the cuteness of them does not technically help, but it makes this space a whole lot cuter. Also, adding the labels is a reminder for my kids, me and Dale where each item should go. With the colorful and patterned tin cans and their old window pane displayed art work this space screams kids and creativity! You dress for the job you want, and this art table wants a gaggle of kids armed with markers, stickers and giggles. It is dressed just for that.


The biggest issue with this art table was actually the tin cans getting knocked over when the kids were moving them. I had small cans at first, one for each child. But that led to fights of whose crayons was whose, or asking to pass the container which made them all fall down. The tin cans, not my kids…. although that does happen a lot too. It was too much for this stressed out and organized-challenged Mama. I put all of the art supplies together, no separates for each child. Splitting them up by category and size. This allows a more hands off approach to the organization. I spent many times sorting supplies into each child’s bin. My kids can easily match things and put the in correctly all on their own. This is called a parenting win people!


I used a standard kitchen Lazy Susan to set the cans on so they can rotate when needed. This fixes the issue of things getting passed around and having them tip over, which meant markers on the floor. Not a fun clean up when all three kids deny they did it. The Lazy Susan has been a great addition to this art table. 

container storage ideas

I promise you, the Crazy craft lady in me will have this Lazy Susan painted, stained or somehow redone in the not too distant future. It is just too tempting not to do!

kids art table


Remember when Oprah gave everyone a car and exclaimed “Everyone gets a car!!!” I am chanting in that way “Everyone gets organized with labels!”  Chanting and decorating is completely normal, right? I only talk to my kids, you lovely folks and my dogs all day, let me have this moment of abandon and Oprah impression. I need to get out more.

kids art table organization ideas

My kids art table organization ideas are done! Because of the previously mentioned art supply closet this is made possible. If I was not super organized with that I would not have been able to purge the art supplies on the table. Also taking away each child’s individual art supplies. This is a art supply socialist household, we share it all. The addition of the Lazy Susan in the center for rotating desired markers and colored pencils is a big help. There is no more sliding the tin cans on the table and having them dump all of it’s contents out.  My sanity is saved, our pretty study is taken back and there is no more glitter and sequin flu happening in our home. This art table is organized and ready for the creativity! Can I just pretend that it will actually stay this way? Let me bask in my Mommy denial a little while longer.

Do you have any super helpful organization tips? Where do your kids get their art on?


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  1. All of your organizational ideas are perfect, I love that closet!! But my favorite part of the post is the reality picture, That made me actually laugh out loud. Your kids are adorable!

  2. I love the idea of the lazy susan….great art table/center.

  3. It looks great and I love what you did on the stools for your princess and princes. Cute and functional!

  4. WOW, I am seriously impressed! It looks fantastic. I remember when I was a kid and had all these broken bits of crayons stored in a bunch of boxes. This looks way nicer and easy to keep track of!

  5. I have an art corner set up in my kitchen next to my table. I keep everything in little containers to keep things organized.

  6. I’ve all but given up trying to get them to keep it organized. No matter the tools we give them, they just end up on the floor.

  7. It’s so easy for art supplies to easily take over a whole room (or multiple rooms)! Your solutions are great for organization and cute too!

  8. I know all too well how difficult staying organize can be, especially with kids. I love the idea of an art table and can tell you that things do get easier as they get older.

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