Thrift store swap- December

Thrift store swap- December

adding glitter with title and WM

How is everyone’s December going? Have you gotten your home ready for the holidays? I have finally finished my home, and it is magical if I do say so myself. I have sparkles, glitter, lights, and lots of rustic appeal. I will be sharing my full home tour this Sunday with a special group of people, I am really REALLY excited for that! In my quest to get my home ready for Christmas I get to craft, a lot. I recently joined up with a new group of bloggers in a challenge called Thrift store swap- December edition.


I purchased something from a thrift store and sent it to a friend. I in turned received something in the mail that I get to redo as well. This is my first time taking part in this swap and I was more nervous about what to send someone then getting the items myself. I knew I could work with anything, but I was not sure about the interest, style or crafting experience of the person I was sending to.


This is what I sent to Laci from Sequins in the South. Two embroidery hoops. I thought it was a simple and fun item with a ton of possibilities. I am so excited to see what she did with them. What I received in the mail from Lisa from Five kids, a dog, & a blog was three items. The rules were two items, I got three! I felt bad for what I sent Laci. I should have given her more options! I now know for the next round of the thrift store swap.

candle sticks before

Because I am an obsessive crafter I am going to redo each item, and share them all with you in the coming days. This is the first item I decided to work on, two candle holders that have seen better days.

glitter glue

Remember when I mentioned my home is full of magic and glitter? For some reason I have become obsessed with it for Christmas. I have a few projects coming up with glitter and sequins. They work in my home. Yes I tend to decorate in rustic, wood and rope. But the glitter works, I promise. It gives it some fun and sparkle. I also like using the white glitter this time of year because it resembles snow.

adding glue for glitter

I used modge glue, which dries clear. Painting it on the base of the candles with a paintbrush. I will mention that I tried to make the candle holders shine more but nothing worked. They have a lot of wear and tear on them.

adding glitter to candles

Pour the “snow” onto the glue. I was really generous with this stuff and turned these candle holders into a winter wonderland.

adding snow to candles

I love just the bottom of these being glitterized. It feels fun and whimsical and fits in perfectly with the rest of my holiday decor.

thrift storer candle stand upcycle

fake snow for home decor

I sprayed these with hairspray once I was done. That helped the glitter stay put. A few do come off when rubbed and moved a ton, which is going to happen when working with glitter. But the hairspray really cut back on the shedding of glitter. Before I put the hairspray on it, the house looked like a fairy had been chased around my home. Which would be a dream come true for my daughter Nora. She is bound and determined to find a real fairy. These candle holders have been touched with fairy dust according to her. It is true, I am the fairy dust bringer around here.

glitter pine cones

I decided to do something a little different and put pine cones on the candle holders. I also had fun with gold sequins for this one. Like I said, nature and sparkle do go together. I put the sequins on the pine cone the same way I did the glitter. With the same glue and then sprinkling the sequins on it. Really simple and straight forward. My kids even helped me sprinkle the sequins, best moment of their life apparently. Forget Disneyland, Legoland, multiple vacations, getting younger siblings, two dogs, anything…. no, sprinkling glitter and sequins is the best moment of their young lives. I can stop now, perfection in their childhood has been reached.

upcycle candle holders

I love the mix of gold and silver, it makes these work with any decor I have this time of year. I do have these set up nice and pretty in my dining room. Which you will be able to see in full on Sunday! Be sure to check back tomorrow and next week for the rest of the items I got to make over for this Thrift store swap- December edition! Also, check out what everyone in this group did with their items. Lots of inspiration and ideas!


Do you decorate with glitter or sequins for Christmas? Please tell me I am not the only one…..

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  1. That turned out super cute- Lord knows I love a little glitter on just about everything!

  2. Funnn! Adding glitter makes everything better! Says the girl wearing a shirt covered in sequins today…..

  3. These are so cute! You can’t go wrong with glitter 🙂

  4. Emily, what a cute and creative idea!!

  5. What a great idea and tips you’ve shared here! Turned out a great project! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Glitter makes any thrift store find a treasure! Nice job!

  7. I honestly love any DIY thrift store projects! Plus I love the added little sparkles 🙂

  8. My thoughts exactly, glitter makes EVERYTHING look better.even people! =) Thanks for joining us in the Thrift Store Swap. I hope that you had fun!

  9. Love the glitter idea on the bottom. I probably would have gone crazy and done the entire thing…lol. Can’t wait to see what you’ve done with the other items.

  10. Girl ~ glitter it UP! Love what you did to your thrifty goodies!

    • EmilyBurmeister says:

      Glitter it up! I love that line and will use it all the time now when it comes to glitter. It is like I am armed and dangerous with glitter.

  11. I love the look of glitter but despise the mess. Thanks for the hairspray tip-look out glitter I’m spraying everything tomorrow while I decorate more. There is just something about glittery things at the holidays. Thanks for participating in the swap this round!

  12. Such a great idea and the results are AWESOME!

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