Hello and Thank you

Hello and Thank you

Today is the first day of 2016! I wanted to take this time to say a Hello and Thank you to you all on this day. How is everyone doing? Have we recovered from ringing in the New Year? Because I have three littles and babysitters are non existent last night, we spent it with family, playing Uno, eating desserts and lots of cuddles. A great way to end 2015. With the hectic holiday season and my crafting crazy lady posts I let something slip by. I started this blog 2 years ago, a little over 1 week ago was my blogiversary.

One DIY project at a time

First postFirst year 

I am not sure how that slipped my mind, one day I started, then it was one year… and now another year has passed. I feel like the first year of having this blog should not count. It was a steep learning curve and the first year I was stumbling along not knowing what I was doing.

Not to say I know what I am doing now, I just have a tiny bit of an idea. This past year has been the year I have hit my stride. I have made such strong and supportive friendships with my blogging ladies. I am proud of the content I put out, the pictures I take and I am stretching myself more creatively. I could not have asked for a better second year.

Well, lets be real… a few viral posts or my own HGTV show would have made the year better. But you know, features on other web sites, working with brands, writing for mega websites,  getting paid to decorate my home (whaaat?) and getting to know you all better is a really sweet consolation prize. The HGTV show would have been the cherry on top.

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I had no clue what this blog was going to do, where I was going. When I started I am positive I had no end goal in mind. I did not know what I was doing, what I wanted to do, or even how to do this. The name of the game is I was clueless! I have figured a lot out, learned some hard lessons, and had some big moments. I have come into my own, I may not be where I want to end up, I finally have a plan of action.

That has been the most joyous thing of this Our house now a home journey. I did not know where I was going with it. I started as a Stay at home Mom who decorated her home. I became immersed in the culture of blogging and saw what I wanted to be when I grew up. My house and I both had some moments of seeing where we wanted to be in 5 years.

The best part of this is I have found my voice. I got married at 21, had my first child at 22 and happily gave up everything for my family. Once the haze of diapers, pregnancy cravings, births, and sleepless nights cleared; I realized something was missing. I had no idea what it was. This is what was missing. This blog, this outlet. Me. At 30 I am finally looking to where I want to be. That is a fulfilling and weird place to be.

I adore my kids, but I am more than Mommy. I am a home decor fan, crazy crafting lady, wannabe writer, Pinterest stalker, and now Emily from Our house now a home. In the first year of blogging I never told people in real life what I did. I called myself a stay at home Mom. Somewhere that truth no longer was my truth. I am a work from home Mom. I was using the lack of money as the gauge of my success. The time I put into this, others sharing my work and ideas somehow not counting. Taking something from absolutely nothing and turning it into a tiny baby blog. This is much bigger than nothing, it deserved to be acknowledged. My work needed to be acknowledged. My truth is I put in a full day as Mommy, a full day as DIY warrior, decorator, writer, and blogger. Throw in friend and wife. All of this is my truth and it deserved to be said, I am a work from home Mom and work my booty off doing that. Although having others see that, respect that and see money coming in makes me feel great too!

I have carved out a career and future for myself, my husband and my family. We have some long term goals for us, and this blog is now a major part of that. It is terrifying to think that I need to admit this is more than a hobby. This is serious business. Saying that out loud is making me hyperventilate.

It is one thing to think about it, dream about it. To make that decision that this blog will be my career, that I am going for this. That is terrifying. It is much safer and more comfortable to not try, to stay routine. We are fortunate enough that Dale has a wonderful career and more than provides for our family financially. To admit I want more, not monetarily, but personally, professionally. That is a weird place for me and something I am still coming to terms with.

I have felt such strength and excitement for seeing these possibilities. For doing this, sticking with it. Taking my career into my own hands and making things happen. I have had moments of almost calling it quits. Times I felt this was selfish, not worth my time, what was the point? For the first year I was putting in far more than I was earning from this. A very expensive and time consuming hobby. It was important to me to have this make sense for all 5 people in my home. I needed validation. I am not sure if there was one thing that gave it to me. This second year of blogging has been that reassurance and validation I was looking for. As a whole the second year let me know I am doing ok.


Thanks to my supportive husband who never put any pressure or expectations on me I was able to continue. He supported this and pushed me to dream bigger, go for it. This was never a cute hobby for him, this was me doing what I wanted to do. He is the one that made me think long term and be ok with taking that stance. That stance of me proclaiming I am doing this, going for it, reaching for the stars. He is pretty awesome that way.

I sit here now, two years in and I am so excited for what is to come. The idea of blogging and the fact that there was no one way of doing things freaked me out. There is no rules in blogging, I like rules. I needed guidelines and the best course of action. I am now in a place where the no rules idea is freeing. I can do this my way, as that is the only direction to go.

I am proud of where I am, where I am going and where I started. It was never important for me to have a career for myself. I assumed that “career” part of my life was over. Not because I could not work outside of the home. I was a preschool teacher and nanny before I had kids. Taking care of kid is what I did. Taking care of my own is now my job. However, knowing I have something to show my children is humbling. I have worked for this, built this blog up, and carved a future out for myself is very important to me and them. I do everything for them, this blog included. It is for me, but it is always all for them at the end of the day. I am honored to show them that you can create your own future.

All of this talk of success, validation and making it can be a little misleading, I am still a tiny blogger. Making enough to cover this blog financially and any projects I do. The people who see this blog is tiny, but you all are my favorite tiny group of people! In terms of success and “making it” I have a loooonnng way to go. The shift is not so much in this blog’s success as it is in my way of looking at things. I have some big things coming, not just for me but for you. Well, you if you have a blog. I adore the blogging community and without them I would not be here with year 2 down. I know what support can do, it can make or break you. I am now looking at the blank slate, the possibilities and running with it. How far can I go? As far as I want, that is so liberating for this former stay at home Mom who is finally ok calling herself a work at home Mom. It is the little things, this little thing I call Our house now a home is growing.


I am growing, changing, learning, and beyond excited for the future. I am so lucky to have you all on this journey with me. Supporting me, cheering me on, sharing my content, and letting me know that this experience is more than just pretty pictures and page view numbers. It is about me, what I enjoy writing about and creating. But most importantly about you all. I invite you into my home, into my world daily, in turn I am invited into your home, computer, allowed to spam your email with my ideas and words.

It is such an honor my friends.  Thank you for being on this journey, for letting me find my feet, and helping me reach for the stars! I have a lot to do, a ton to learn, a whole lot of decorating and sharing. But, I am happy and at peace with what these past two years have done for me. Who knew sanding some wood, painting, decorating, writing and “talking” to people on the internet would be that thing that would help me find who I am. Help me find my fulfillment, my personal journey and maybe even my future? I am so happy I hit publish on that first post!

Happy New Year! I hope you can reflect on the past year, look to the future with clear goals and go for them. Enjoy the ride though, every moment needs to be taken in. Any failure should be looked at as a lesson learned, and the ones you love should be hugged a lot more! What are you looking forward to in 2016?

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  1. Tee @beauteefulliving.com says:

    Congratulations, Emily! Two years of blogging is quite an accomplishment! Not to mention the fact that you blog consistently and with great content. I’m so glad that we’ve ventured into this blogging journey around the same time. Keep up the great work! Wishing you and your blog continued success! Xoxo, Tee

    • Thank you so much! The past two years have flown by! I love the connections and friendships I have made and am excited to see what you do this next year too!

  2. Congrats Emily! and Happy New Year! Always inspired to hear about your journey! i too keep catching myself thinking- i’ve been blogging a year, right? but i also finished a second. Where does the time go? Must be proof you are having fun and loving what you do- keep it up!

  3. Congrats on the blogiversary! How exciting! I like the photo of you sitting by the globe! Glad to have “met” through our blogging journeys and can’t wait to see what you accomplish in 2016.

    • Thank you so much! I am happy we met as well, blogging is so much more enjoyable to have others supporting you and understanding what this is like.

  4. Love this! You totally put into words my thoughts and feelings! I’m a “newbie” blogger, with almost exactly one year down. 😉 It’s exciting to see what God has in store for little ol’ me and my blog, TheRusticBoxwood.Com. Hope you have a wonderful year!

    • Eek, how exciting that you are almost to one year, congrats! The first year was by far the most challenging for me. I am so happy you found what I wrote helpful and could relate to it. Good luck on year two for you!

  5. Congratulations on two tears of blogging and you have accomplished a lot! Keep it up and someday you will have your own show. I love seeing everything you do .

    • Thank you so much! I am not sure how I would do with a show, but I do know I could not turn down the opportunity. Thank you for the support!

  6. I am glad you did not quit. I really enjoy your posts and watching all your great ideas come to life!

  7. Loved this reflection on creating your blog and finding your voice. You should be proud of what you have created in just 2 years. Love the sincerity and gratitude you express for the people who have helped you on your journey

    • Thank you! I enjoy this blog, and it is something I adore doing. I do know that without the support of my husband, blogging friends and anyone who chooses to read it this would not be possible.

  8. Emily you have much to be proud of. This first year of blogging is HARD! I know because I just finished my first year. Like you, I didn’t know what I was doing half of the time. Still, I’d guess most blogs don’t even make it a year. You are growing and figuring out who you are, and that is a great place to be. I look forward to reading and seeing more of your home in the future.

    • I’m not sure why my gravatar didn’t show up- Michele Liferedesign 101

    • Congratulations on making it past the first year! That is the shock to reality and difficult year. I think year two is all about plans and transitioning. It does get easier the second year. Thank you so much for the support and kind words!

  9. Congratulations! I love hearing about blogging adventures and how our little blogs start and evolve just like we do. I look forward to following along as your blog continues to grow

  10. Happy new year, Emily! It’s been great seeing all the transformations in your home 🙂

  11. What I love most about our decorating is that its not overdone. Simple and beautiful!

  12. Beautiful post and congratulations!

  13. I’m still new and learning TONS! My one year anniversary will be this coming March… Crazy! I love this post, two years?! Amazing. And yes, I too would like some magical super viral post to happen or my own show, but in the meantime I will enjoy the journey! Congrats again!!

  14. Congratulations! I am excited for you and can’t wait to see what you do next!

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