Simple fall decor ideas

Simple fall decor ideas

There has been some amazing opportunities that have come my way having to do with this blog. Because of that I have a ton of new readers. Hi all, welcome I hope you stay a while and speak up. I love talking and really enjoy having other people talk back! OK, now I am nervous. I just realized there are people out there, reading along. A lot that are new and do not get me yet. One thing that is key to understanding me and more importantly this blog is I try to take the mystery out of home decor. 
If I got one dollar every time someone mentioned to me that they wish they could have a home like mine, decorate, they are scared to decorate. Well… I would have a lot more money and maybe not need to look for low cost ways to decorate my home. Probably not true, I would still challenge myself with low budget projects. What can I say, I am cheap! The point is people say these things a lot. That is what this blog is all about, showing that anyone can have the magazine ready, home of their dreams. Low cost and simple solutions to their decorating wishes are available. I shared my fall home tour here and am going to break down a few low cost and easy things I did to spruce up my home for fall. 

Decorating for a specific holiday and season can ramp up that freaking out feeling. If people get intimidated decorating for their home in a general sense, upping the ante and having a specific season can feel like wayyy too much work. I am here to crush dreams, well let’s actually say nightmares. Decorating nightmares. I have some quick, simple and crazy low cost solutions to add a little fall to your home. These projects all need either hot glue guns or tape. Either will work great.

I had these two ceramic vases that I purchased years ago from Goodwill. I created the sequin pumpkins (which can be found here) and the leaf mason jars (link here). This all worked really well together except for these ceramic vases. One of these things is not like the other, the blue was not working with the rest of the look.

I got this ribbon? I say it as a question because I am not sure what to call it. It is a paper that has the appearance of wood or tree bark. Anyways, this “ribbon” was purchased from Michael’s craft store for like $2 or so.

I wrapped it around both vases and secured with some standard office tape. This way the tape is not seen and blends into the “ribbon”. Each time I say “ribbon” please imagine me making the air quote hand signs. It works so much better that way. 

These table set ups now work much better as well. They have a neutral and nature theme to them, all seem cohesive. 

I used my “ribbon” to dress up two mason jars as well. I used a hot glue gun for these because I think that this could work anytime of the year. My ceramic vases I did not want to attach the “ribbon” to permanently. 
The mason jars now have a flair of fall. Say that 10 times in a row. 
I purchased these tiny pumpkins from the dollar store and set them under a pair of glass hurricane bells. I purchased these from Goodwill as well and spent about $3 on each. 

Candles, nice, simple, non seasonal specific. 

Take this burlap…
Wrap it around the candles and either secure with tape or glue. 
Now they have a little warmth to them. I will add that I do not ever light my candles, so this burlap is ok to be on the candles. If you are going to actually use the candles it is probably best to leave the burlap off. 

Adding some wheat to home decor, in glass vases like this is a simple way to add that fall flair I was talking about earlier. 

Apples! They are colorful, abundant in fall, and edible. You cannot get more recycle chic than this. Display them and then eat them. 

One thing I planned for when purchasing my couch was to bring out color with throw pillows. I have standard 24×24 pillows and have pillow shams for them, which I change up. I usually rock a gray and turquoise look year round. I purchased these yellow and gray pillows from a Etsy store. It is a fun touch to a fall feel.

Yellow or gold work just as nice for fall and does not feel as overdone as orange does. 

My house tends to have a very gray specific theme going on. I am 50 shades of gray around here. Wait, what? Anyways, bringing in a few brown tones for fall is the best way to warm up a space for fall. I have this chair and throw on my front porch and adore the coziness of it all!

Did I help any of you see the simplicity in decorating? You do not need to change the furniture, paint color, or spend a ton of money to make a few changes to welcome in the changing of the season. Although if I could make that whole getting money when people say that decorating is hard that would be nice. Can I make that happen? Seriously though, decorating is easy because it is yours! All about you and your home. If you want to do a few DIY projects to decorate your home, or go buy some ready done decor from the store. It does not matter. If you have the need for home decor and the only cure is more home decor (or cowbell) then go for it!
What are some simple ideas to decorate for fall that you have used? Do you have a favorite store to go for low cost solutions?



  1. Simple but lovely ideas! Candles are my favorite! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love, love, love! I particularly like the neutral colour palette with the pops of colour and pattern – really lovely!

  3. Great ideas! I love the "ribbon" and I had to giggle when you said imagine me using air quotes 🙂

  4. Everything looks great! The "ribbon" is so cool! I like to decorate with leaves, twigs, acorns and pinecones for inexpensive ideas! After I've baked all the bugs out of course.

  5. What fun ideas! Love decorating for fall – especially when it doesn't cost a lot!

  6. Love that wood ribbon! It ties everything together and gives it that nice nature feeling. Your home is always so warm and inviting. Please tell me there's a giant pile of toys just outside these pictures. It'll make me feel better 😉

    • Thank you so much! There are many piles of toys, book, shoes, random socks, oh yeah. All there. I do try to stay on top of it and organize and plan to stop the messes before it begins. But I can only do so much.

  7. Love both the ribbon and the burlap! I have almost identical plain white candles which are screaming for some sort of redo.

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