Christmas home tour 2015

Christmas home tour 2015

Christmas home tour 2015

Today is a busy day here at Our house now a home, I am sharing my Christmas home tour 2015! I am so excited to finally share this with you all, I shared a little bit of it last week. That living room tour can be seen here. I changed up a few things since then, adding just a few more quick projects and additions. My family and I had a Christmas themed weekend, we decorated our Christmas tree, saw our towns Christmas parade and went gift shopping for their cousins. It was such a fun way to kick off the holiday season. Tonight we will be going to a hotel that puts on an amazing Christmas light show as a sweet end to this fun and Merry weekend.


This home tour is super special because not only am I sharing my home with you all, so are a bunch of other bloggers. You will be able to find their home tour at the bottom of this post. This whole Home for Christmas hop is being hosted by & Countryliving.comThere is going to be some new people to my blog with this home tour hop, I am so happy to have you. This Christmas home tour shows off my home, and the many DIY projects that I enjoy doing. I will be sharing those links with you all if I have already shared them. There is a bunch of new projects crammed into this home tour that I have not shared yet. I was a crafting crazy lady lately have so much to share! Anyways, onto the tour!

outdoor christmas garland

One of my favorite things about my home is the front porch. I always try to decorate it nice because it has such beautiful architecture and features. I will add that we are in Wisconsin and this time of year we usually have a beautiful and snowy landscape. We had some early snow storms and nothing for a few weeks. So this outside if snow free. I will be sharing a ton of snow filled pictures once we get some of it. I hope we get some to have a white Christmas!

front porch Christmas seating

I adore this little seating are I have carved out of the front porch. The wreath was made using Dollar store supplies, and the tutorial can be found here.

front porch christmas

Dollar store wreath

outdoor christmas chair

froint porch christmas decor

front door christmas decor

DIY christmas tree

I made these Christmas tree’s out of some surprising supplies. The full tutorial will be shared soon, be sure to check back for that!

DIY christmas front porch

dwecorating with berries for Christmas

I lover adding bright pops of red, and little berries are the perfect way to add that and keep with my rustic charm to the Christmas decor.

outdoor christmas garland

planter decor for christmas

Pine cones, when in doubt decorate with pine cones!

wagon christmas decor

I love this little mini wagon, I usually just use this for Christmas because it is such a beautiful Holiday red.

watering can turned christmas decor

Now, onto the inside of the house!

entryway for christmas

My home does not have a formal entry, or even tiny foyer. The front door opens into the living room. So carving out a little spot for a “entry” was important to me. I adore decorating this little nook. I made the snowflake art on the wall. That tutorial will be coming soon.

christmas gallery wall

This gallery wall and console table looked nice enough to me, but I wanted to add just a little something to it. For those of you new to Our house now a home I always try to share DIY projects and solutions. This home tour is no different, I am giving you a little bit of both.

DIY scrap art with title

I made this Christmas tree art with some wood scraps and a few supplies.

project collage with no WM

  1. I had a simple pine piece of wood that was left over from other projects. I painted it a bright and Christmasy red.
  2. Using a bunch of scarp pieces of wood, also left over from a project.
  3. I stained them a dark walnut stain. I am in love with this color!
  4. I created the rough formation of the first layer to this scrap Christmas tree. Then using hot glue gun, glue each individual piece down.
  5. I glued down the first layer.
  6. Using the same steps and lay the second layer to the Christmas tree down.
  7. I had a beautiful and rustic tree. I decided to make this look like a true Christmas addition.
  8. Using glitter glue, I painted it on.
  9. Then went glitter crazy! I turned this tree into a true Christmas tree and perfect for a winter wonderland!

gallery wall

I do not have too much red in my home for the Holidays. I tend to use more natural colors, with gray and green as accents. This little corner of the living room has pops of red and I adore it.



wood christmas tree decor

pillows for christmas

christmas blog living room

The living room is the place we spend most of our time, I try to keep things as kid friendly as possible in here. My kids are 7, 6, and 4. They are pretty good with things, but they are still kids. I am always trying to make the home work for the adults and the kids who live here. I have ended up with a rustic, bright, and whimsical holiday decor. I get to do the fun decorating now. When my kids get older is when the serious and fancy decor comes out. For now it is all about Rudolph and Santa.

Christms tree

kids ornament

The Christmas tree ornaments and decor in our home is all about the kidlings in our home. My house has always meshed the two together well, my home is stylish but full of family elements. It is just who we are. I have a bunch of littles and my home wreaks of them in the best way possible.

kitds made ornaments

lantern christmas decor ideas

merry Christmas planket


christmas ornament craft idea

christmas fireplace mantel ecor

Decorating the mantle has to be my favorite area to decorate. It is such a big focal point that it demands attention.

christmas entryway and living room

hanging ornament with WM

christmas living room

hanging ornament DIY with WM

I added these ornaments recently, so this mantel does look different from last weeks living room tour. I love how they hang, giving off just a little sprarkle.

lenterns with christmas decor

Making these beautiful lanterns work for my holiday decor was a lot of fun. These can work year round by changing out the items on the inside. I put some red garland and pine cones in here. It was just a little touch, but what was needed to help these lanterns transition into Christmas.

christmas bookshelf decor

stars in christmas decor

simple christmas decor

how to decorate a hurrican glass

christmas living room and dining room

Our home is open concept-ish. I add the ‘ish to the end because the living room and dining room are open, with doorways into the kitchen and study. It has a great flow. But because it is all open the decor needs to have a flow to it as well.

dining room

I recently revamped our dining room, adding the ceiling light and and making the colorful wood art work. It was just enough to make the whole space feel fresh again. I added the light greenery to the ceiling light, and my kids love that little addition. They said even the ceilings are decorated. Which is a big deal to my little ones, who knew?

Dining room christmas decor

I went crazy with the sprarkle this year. This center planter I made with silk greenery, and will be sharing how I built it up soon.

adding green christmas garland to ceiling light

christmas center piece

Sparkle is everywhere this year, it makes it feel truly magical in here!


I went Christmas tree craft crazy this year. I made a whole lot of them, and will be sharing each tutorial soon. They made my credenza be a part of the home decor.

DIY christmas tree craft

dining room christmas decor ideas

dinging table decor

christmas wreath

I love the simplicity of this garland.

Christmas table decor

christmas decorated dining room

christmas ddining room

The dining room was not always set up here, for years we had it in the smaller part of the kitchen. Once I put it in here the whole home felt different and the dining transitioned into a formal feel. I really enjoy having it open into the living room. I have to say, having this view when we are at the dining room table is really nice. The lit up tree, a lot of times a fire in the fireplace, and my big hanging wreath.

rustic dining room christmas decor

kids homework room

Where the dining room table used to be is now used as the study. I am not sure why we started calling it that but it was stuck. It is pretty much the kids space. They have a art table, their books and a place to sit. I call this the bigger kid play room. They do not need mounds of toys anymore. My kids use the art table daily. If you think I am the creative one…. you have not met my kids. They love this little space. I say little, because it is a small nook off of our kitchen. A lot of people have commented that they wish they had a space like this for their kids. This is what would be the eat in part of the kitchen. Not really a room, I turned it into one and our family spends a ton of time in here!

sitting room with Christmas tree

The small Christmas tree in here is the designated kids tree. They have made a bunch of ornaments for it. Each year their Nana lets them pick an ornament from her Christmas tree. She always buys a ton of kids specific ornaments. This is where they put those ornaments. My trio of littles have be making their own ornaments to go on this tree. I love seeing their creativity come out. There is no rules at the art table, other then to clean up your mess when done.

kids space christmas decor

DIY christmas snowballs

I turned the bottom of the small tree into a true winter wonderland. I made those snowballs, they are a lot of fun to make. Watch out for that tutorial soon!

teddy and finn

This Christmas home tour would not be complete without the diva’s Teddy & Finn. Teddy is the smaller dog who is older. He is a seasoned pro and assumes when I get the camera out it is time for him to pose, Finn is liking this idea. They both need to make an appearance. This whole thing is for them after all!

DIY snowflakes

kids christmas tree

As you can see, the kids have taken this tree being theirs and run with it! We decorate the main Christmas tree with a lot of my kids things, I guess eventually we might transition into more formal Christmas ornaments. For now this is the life we lead. I love every minute of it.

kids DIY ornaments

christmas gallery wall ideas 2

I changed up a few of the pictures in this gallery wall. Making it work just a little bit better for the holiday season.

Christmas kitchen

This was the first year I have put the pine leaves above the cabinet. I actually have all of you to thank, if you follow me on social media. I posted a picture of our kitchen without Christmas decor and asked how best to decorate it. We have a small kitchen, really small. I try to keep the decorating to a minimum in here because it gets cluttered very quickly. Many of you said I should put some greenery above the kitchen cabinets. I took your advice and cut some branches from our pine trees outside. I am loving the results!

christmas decor for kitchen counters

The counter top decor I still keep to a small few things. Counter space is a hot commodity here and am not willing to sacrifice that in the name of home decor. We redid our kitchen a few years ago, adding the back splash, painting the cabinets and walls. The last step is counter tops, once day.

christmas decor

kitchen with hearth room

With the study being technically in the kitchen actually works to our favor with our family. The kids can be reading, drawing or even doing homework while we are doing dishes or cooking. Letting us all still have time together. I am convinced that even if we had a mega mansion the 3 kids and two dogs would be wherever Dale and I are. We are kind of a big deal around here.

kitchen christmas

These pine leaves smell wonderful! This year we found out Nora is allergic to pine sap. We found that out after a fun reaction on her face after playing in pine trees. So it is the first year we have an artificial Christmas tree. However, we can get the beautiful pine smell with these because they are up high and she will not touch them. I was missing this smell in my house this year.

kitchen with christmas decor

simple Christmas kitchen decor

I made these simple rustic art pieces and will be sharing the tutorial soon. It was a last minute project addition because my kitchen needed some warming up for the holiday season.

I thought the dark walnut wood stain would help that out.

glass hurricane christmas decor ideas

Glass hurricanes are great things to have in your home. They are so simple to change things up according to the season, I transition these each holiday or season change.

adding christmas greens to kitchen cabinets

Christmas kitchen

The little additions to my kitchen made this small space feel ready for Christmas without it feeling overwhelming. In the kitchen, no matter how much I stay on top of things. The clutter congregates here, homework, dishes, mail, everything. This is the spot to pile it all. So keeping things as calm and simple as possible is always the best way.

fireplace with christmas decor

I made these A frame Christmas tree’s and you can see the tutorial for them here.  I put them in our bedroom, which I was hoping to get decorated for the holidays as well. However, that did not happen. It is ok though, my halls have been decked, my house is merry and my kids adore it regardless of the bedrooms being decorated.

christmas collage with WM

That is it! We made it! My Christmas home tour 2015 is a wrap, I feel like I missed out on some things, maybe forgot a few additions. I might add to this, or be sharing a few new features if I get crafty again. I will be sharing some new crafts, projects and features soon. Some I already showed you in this tour and others that are not yet ready for their close up. I do not know what it is but this time of year I go DIY crazy. There is not enough days in the month for me to share it all. Look out for all of those coming soon to a computer near you!

Don’t forget to check out the other people sharing their home tours and projects all about the Holidays in this Home for Christmas hop.

From my family to yours- Merry Christmas!

cute one

Have you started decorating yet? Do you have any favorite items in your home that you love to bring out for the Holiday season?

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  1. Looks amazing Emily! I wanna come over for Christmas :). Have a wonderful holiday break!

    • EmilyBurmeister says:

      Thank you! I would love to have you over, we could talk home decor, paint colors and favorite wood stains all day!

  2. WOw! Your home is stunning! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. Looks great! I’m in love with your scrap wood tree with sparkles! Oh my!!!! I planned on doing something like this after the wood arrow project, but yours is better than I visioned on my head!!!! And the kid’s tree is pretty awesome. Love that nutcracker ornament! Happy Holidays!

    • EmilyBurmeister says:

      Thank you so much! I love those sparkle trees! My daughter had fun making the nutcracker ornament and insisted on labeling it in case someone did not know what it was.

  4. Beautiful home tour. I especially like your gallery wall and the Radio flyer wagon on the front porch! We are a little behind with our decorating but it should be finished this week. Now I’m off to visit a few more of these tours!

    • EmilyBurmeister says:

      Thank you so much! Have fun seeing what everyone else is sharing, and good luck decorating your home for the Holidays!

  5. What a gorgeous your, Emily. Love all the festive touches you did in all the rooms. My favorite is probably the living room & dining area. That photo with the kids and doggies is the sweetest!

  6. Your home is beautiful. So many gorgeous details. I love those pillows. I also love the wagon decorated.

  7. Your house looks great Emily! I especially love your scrap wood Christmas trees! Thanks for sharing!


  8. I love the station wagon pillow! Your home is beautiful

  9. Your home looks so warm and inviting. Love it! Especially love that cute outdoor pillow with the car and Christmas tree 🙂

  10. Always love your home tours and that picture at the end is the BESt!
    Happy holidays!

  11. Emily, your home looks festive and lovely. I especially love the porch and the dining room’s simple, natural decorations. You will adore those kid photo ornaments forever; I just put mine on the tree from 20 some years ago and they still make me smile. I love your family picture too- frame it and bring it out every Christmas forever.

    • EmilyBurmeister says:

      Thank you so much Michele! I love the sweet kid ornaments now, and I am sure I will in the future. That is so sweet that you enjoy the tiny kid ornaments now. I love the picture we were lucky enough to get, it was a Christmas miracle!

  12. Your Christmas home looks great!! I love the front porch, I wish we had a front porch to decorate with. The wreath on your DIY art in you dining room is pretty!

  13. Your house looks so beautiful and warm for the Christmas. I loved everything done so well. And not to forget the happy faces in the end. Lovely kids.

  14. Your home is looking absolutely splendid for the holidays!

  15. You have truly gone all out for Christmas! Amazing decorations, your house looks so festive!
    I especially like the decorations on the watering can and the kids decorations on the tree! Simply beautiful!

    Hannah xx

    • EmilyBurmeister says:

      Thank you! I have had so much fun this season creating, crafting and decorating for Christmas! My kids adore this time of year and they love the big show of it all.

  16. You did an awesome job. Everything looks beautiful!

  17. Very nice! I think my favorite is the decorations hanging from the mantel.

  18. Emily, it all looks beautiful! I SO need a radio flyer wagon for myself!

  19. Your home looks stunning! I love all the decorations and your DiY projects are amazing!

  20. Emily, you have done an amazing job decorating your beautiful home. I love your little scrap wood tree but I think my favorite is the wreath around your new light. So creative. Your kids are adorable. Thank you for sharing your home with us – it’s lovely. Cathy

  21. That wood scrap Christmas tree was a genius idea! I love it!

  22. How do you keep your home so neat and beautiful?! Love the Christmas decor 🙂

    • EmilyBurmeister says:

      It does not look this way all the time, at all! I try to stay on top of the mess and clutter. Having a place for everything to go does help, but I still have three kids that are determined to make a mess wherever they go.

  23. Your home looks so cozy and festive! I love how you added greenery so many places! It really brings the entire season together. Merry Christmas!

  24. Beautiful home and beautiful Christmas touches throughout!! I love the kids art area!

    • EmilyBurmeister says:

      Thank you so much! My kids adore their art area and use it all the time. It was one of my best ideas yet.

  25. Great Christmas tour Emily! I really like your scrap Christmas trees and the evergreens over the kitchen cabinets Your kids and your dogs are so cute:). Have a wonderful week and take care, Tara

  26. I love your scrap wood Christmas Tree.! Your house looks so festive from the inside out. Love the evergreen chandelier wreath and the large Christmas balls hanging over your entrance too. Pinning to share 🙂

  27. So many pretty things, but I have to say my favorite is the pillow with the van hauling a Christmas tree. So Whimsical and fun.

  28. Looks lovely as usual. I love your DIY pieces and the kids craft. So personalized!

  29. Your home is absolutely beautiful and I’m a little bit in love with your porch! I love the Christmas touches too – so festive!

    • EmilyBurmeister says:

      Thank you so much! My front porch was one of the selling point for this house, I loved the columns on it.

  30. Your house is amazing! How do you have time for all of that??? Beautiful ideas!

    • Emily Burmeister says:

      Thank you! I love to decorate and find time through out the day to do so, or create at night once the kids are in bed.

  31. Emily your home is so festive and cozy for the holidays! I like the little details everywhere. I love the little mini wagon on your porch and all your greenery and natural touches. The Christmas pillow with the car is so nice, your house looks really welcoming. You’ve done a great job!!!

  32. You have a beautiful home. I love all of your Christmas decor, but the show stoppers are those cute dogs of yours. LOL

  33. Your home is so warm, cozy & beautifully decorated!!

  34. Your house looks so cozy with the christmas decor. Love it! The family photo is amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  35. This looks sooo great!!! Your front entrance is gorgeous! I was so excited to see the huge amount of link ups for this hop! There is so much eye candy!! 🙂 Pinned!!

  36. Your home looks beautiful and ready for the holidays!! I love how kid-friendly the decor is – so important when decorating a home with little ones!

  37. looks very inviting! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  38. Stephanie Bonds says:

    Your home inside and out looks amazing! I loved the tour! Every inch is so festive and warm!

  39. It’s a great DIY idea! The house is looking pretty! Hope I got it and will decorate my house perfectly like yours for the next Christmas! Thanks, Emily for sharing such a wonderful idea with us! 🙂

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