DIY hanging Christmas ornaments

DIY hanging Christmas ornaments

hanging ornament DIY with WM

I am back with another Thrift store swap craft! Yesterday I introduced you to the challenge and showed off my glitter-rific candle holder upcycle. Today is round 2 of this fun challenge I am taking part in! Today is all about DIY hanging Christmas ornaments. This one is really simple, in fact all you have to be able to do is tie a knot. Most people know how to do that, so anyone can do this! Yay for simple projects!


I had such a fun time seeing what the rest of the group created with their Thrift store finds yesterday. As a hardcore secondhand store shopper and buyer I really enjoy seeing what other people find in stores. Then to see what they do with it is even better, and my idea of a good time. It is OK though, you all speak the same language. You are my home decor obsessed peeps!

christmas ornaments

I got these ornaments from Lisa who blogs at Five kids, a dog & a blog. I loved the bright colors, and the sparkles! I was not sure how to change these or use them creatively. The premise of the challenge is not too precise. The rules are not too strict, however I could not just hang the ornaments on the Christmas tree and call it a day. I am not sure what would happen if that is all I did, get kicked out of the challenge? Have my blogging card revoked? I was not wiling to find out so I needed to get creative.

104687480-Set of 3 Birch Pole Florals 48 -1

I got these birch branches from Gordmans and I featured them in my fall home. You can see them in use here. I have to admit that I cheated a little, I used them in the same way for this challenge. What can I say, a good idea is still a good idea. I adored the look of the hanging leaves and knew these Christmas ornaments would look great as well.

tying knot for ornament hanging

I used some twine, which I always have on hand. Twine, rope, yarn and string along with a glue gun are a crafter’s standard supplies. I tied a knot in the top of the ornament and then cut the twine to the length that I wanted the ornaments to hang at.

hanging ornament

Because I had 5 of them the plan was to have one in the center and two on either side. Staggering them, but having each end match in length. Make sense?

DIY hanging ornaments

This is what I ended up with. I love the little pop of color and sparkle that is adds to my home for Christmas.

hanging ornament with WM

My Christmas fireplace mantel is full of color, has a rustic but whimsical feel. I absolutely love it. I have three young kids, so the magic of Christmas is alive and well in our home. I like to play that up with the fun decor this time of year. There is time for the traditional, classy and fancy decor later. For now it is Rudolph on our wall, fun and over sized snowflakes and sparkles everywhere!

christmas ornament craft idea

I really like the look of these. I was worried that this was not that big of a change to these for this challenge. But, it is creative, fun and perfect for the Holidays. Not everyone has all day to devote to crafts for their home. I know I wish I did, but I do not. Coming up with some simple and quick crafts for the holidays helps to make the idea of decorating your home for the holidays more doable. These DIY hanging Christmas ornaments are the perfect addition to this fireplace mantel.

hanging ornament DIY with WM

Here is the other ladies and their own projects that they received and redid-

This Sunday I will be sharing my whole home in all of it’s Christmas cheer! I am so excited to show it off, talk home decor,  and enjoy the season! If you are not a subscriber to my mailing list you can go here and sign up. It gives you the most up to date posts, helping you not miss a thing around here! I am also all over social media and would love for you to follow me. I share my home here and my life, humor and behind the scene stuff on social media. It is where people stop being polite and start getting realIf you had received these ornaments what would you have done with them?

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  1. This is seriously the cutest!!! Turned out great.

  2. Love this!!! I’m thinking of doing something similar. Great idea, thanks so much for sharing!

  3. WHAT A CUTE IDEA!!!!! It’s so simple too which is a huge plus. We already have our stockings on the mantel, but this would be such a good idea maybe as a backdrop for one of our walls. I’ll have to get smaller ornaments to hang.

  4. It’s great that you can recycle the look of decor to make it fit each season! I’m really digging the natural aspects of your mantle. It’s pretty =)

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