One room challenge, Week 4- starting to see progress!

One room challenge, Week 4- starting to see progress!

This week has felt really productive. I am smack dab in the middle of the One room challenge and finally am making some major progress. For the first 3 weeks it was all about the bunk beds. I really wanted to make sure that they were going to stay on target with the 6 week timeline. Now that we are in the final stretch with those I can finally start to focus on some other projects.

Here is the past weeks post- 
Week 1Week 2Week 3

The to-do list is as follows-
  1. Paint wall a neutral tan or gray
  2. Paint trim white
  3. Build bunk beds (working on it)
  4. Build steps to bunk bed with storage cubbies under them
  5. Create reading nook
  6. Create gallery wall with boy’s names 
  7. Make LEGO table that can have storage under it
  8. Paint big shelf 
  9. Upcycle old toddler bed into chair
  10. Make a valance for windows
  11. Update art work on walls
  12. ORGANIZE and CLEAN out toy’s!!!!
  13. Make guitar wall hooks
  14. Paint crates for books
  15. Take out fan and install new lighting over LEGO table

Maybe I was a little too positive to start out, the bunk beds still need to be painted white, trim added, and the whole step/cubby system needs to be built. Just a few more things…

I also had a fun set back in the form of my youngest and only remaining nap taker Gavin getting creative in his freshly painted bedroom during “nap time”. This is his artwork, a skateboarder drawn in crayon. Somehow I have made is almost 8 years of parenting with not one child drawing on the walls. Of course it has to happen during this hectic period of getting the bedroom done. It is ok, I wanted to repaint part of the wall anyways… said no one ever!

Other than that little hiccup, there has been great strides made in this room. The bunk beds have been smoothed out, cracks, crevices, seams and what not have been filled in and sanded down. Lights have been installed. Each bunk bed has it’s own awesome lantern. Can I get bunk beds? Would that be weird?

Here is Dale feeling proud of himself. He is sanding and simultaneously sucking up the dust with the vacuum cleaner. This is the face of a proud person, DIY hack!
After all of the sanding, it was time to bring in our eager painting assistance. Assemble the Minions!!! This is their painting attire. Nora does have on shorts, just a long shirt covering them. Letting everyone know. We respect our kids here, free child labor is ok. But not doing it in your underwear. We have standards!

They are not putting the actual paint on. This is priming time. Because we used such dark materials and have a mix of woods we needed to even things out a little. The kids were into this for .2 seconds before painting fights, gang-like turf wars over paint territory, and someone was looking at someone wrong. The fun ended quick, just sayin.

The is the only picture of me painting. Nora snapped this and got me sort of in the picture. I am here and not just the magical narrator in this story. 


As you can see, this was a exhausting job. These dogs had spent all day watching us paint. It is hard work for Teddy and Finn. 

This is after 1 coat of the primer. We did 3 coats of it and are now working on the actual painting. So exciting! I will be doing a ridiculously long winded and detailed tutorial for these bunk beds the day after the One room challenge reveal. Be sure to watch out for that!

I did knock out a bunch of other small projects this week. It felt wonderful! I cut the legs off of this toy shelf so it can fit under the window. This is the dark blue that I had planned to paint the bunk beds. After some major second thoughts, I held an emergency meeting with my blogging friends on the interweb who all supported me in changing the color to white. Luckily I did not start painting the bunk beds yet. Now I am going to use this dark blue in a bunch of accent furniture pieces. Can I just say it is awesome to have fellow ladies who are major home decor fans and know the struggle that is choosing a paint color. The struggle is real.

This is the other color I am using in here. It is Pittsburgh paint, succulent leaves. It is green and gorgeous!
I painted some crates in this color. These will be what the boys’ books go in for their reading nook. 

We have a giant C and G. Caleb requests the blue and Gavin requests the green. This has been their designated colors since Caleb decided them at 2 years old, Gavin was only 6 months old. He has been trained to love green. He never had a chance for a different choice. 
Here is the mess of a toddler bed that Caleb broke, by not jumping… ever, according to him. Either he is lying or we have a rogue elephant that decided to sleep on this toddler bed. This bed has been in the basement for a while. I am going to be up cycling this, chopping it up and turning it into a wide chair for the reading nook. Yes, that is a Halloween pail filled with candy propping it up. Keeping it real here. 

Dale put together some awesome stools I purchased at IKEA. He had a audience. No matter how big our house is we will always have 3 tiny people following us and two dogs trailing us as well. Dale and I are kind of a big deal in our house. 

Caleb and I took a moment for some Mother and Son selfies. 
These stools are perfect, except for the color. They are a off-white. They have been spray painted a green to match the already discussed green. Yes, we have a spray painting station in the basement. Doesn’t everyone?

Here is a little something I am working on. This is a small peek of the curtain pattern I am using. Not for curtains though. This is going to be a big focal point in the room. 

I got crafty with my Cricut for a few DIY signs for the ever changing gallery wall. It has been getting things added to it left and right. Lets not forget Gavin’s attempts at free handing a skater on this wall. 

I also found the bedding for the boys bed! I found it online at Kmart, score! It has maroon in it and the ideal color would have been orange. It was really difficult to find something with the blue, green and orange combined. I knew I wanted stripes. I think I can make it work. The boys love the comforters. This is them being ferocious!

I am going to end this week 4 update with some good ‘ole brotherly love. This room is coming together and they are eager to shut the door and play in it. This is what I have been told. Apparently Dale and I have been in their room too much. Seriously though, the past 4 weeks I have been in this room so much it will feel weird to not spend all day in there. 
I cannot believe I have two weeks left! Really only this weekend and next before the reveal! Not that I will be getting much done this weekend. It is Halloween on Saturday and we do it big with family and friends coming over, party, twister, pizza and walking around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. Our family and friends are never surprised anymore when they come over and things are a mess. Most just ask what are we working on now in the house. The is the life of a home decor and DIY blogger. I would be doing this with or without a blog, I just have the best excuse on the planet to do it now. It is my job! I am one lucky lady!
How are you all doing with your one room challenge? Leave a link so I can see your progress! Done’t forget to go here to see what a bunch of other bloggers have been up to for their One room challenge. 



  1. Your boys' room is turning out awesome!! The bunk beds look like so much fun! They are going to love the finished product! I can't wait to see it!

  2. Emily! Props my friend for building the oh so fun and lovely bunk beds!! I can't wait to see it all finished. Your helpers are adorable. I'll be looking forward to the bunk bed tutorial. 🙂

  3. It is looking amazing. That is so much progress in the first four weeks! Your kids are going to love it (looks like they are already pretty excited, so cute!)

    • It has been a crazy and hectic 4 weeks, but I think this timeline has allowed me to get it all done instead of dragging this project on for months. The kids are all really excited and planning a sleepover for all three when the bedroom is done.

  4. The bunk beds are looking awesome! I can't believe all you've accomplished in just a few weeks. I love how the dogs passed out among all the active work. So cute!

  5. I think I'm going to need you to come build me some bunk beds… and I don't even have kids! Seriously Emily, you guys are rocking it! The pictures of your kiddos are so fun.

  6. That bunk bed is awesome. Love seeing the kids having fun while the project is getting done. Also, looks like you guys have been putting the dogs to work. Ha! The Good luck on week 5!

  7. This is going to be one stellar boys room! I'm totally not going to let my boys see because they are going to want one for themselves! You got a ton of stuff done this week – wow! Good luck with the last couple of weeks!!
    Tricia @ Suburban Bitches

  8. This is going to be amazing!! I can already see huge progress!

  9. You got a ton done this week and I love the kids helping they look so excited! How fun! It looks amazing and since I am doing the ORC too I am starting to stress…little projects? I haven't even gotten to those yet!! Great job, I love the beds!

  10. I am loving the blues and greens you are using in this room, I can't wait for the reveal!

  11. Your projects look amazing! The bunk beds look great and look at all your cute helpers! Can't wait to see the finished space.

  12. The bunk beds look great! And the kids look super excited 🙂

  13. Awesome! Love those pup and kid pics too!

  14. Emily it looks great. The kids are so excited. That's the best part of a makeover, seeing their smiling enthusiastic faces.

  15. Love how enthusiastic your kids are about helping! Mine have most definitely outgrown that and prefer sitting around waiting for the finished product. Love that fabric and can't wait to see what you do with it!

  16. Okay, I kinda had to chuckle at the wall drawing. So typical. Looks like you have a bunch of amazing helpers to tackle what's left to do. Hope you enjoyed your Halloween celebration. Sounds like you guys have a blast!

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