Kid decorated solar system party

Kid decorated solar system party

solarsystem kids birthday party

I always try to keep the topics here home specific. It is what we all have in common after all, you can talk crafts and light fixtures wonderfully. It is why I like you. With this being home specific, it does also involve the people living in the home. My family is the reason I have a home to decorate and the reason I want to make it look as nice as possible. The people in this house are kind of a big deal to me. Today it is one of those people’s birthdays! Nora, my oldest, the child that made me a Mommy is 8! I blinked and it happened. I would love to go on and on on about all of her amazing-ness, shout out her awesome-ness from the rooftops. However, I will keep that just for her, my sweet, smart, unique and perfectly imperfect Nora. Instead I am going to show off the Kid decorated solar system party. Also confess this all came about because I had a big, fat, Mom fail.


silly kids

Here are my kids with the face only a Mother could love. This is how I have felt these past few weeks. I have a lot going on, I mean…. we all do. It is called adulthood and sometimes it kicks you in the butt, you order too much take out for dinner, you don’t remember the last time you showered, and your daughter’s Birthday party was happening with zero decorations planned. Eeek! It happens to the best of us and I am the absolute best apparently. I am a Mom and a home decor blogger, crafts and decorating is my thing…. total fail! Last year it was a frozen movie extravaganza and Elsa lost her mind in our home. My boy’s have had a train party and a pirate party, what I am trying to prove is that I am not always a horrible Mom who does not decorate for the party, here is my public proof of previous awesomeness.

solarsystem cake

The day of the party came, it was the morning of. The guests were invited, just extended family with a gaggle of cousins. The food was cooking, I was doing this. Then I realized the big problem, I had zero decorations planned for her requested solar system birthday party. Zero, nada, unless you count the amazing solar system cake my Mother in law made that is all we had. I explained this to Nora who did not seem very upset at all. I have three kids with three distinct personalities, Nora is not the one to get into decorations. She can take it or leave it. My middle, Caleb is the one who appreciates and gets giddy with every balloon hung, streamer streamed and confetti thrown. My youngest Gavin worries about the food at a party, he likes to eat. Just how my kids are wired.

nora bday party

Nora was very calm and collected about my Mommy decorating snafu and corralled her brothers into looking at a solar system book they have and drawing the planets. We taped them to the wall and this Kid decorated solar system party had a fighting chance! The kids adored seeing their art as part of the decorations. They were so proud of themselves.

kids drawings of planets

Nora had drawn these other planet pictures that I put in frames in her bedroom and we set them on the fireplace mantel. No, her bedroom is not planet themed at all. She has a pink and butterfly themed bedroom. She decided these needed to be displayed in her room a few months ago and with it being her bedroom I grabbed a hammer, some nails and got to work.

girl bedroom ideas

Here is what her bedroom looks like for anyone who missed it. The reveal is here and many tutorials on things as well.  I am working on a tiny new addition to her bedroom to please my  girl with her book worm loving heart. She needed a nook and more book storage. That talk of home decor is for another day this week! Lets get back to the Kid decorated solar system party!

star birthday decor

I decided I needed to do something for this Birthday party, to help celebrate Nora and get rid of my Mommy guilt. I put on a black table cloth and threw a bunch of star confetti around the table. Yes, I am paying for it today because there are tiny stars all over my house. But it was worth it to see Nora love the whole look coming together. With that small addition of sparkly stars the party was officially decorated and guests were arriving. No joke, we cut it that close.

3 kids

I learned something very valuable on this day, the kids do not need Pinterest ready birthday decor. They need a celebration, they need creativity! With Nora, Caleb and Gavin working together to create the birthday decorations all on their own turned into a wonderful memory for them. In a round about way my parenting fail turned into a celebratory parenting win. When I started having kids I assumed I would be the one teaching them things, but with 8 years of being a Mommy under my belt I have come to learn that they teach me a whole lot too. The birthday party decorations never have to be perfect, expensive or elaborate. We can all celebrate that special person with so much more then just streamers. I also learned my trio of littles is a tight crew who work together wonderfully.

nora collage 1

How Nora handled this situation of the no birthday party decor is such an example of her growing up. At 8 she is her own person, with thoughts, opinions, and ways of doing things. She is unwavering and un-apologetically HER and I adore that. She never gets flustered and came up with a solution instantly. That is my Nora Jean and how she is with everything in life. I was the luckiest Mommy ever to be called hers, I am so lucky she is mine. These moments looking back at her tiny, squishy tiny self to now has me emotional. I met her, held her, kissed her, and blinked…. she is 8. As they say, the days are long but the years go so fast!

nora collage 2

So the Birthday party went off wonderfully. Family laughed, giggled, talked really loudly and ate too much food. They all loved seeing Nora’s birthday party decor and listened to her explain what they did. I have such pride for my littles and am beyond excited and honored to get a front row seat to them growing up. That, my friends is what is important, never the decorations. I say this as a home decor blogger, and mean every word of it!

nora's decorations

The Kid decorated solar system party was such a hit with my crew that they have declared it a new family tradition and that the kids will do the decorating. I love that tradition because it is all them and it means I have zero Mom guilt left with my snafu, it was saved and celebrated. I am off to finish up a few things to welcome the birthday girl home from school. Time to celebrate her a whole lot more!

Tell me I am not the only Mommy to get beyond emotional at kid’s birthday parties? Has anyone else forgotten to decorate for a party? Just me?!!





  1. What a great party theme! For any age, really! Love the cake!

  2. Such great party ideas! The cake is awesome, but it’s all the little things you did that really made it amazing!

  3. The party decor turned out totally perfect. You’re an awesome mama <3

  4. Emily, the party looks adorable! I know I’ve been there, too…I think you and I probably put more pressure for party perfection on ourselves than the kids ever do! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at the party and thought of how I could have improved elements, only to have the birthday kid tell me how much they love it the way it is! Looks like Miss Nora was completely happy!

    • That is very true! The kids are not the ones into the decorating, I always feel the pressure to have it be just right. With my Mommy snafu it made me realize that the party is a hit regardless of the decor. Although my kids decorating is a fun new tradition.

  5. Great party! Love the cake and looks like everyone had a great time. My son’s birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I fear I will be in the same stressed out boat as you. I think it turned out great though!

  6. I just found this blog today and I am blown away by your decor ideas. This cake is amazing but the room reveals in your house have me captivated and pinning away. I love the door you have installed off the command centre hall area. Trying to figure out where I could do this. Love it.

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