One room challenge week 5- freaking out a little

One room challenge week 5- freaking out a little

I think the title says it all, this is week 5 of the 6 week long One room challenge. That means next week this room will be done…. um… yeah… about that. There is still so much to do! If you have been following along, you know what I am talking about. If not, this is my One room challenge, I have 6 weeks to transform a room in my home. I took on my boys’ bedroom. They were in need of a better functioning space for my not so little boys. They are 6 and 4 now, so they needed better toy storage, different play places, and they have fully graduated into big boy beds.
Here is the past weeks post 

The to-do list is as follows-
  1. Paint wall a neutral tan or gray
  2. Paint trim white
  3. Build bunk beds (working on it)
  4. Make ladder for bed
  5. Create reading nook
  6. Create gallery wall with boy’s names
  7. Make LEGO table that can have storage under it
  8. Paint big shelf 
  9. Upcycle old toddler bed into chair
  10. Make a valance for windows
  11. Update art work on walls
  12. ORGANIZE and CLEAN out toy’s!!!!
  13. Make guitar wall hooks
  14. Paint crates for books
  15. Take out fan and install new lighting over LEGO table
  16. Make a large wall art piece


The biggest job in this bedroom has been the built in bunk beds. We are still not done with them yet. I know, I am sweating this one out. There is still trim to be put on and a ladder to be made. I have revised the plans. My initial plans was to make some steps with extra storage. But, making them function, be deep enough for actual storage and not take up most of the floor space would be near impossible.
The plan now is to create a rope ladder, which Caleb is ecstatic about. He is the top bunk, older brother and has called the new ladder his Pirate ladder. We just went and got the supplies for this last night. Yes, I am cutting it very close. The trim is in the garage, not even primed or painted. I see some late nights in my future.
Less focus on what I have done! We have a LEGO table, and these great huge tins have been filled with LEGO’s. Spoiler alert, we need more bins. Apparently my boys have more LEGO than I was aware of.
This is their reading nook and it is slowly coming together. The crates are painted, some books are in here. I will be adding some fun accessories and trinkets. The airplane bookshelf still needs to be painted. It is primed and put on the wall for now. Our house is a disaster zone and this is one less thing in the way. Still on my to-do list.


I have added some lighting to the reading nook courtesy of some good ‘ole mason jars. I still have the fan removal and new lighting to go up. That is on my to-do list as well. Can you see why I am freaking out? We do have some great vintage airplanes hung up on the ceiling, there is that at least!
Bedding is purchased, boys are ferocious. We do have a few things working for us.


This is the toy storage for the bedroom, freshly painted in the beautiful dark blue.
Here is proof that this bedroom is getting used already. Caleb and Gavin are so eager to have their bedroom and play space back. I purchased this rack from Goodwill. I am not sure what it was originally used for, but it makes for a great LEGO wall display.


There is toys everywhere still. The issue is nothing has a new place yet. So if the kids get in here to play (which is rare right now) there is no place to put away toys. Yes, my boys are legit rock stars. This will be their rock band corner. Guess what.. yep.. on my to do list. Are you seeing a trend?


Let us focus on the hung vintage airplanes. One thing done. There is still the trim on the bed, the rope ladder, moving the ceiling light, wall art, gallery wall, toy organization, new valances, secure guitars, a few small personal touches to each of the boys bed’s. Just a few things. I can do this! I think. This 6 week challenge has been fun, now that it is down to the wire I am panicking. I have this week, the weekend and then that is pretty much it.
The upside is that by this time next week Caleb & Gavin will be playing in their newly redone bedroom, with everything perfectly in place,  ultimate organization. It is going to be glorious. I just have to make it there. Future me is going to be relaxing. Current me has a lot of work to do. I would love to stay and chat more but I have to go prime some trim pieces and make a wall art frame. Be sure to check out the other home decor crazies and their one room challenge. You can find them here. Come back next week for the big reveal. I have so much that I have not shared, many surprises and fun ways to make this room be a big time overhaul!




  1. Oh my gosh! THOSE BEDS! AHHHHMAZING! And how fun will it be for the boys to have a rope ladder! You've totally got this girl! Cannot wait to see how it all comes together next week!

  2. I just have to say, you're kids are SO adorable! I can't wait to see this reveal, I love everything I see so far!

  3. Those vintage airplanes are SO cute. I see many late nights in my future too – we can do it, Emily! 🙂

  4. This is such a fun space. Loving the vintage planes! We actually have a small collection. Good luck finishing up this space for next week. It will be awesome! xo

  5. Emily this is adorable! What a fun space for your boys! I am so excited to see the final reveal next week!

  6. I adore the bookshelf airplane! I can't wait to see the rope ladder for the bunk beds. That's a very cool idea. This is such a fun room…it's a boys dream come true. You're doing such a great job. Can't wait to see it all done!

  7. Lucky kiddos! The crates with the books inside, did you make them? Holy cuteness with the car fronts! It's coming a long great Emily!

  8. This looks great Emily!! I love the bright colours you are incorporating 🙂 I also love the evidence that your boys are eager to use the room, lol. Can't wait to see the reveal next week! Hopefully we will all have our rooms ready!
    Lindi @ Love Create Celebrate

  9. Looking forward to seeing this all come together. I think this is the week of freak outs for everyone (me included:)) But, we can get this done! Good luck this week.

  10. The rope ladder sounds like such a fun idea! I think we're all a little panicked in the last week, but we can do it! Good luck!

  11. I can't believe that you managed to build bunk beds in six weeks. Amazing! I'm really looking forward to the reveal… So much that I'm featuring your makeover in my "6 ORC Reveals to Watch For" post today! 🙂

    • Thank you! It has been a hectic few weeks, but am so happy I committed to it, this room would have been dragged out for months otherwise. It will be nice to have a better functioning space for my boys. Thank you so much for including me!

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