Ready, set, craft! – small Christmas ornaments

Ready, set, craft! – small Christmas ornaments

DIY christmas tree wood frame with WM

Today I get to take part in a few of my favorite things, Christmas and blogging decor challenges! I had a fun opportunity come up with some new blogging friends of mine to take part in a monthly challenge. The best part is you all get to take part in it as well. We will be sharing our projects and then you all can join in! For this Ready, set, craft! small Christmas ornaments. The challenge is the Ready, Set, Craft! Each month we will have a different product or theme. For next month it is yarn, so get to thinking of your own projects. Then you can come back and link up and show us yours. More on that later though. Let me introduce you to the wonderful ladies of this new challenge.

RSC challenge main image

I am so excited to be collaborating and getting to know these talented ladies. I am also eager to see what they came up with the months theme of small Christmas ornaments. I am sure there are some new faces visiting me today, and this project I made is the perfect “me” project to introduce myself to you. I like to build new things, upcycle old ones, and tend to use a lot of wood. I have a rustic, coastal, a little country and a little rock ‘n roll. I like clean, simple, but bold. Yes, I am a confused decorator. And you lovely folks are along for the ride!

Here is the theme for this- Small Christmas ornaments

small christmas ornament ideas

Because of my obsession with all things DIY I have a lot of spare pieces of building supplies, crafts, furniture, etc… I have enough left over supplies from projects to open my own hardware store. I had these skinny and long wooden pieces left over from a prior project. I knew the vague size I wanted these small ornament holders, and cut them to the estimated height. Another thing to learn about me, I ramble and I am far from a home decor pro. I am simply a lady… staring at a power tool… who is completely in love. I do things randomly and change my plan a lot when working on things. If home decorating cannot be fun, there is no point in it.

making wood triangle frame

Here is my pieces of wood roughly cut down to size. I did not commit to a specific size because making the triangle shape would cut anything down more with the angled cuts.

making top of wood triangle frame

To make the top portion of the triangle even and around the width I wanted, the cut turned out to be about a 60 degree angle. I used a table saw to make these cuts. I am being vague on the measurements and angles of this because each space and home is different. I do not want anyone to get hung up on making this because the measurements do not work for them.

making wood triangle

With the top at a perfect point the two bottom corners needed to match up as well.

cutting triangle corner

Marking where the cut needed to be for each piece. I should note that nothing is connected. The top piece is simply sitting together right now so I can measure properly.

wood cut at angle

It did take a little back and forth to get both edges cut right. I always say, cut a little less and you can always cut back more later. Which I had to do because the angles of these were not any real measurement. It was worth the work, because I created a perfect triangle shape.

diy wood frame

christmas craft ideas

I put in small nails into the corners connecting them. I also made a stand for these that they were nailed into. This will help them stay upright. I technically only needed to make one for this project to work. Since the theme of this challenge is small Christmas ornaments one is more than enough. But, I wanted to make a set and have them go together. What can I say, I was always the student that did the extra credit. This is my extra credit.

staining wood frame

These wood triangle frames are supposed to resemble Christmas tree’s. I am taking some creative liberties when it comes to these “trees”. I saw something similar in a Crate & Barrel magazine a while ago and they always stuck with me as fun. They are no longer available, but this image popped into my head when the ornaments were brought up as a project option. With the abstract version of Christmas tree I knew I needed to warm them up. You cannot get more warm then a deep and beautiful dark walnut stain.

how to stain wood scraps

Be sure to wear gloves, this wood stain will stain anything and everything it touches. I only did one coat of this because I like to see the natural wood grains come out of the wood stain.

DIY christmas tree frame

Now comes the fun part, adding the twine that will let me deck these halls and drape these ornaments!

triangle wood christmas tree craft

Tying the twine to the top of the tree and then twisting it around the tree frame. Going from row to row. I gave each row a little angled feel to it. The initial plan was to drill a hole and use wires to run through the tree. Once I was working on it and getting up the rest of my Christmas home decor, the twine felt more like the way to go.

wood christmas tree craft

With their being no holes or anything anchoring this twine to the frame, I had to pull the twine very tight around the tree. This will prevent any dipping in the twine when the ornaments go on it.

christmas craft

The small ornaments go on, and this rustic Christmas tree has some sparkle to it. Everything is better with sparkle!

cute christmas card display ideas

This is where the extra credit person in me comes out. The second Christmas tree I made is going to display some of our Christmas cards. We do get a fair amount because our family and friends are awesome and have the cutest kids to ever exist. They like to show them off and I display them happily in my home. But, some of my most recent ones can be displayed on this, I can rotate them.

I purchased these cute clothes pins a few years ago from Target and have always just hooked this on a wall. I am going to pin these to the other twine tree. I wish I was talented enough to make these cute clothes pins. I do not have the patience to deal with those tiny images. I am almost certain actual Elves made these and distributed them to Targets.

cute clothes pin crafts

They work perfectly for this job!

creative christmas card display ideas

I love how these turned out! They are rustic, a little modern with the shape of the tree frame and the simplicity of it. But the twine brings it right back into the country territory. See, I make my random home decor style work cohesively.

small Christmas ornament display ideas

I do have a tiny confession, these images will be replaced. We have had the worst dark, dreary and no sun days lately. My home is usually full of light in the day. However I have had zero luck with that and could not get the images for this project without the lights on. Guess what?! Sun is called for today, but this needed to be done this morning. Before the sun comes up here. Talk about home decor blogger problems. I need natural light and mother nature did not care about my little blog and it’s tight timeline.

The images work, show off the idea. And will be replaced with bright, sunny, and blessed by the sun god pictures shortly!

DIY christmas card display

Now comes the fun part! You get to go and visit the other blogging ladies and their projects with the small Christmas ornaments! You also get to link up yours too. I want to see what you have done with them and maybe get some new ideas. If you have a project from last year, share that. As long as it involves Christmas ornaments it is fair game and more than welcome in this Ready, Set, Craft! Challenge.

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What are some fun ways you have started decorating for Christmas? Are you a planner like me with home projects? If so, tell me your secret!

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  1. I love this idea! And saw a similar, smaller version for $60 this weekend! Great job!

    • EmilyBurmeister says:

      Thank you! I did not spend $60 on this, I would say probably $25 including the ornaments. Which is the nice part about doing it DIY style 😉

  2. super easy thanks!!

  3. Cute! That is such a good idea. It also made me think of my friend who just told me he has never had a Christmas tree before that he can remember.

  4. EEEE! So cute! Pinned!

  5. I love it! Your projects always turn out so cute.

  6. I love these little guys! So cute and stylish!

  7. I love the triangle/tree shaped decorations. For a more rustic look you could use twigs or small tree branches. I’m definitely pinning this one!

    • EmilyBurmeister says:

      Oh, that would have been a great idea! I always am willing to go more rustic with my decor. Thanks for this idea!

  8. You amaze me every time I visit. 🙂 These are creative and just right–love how you combine the different elements fo your own style!

  9. These look so cute!! thanks for sharing, and for all the pictures |

  10. Emily! Ohhhhh.Em.Gee!!! Love!!!!

  11. These are so very cute! I love the idea and the look of them! Great post!

  12. These trees are so cute! I especially like displaying Christmas cards on them!

  13. I love this! I can’t wait to see what crafts you guys all come up with. I always love looking at your creations 🙂

  14. I love this!! So pretty and rustic! The sparkle decorations are amazing!

  15. Emily, these are so cute! I’ve been wanting to attempt making a few of these myself, for about two years now. One day I will get around to it! Thank you for sharing the tutorial, and of course for sharing it with us at the Your Home Decor and More Link Party #2!

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