Boy bedroom toy storage solutions

Boy bedroom toy storage solutions

boy bedroom storage solutions

This week has been brutal for me, I had big plans to roll out a ton of One room challenge information, tutorials, sources,  details and even a giveaway. Then I got hit with Pneumonia, which is no joke. I am fine, just exhausted. I loaded the washer yesterday and got winded; beyond tired. I also have no voice, which makes it fun because the kids have selective hearing on high alert. When I say “selective” I mean they do not hear me, at all. Good times!  I am managing and have been keeping you all entertained with other projects around here. I am still crafting away and getting ready for Christmas. However the really detailed and super organized bunk bed tutorial did not happen. I am sorry, it will happen soon. There are so many steps I see it as at least a 2 part series, possibly 3. Today I am sharing some small details, Boy bedroom toy storage solutions to be more specific.

There are so many small solutions I put into this bedroom to make it function. This bedroom needs to have a few functions; a place for them to escape, rest, slow down, and sleep. So it needed not feel too cluttered. Caleb is into Lego’s and finding a good place to store them, display them and play with them was a must. Gavin likes his loud activities like drums, skateboards, balls, cars. He is the energizer bunny and needs space to move.

ORC reveal title image
This is the process of how I redid this room in 6 weeks.

Putting those needs together into one room felt all kinds of challenging, a calming space not too cluttered. With a table, ample storage, and room to run and play. All in a standard size bedroom. Sure… I am always up for a challenge! I built bunk beds in 6 weeks, I can make some toys have a place to go and some Lego building to happen. Anyone else think it is crazy I have devoted this much time to my kids playtime?


Two boys, using the bedroom in very different ways. One to rock out and the other to quietly build and create. That is these two boys in a nut shell. I love them and their differences!


boy bedroom reading area

When first entering this bedroom, there is a little wall space, with not a lot of room to walk by. So anything here has to be narrow. In the past this was a un-usable space. I managed to turn this into their little reading nook by using some well placed crates, pillow, and wall shelf. It works to contain the books for my two budding readers.

creative book shelf

The covered wagon on the bottom of this was made by Dale’s Grandpa Jim. He was a talented man who knew how to carve wood like a boss. I love having little trinkets from both Dale and I with our families in this bedroom, we are able to have a little history in the boys bedroom.

crates for book storage

I did a few DIY projects to this corner to make it look cute. The function of it would not have mattered if I had painted the crates, but I had the need to pretty this up. I will reveal my steps in a later post. Lots of paint was used in the making of this bedroom, A LOT!

car book containers

airplane bookshelf

We love these Sandra Boynton books, Nora who is 7 and reading chapter books like the Secret Garden still likes to read these. We know them by heart, and they are well loved! This airplane shelf I found at Goodwill, it was shabby and rough looking. Nothing some paint will not fix.

boy bedroom organization ideas

This is the official Lego work station, serious building happens here. This section is a mix of new build, thrift store upcycles, and new purchases. My favorite kind of mix! I also took out the ceiling fan and installed really great pendant lights from IKEA here. They are perfect spotlights for spaceship, boat or other Lego building.

DIY lego display shelf

This little shelf was a complete fluke. I saw it at Goodwill for $1, I did not have a perfect spot for it and had no plans to even use it in this bedroom. But then Caleb was talking about having a place to set his built Lego’s that he wants to keep up. I guess the massive table in the center of the room would not cut it. This shelf popped into my head. I painted it and hung it up. Perfect for the Lego display.

This spot in the bedroom is the walkway from the door to their walk-in closet. So keeping things minimal here and as close to the wall as possible is key. Putting more than this here makes it a tough walk to the closet.

console table blue

I purchased these colorful metal boxes from Homegoods and they work wonderfully for this bedroom.

lego playroom storage

Lego storage! The little handles work great for them to be pulled out from under the table. There is no holes in these boxes, so no Lego’s can slip out. The only problem is that I should have purchased a few more. Between what Caleb got for his Birthday in October, what he already had and the massive collection that Dale’s Mom saved from his childhood… “we’re gonna need a bigger box” or more boxes. Caleb will be the youngest person ever to appear on Hoarders, all because of his Lego obsession. He has to keep the instructions and everything. We have created a little building monster!

how to make a lego tray

I am really excited to share these DIY trays next week! I will have it together enough by then to share away and give all of my secrets to creating these!

DIY lego tray in table

They hold Lego sheets to build on, and can be carried around the house or put on top of the table.

train picture

big boy bedroom ideas

I have this great gallery wall. which you can see how I put together and the artwork I created for it, here. Under it is a few smaller crates that help in my quest for toy storage solutions. 

crates for toys

This spot hold toys, and skateboards. I was able to place them apart enough to set Gavin’s beloved skateboard’s in the center of them. It was either that or in his bed. He is crazy obsessed with skateboarding. Mommy bragging moment, he can do a few legit skateboard tricks and goes down ramps and half pipes. Yes, my little 4 year old is crazy and really good on this skateboard. Since they will not be allowed in his bed, this was my compromise. They could not be outside like all of the other riding toys, not in Gavin’s world; which we are all in. Just ask him.

baskets for toy storage

This is also where we are holding the Minions hostage, if you have spoken to Gru tell him we want the moon and then he can see his precious Minions again!

toy storage ideas

This is a pretty standard toy storage solution. The shelf itself went through a makeover, using the wonderfully dark blue you see now. I like the mix of using baskets, bins and the shelf on it’s own. It allows me to utilize the shelf to hold a few different groupings of toys.

toys in baskets

We have the random and non specific character bin.

creative toy colutions

This over sized bin holds any big toys, remote control cars and airplanes. These things can be bulky and awkward to store. Having something like this keeps them off of the floor but ready to be grabbed and played with.

baskets for toys

We are also holding Dinosaurs hostage.

kids bedroom toy storage

These were a few of my boy bedroom toy storage solutions. They can be used in girl bedrooms too, but it felt weird calling this anything else than boy bedroom. It is all about their bedroom right now. I think organizing kids toys right away is so important. They are able to find what they are looking for and play with it. I know that my kids begin trickling toys and themselves into the living room when their bedroom is a mess. It is almost as if the mess becomes overwhelming and they do not know where to start. Then comes the “I am bored” comments. This bedroom was redone two weeks ago now and my kids have yet to utter that phrase. Honestly, I think it has a lot to do with how easily accessible their toys are. Also because they are able to put them back just as easily. Or it is the afterglow from the new bedroom, and once that wears off it is back to piles of toys, missing pieces, and lost dreams of me seeing a perfectly organized bedroom for my kids.


Only time will tell, but I think it is safe to assume putting in the work now to organize the toy situation will only help us in the future. I should add that my boys went through their toys beforehand and we purged a whole lot. You can see the above picture of that process. Toys that were deemed “too baby”, broken, or ones they do not play with anymore were gotten rid of. Some went to donation, some went to younger cousins, and some went to the trash. It was difficult because Caleb wanted to get rid of everything, he likes things neat and clean. Gavin will hold onto a piece of string he found on the floor and claims it is his new favorite thing. We worked through it, with a little karate chopping action, as seen in the picture below. Karate chop action helps with the toy organizing!


All in all I was able to create the desired space for their bedroom. The Lego building, organized, but room to play bedroom. I met the challenge and succeeded! What are some of your toy organization ideas?

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  1. Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas! They have been pinned !!
    Erica Van Slyke- Designing Vibes

  2. What great storage ideas! I especially loved the Legos table. They can be so big and bulky and take up so much room, but your idea eliminates that!

  3. Love the bed! I have been watching your progress and enjoying the updates!

  4. I love how organized it all is! I am working on my son’s bedroom sow. He is big into Bionicles, which he also wants on display–but they are way bigger than Lego creations so that is going to be the biggest challenge.

    • EmilyBurmeister says:

      That would be difficult to make a display for those, it will have to be pretty big. Kids and their demands 😉

  5. I love the train table! And as a family that always seems to struggle with book organization, I love the slotted box for them. Great idea! Your little touches are amazing- the pictures and wall decor are perfect.

  6. So many fun and practical ideas, Emily! This room looks amazing, too! Now, if only I could get my son’s room as organized… Would you come help me?! :0)

    • EmilyBurmeister says:

      Thank you so much! I really tried to make this work long term for my boys and keep those toys organized.

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