Square jack-o-lantern, Dale’s project round 2

Square jack-o-lantern, Dale’s project round 2

This blog has been around long enough to have seasonal traditions.We are almost at two years, so really just last year and this year. Still two times in a row counts as tradition. I inadvertently started something last year, really Dale started it. Last year he came up with a idea and took the reigns on creating it. You can see his 3 dimensional pumpkin from last year here.
This year he created a fun square pumpkin jack-o-lantern. He created this to go along with the other square pumpkins I created. The tutorial of those can be found over at Homedit. Before I get into the tutorial of these. Yes, you read that right. I am going to get into the tutorial of this. Dale thought of this, took pictures and did the pumpkin all on his own. That is where his involvement ends. He is a man of few words, I am not. At all. I will take one for the team and explain his fun way he made this. But first…
 Happy Birthday Dale!!!!

Today is Dale’s birthday! When we began dating he was almost 23, today he is 34! The years have flown by. He will be ok with me sharing his age, that is the wonderful thing about Dale. He does not care what anyone thinks of him. He is perfectly imperfect and just fine with that. Dale is the behind the scenes support of this operation. He helps with a lot of my projects and does all of the tech specific stuff on this blog. Not to get all sweet and gross for you all, but he is my biggest supporter and cheerleader. Growing up I never knew a man like him existed, let alone me being lucky enough to have one. He is strong, kind, calm, caring, loyal, funny, intelligent, and crazy about the kids and I. He is a keeper, his cuteness does not hurt either!
He has been my legally obligated best friend (aka Husband) for 8 years. Being with him these past 11 years has been the biggest, best and most important ride of my life. We as a family adore him. He is a quiet man, who only lets a few get to know him. But, he is a big pile of lovey-mush around me and the kids. I just had to give a major shout out to Dale on his special day! Happy Birthday!!!! OK the love fest, PDA is over. Back to the regular scheduled programming around here…..


Back to the project at hand, I thought it was fitting to share this Dale run project on his birthday. I also think people are always looking for some last minute ways to add a little spook factor to their home. This is just what is needed, with a few steps you too can have a fun addition to your Halloween decor. Dale drew a standard jack-o-lantern face.


The piece of wood is a 4×4 cut down to size. He used a chisel for this project.


He found one that covered most of the the drawn out face shapes.


Dale said it was slow going. Pushing in, shaving off piece by piece. I do not have the patience for this and would have been thinking of ways to move this along quicker. Dale is just the rock, calm within the storm, doing it the right way. I need the short cut. See how we compliment each other well?


Once he got the amount chiseled out he was looking for. He had a few wood shavings to clean up.


Then using a bright orange paint to complete the pumpkin look.


He then painted the inside of the face black. I thought this was a really creative little detail he added.


He also added the same details as the other square pumpkins, a little scrap wood stem and green wire.


I love how this turned out! I like getting his ideas on things. This was thought up on his own, he does not peruse Pinterest or other blogs. Just mine. So he is untapped inspiration that has not been overworked with 10 different pumpkin project ideas. It is all new and fresh. I love that.
I also love that he did not just paint the face on and call it a day. Taking the time to chisel out the facial details was the plan all along.


It fits in perfectly with the other pumpkins in the group. This one adds a Halloween specific feel to the group. I am loving this little blogging tradition of ours. My master plan of getting Dale to make a few more appearances on here is working. With that face, that hair color and curls the camera loves him. It is just him that is not in love with the camera. I will work on him. He is a big part of this blog whether mentioned or not. He deserves a little celebration, today especially. We are off to celebrate him, and we even get a date night alone. No kids! Yay for birthdays!
How do you like to celebrate your partners birthday?



  1. Wow, you did SUCH a nice job on these! I've seen these before and think they look so cute and cozy for Fall! Nice work!

  2. Thank you Emily. Love you, your blog, your writing, every thing. Thank you.

  3. Wow, these are SO cute!!! I would never have thought to make something like this, but they're great!

  4. What a fun project! I love how easy it is to make. Great job Dale and Happy Birthday Dale!! I love to make my husband his favorite dinner and book him a massage for his birthday.

  5. These are so cute and simple to make!! I definitely want to try this!!!
    xo Adriana – Daily Dose of Design

  6. What a fun idea for Halloween. I wish I was as crafty with wood as you….

  7. Your husband is adorable and seems like a very nice guy. Happy birthday to him! Also, I love the decorations.

  8. You always post the most amazing stuff. These are so cool! This is worth bookmarking, could be a fun project with the kids next year.

  9. Happy Birthday to your sweet husband. Very cute pumpkins too!

  10. These are so cute! Awesome job. Pinned

  11. I love seeing all the projects you and your husband make. The two of you are very creative.

  12. These are so cute. I need these for my porch next year.

  13. This is a great project Emily! Love it for Halloween or can be used for Thanksgiving too! Pinned It!!

  14. Oh, I forgot to say that you two are so adorable. A real DIY team. Sending Happy birthday wishes from Casa Watkins. 🙂

  15. Oh my!! How stinkin' cute! I love them! Great job!

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