One Room Challenge, week 2- let’s get this party started!

One Room Challenge, week 2- let’s get this party started!

Is it Thursday already? I am so excited because Thursday means we are closer to the weekend which is awesome because weekends rock. Also for the next 5 weeks it means I get to share my progress with this one room challenge madness! I explained all about it last week, that post can be found here. The room of my choice to redo is Caleb and Gavin’s shared bedroom. It was in major need of a big boy overhaul to fit their big-ish boy selves. I debated redoing my master bedroom, lets be real though. I am never in there, ever. I am making some function to it, but the pretty is slow to come. In this home happy kids… happy life!

The to-do list is as follows-
  1. Paint wall a neutral tan or gray
  2. Paint trim white
  3. Build bunk beds (working on it)
  4. Build steps to bunk bed with storage cubbies under them
  5. Create reading nook
  6. Create gallery wall with boy’s names
  7. Make LEGO table that can have storage under it
  8. Make a valance for windows
  9. Update art work on walls
  10. ORGANIZE and CLEAN out toy’s!!!!

We can now mark two things off of the list! Granted it was two of the easiest to do, and really the first step that made sense. I know paint, I know how to paint for sure. We painted their trim white to match the rest of the house. We are now 95% white trim in our house. My bedroom is all that is left. Sanding and painting one bedroom’s trim, no big deal. The whole house, really big deal. My fingers will still cringe at the sight of sand paper.
I selected a boring beige for the wall color. I know, I know. Blah! Hear me out, I plan to whoop it up with color, pattern and pizzazz in this room. Not to mention the constant stream with clutter of toys and mess. This room will have plenty personality. I wanted to keep it fresh, light and airy. My first plan was to do a gray, but my house is all kind of gray so I felt things needed to be a little different in here. Queue neutral tone option #2, beige.


This fan is outta here! It is very functional, and we do use the fans in our home a lot in summer. I close the windows and turn on the air conditioning when it is a absolute must. I like the windows open and breeze blowing in for as long as I can. However, this fan will now pose a few risks with the built in bunk beds going in. Decapitation or one of my children grabbing the fan blades and going for a fun ride are all very real risks now. This is coming down.

Which lets me day dream about the ceiling light situation. It is my job! I have to get this room done, let me peruse the internet, stores, and Pinterest my sweet husband Dale. Hours of research need to happen. My hands are tied. Did I mention I love decorating? This One room challenge is stressing me out, I have so much to do and zero time to do it, but I now have a legit excuse to shop and get inspiration online.

The mattresses that were on the floor needed to come out of the room. They are now banished to the hallway for the next few weeks, resting next to our family command center. Well, one mattress is still in the hallway, the other one is on the floor in Nora’s room and all three kid’s are camping out in there. They are enjoying this way too much and we might have issues when we break up the permanent, even on school night sleep overs.

Although, when all is said and done these bunk beds will be where they rest their heads. I think Nora may want to camp with them. This is the beginning! Built in bunk beds are underway. I am beyond giddy to see this happening! I have planned for these to be from floor to ceiling, which means adults will be able to sit comfortably on these beds.
It pains me to say that eventually my boys will be adult size, most likely while still in high school. They will still be rocking the top and bottom bunk bed status so these need to fit them well. It also helps for now, both Dale or I can sit and cuddle or read with them in here without being cramped.The plan was to paint these a dark blue, I am already going against that plan. What will be the first of many revisions I am sure is that these are going to be painted white. I wanted the drama of the dark blue, but realized my kids bring enough drama. Making this white will help the room still feel big, and allows for eventual color and theme changes. Not that I am ever doing this again. These boys will be sleeping in a car themed bedroom with a LEGO table until they move out. Deal with it my little men!


This is where we will bury the bodies, kidding, KIDDING! The rectangle against the wall is where the steps up to the top bunk will be. They are going to have cubbies inside them for toy stuffing storage.
The rectangle in the center is where the LEGO table is going to go. I wanted to make sure there was enough room to walk around, pull toys out, roll around, wrestle. Usual boy bedroom happenings. Neither of these pieces have even begun to be built, I have a sketch on a piece of paper with arrows and scribbles of words. Seems legit. I have some work to do!


This shelf is getting a makeover as well. I am planning to paint this the planned bunk bed dark blue. I will get the blue in here somehow. I also am going to attempt to shave off the bottom of this. I need to move this to under one of the windows, but it is too tall to sit under it. This is not made out of real wood so who knows how the cutting of portions of it will go.
I keep it real around here, this is a before picture. Just the kind of picture I like to show off to new readers, toys obviously organized and not overflowing with piles of dust. Nailed it. We are also slowly going through toys, making donate, sell, or keep piles. I have one boy that is a hoarder in training who wants to keep everything. The other likes organization and is happy with his LEGO’s and that is it. Should be interesting. I am taking donations now for my boys obvious need for therapy in the future. “It all started when my Mom entered the one room challenge and that piece of shredded paper was thrown out….” I can see it now.


I went shopping also! There is a Home Goods that just opened about 30 minutes away from us. This was my first time here, I told Dale I was going to “look”. I looked and then purchased. It actually was a successful trip. Not too much money spent and I got these amazing tin containers. This is the new LEGO homes. These will slide under the LEGO table. I also found a few things at a Goodwill that I am going to up cycle for their room. I am going to be mixing new pieces, old ones of ours to be made over, new build pieces, and upcycled things. This is the best kind of mixing, I love all of these types of projects for very distinctly different reasons.
Lets all admire the pretty colors of the tin containers for a minute…. ooh, ahh!


Just to refresh your memory, this is how the bedroom looked. I will not be doing too many wide shots of the process for this challenge. There is a million things going on, and things are changing constantly. I also need to share certain things at certain times. I cannot give away everything. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? I am almost certain that this saying pertains to decorating and showing off the full reveal too soon. Right?

I checked off a few items on my to do list this week. I have a ton of hours nailing, sanding, cutting and painting. I also have hours of shopping ahead of me. I wonder if I can sneak away with no kids to do some damage shopping. If I gain nothing from this challenge, me getting to shop alone would be reward enough.

Be sure to follow along with me on my social media accounts for sneak peeks throughout the week with this challenge. Also, be sure to check out the other participants of this challenge, go here for that. If you are also joining in the One room challenge leave a link in your comment or let me know through social media. I would love to connect with fellow home decor and blogging crazy’s and swap middle of the night painting stories. 

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  1. Looks like progress! I have been spotting those storage boxes at our Home Goods too, wish they had some colors that would work for my space!

  2. I'm all for neutral wall colors. I think it makes everything else stand out so much more!

  3. Just look at you Emily! Way to go girl! Dying to see how those bunk beds turn out!

    • Thank you so much! I am working hard to get them done in time, I might have made this project too big. I guess panic time can set in about 2 weeks from now, for now it feels like I have all the time in the world!

  4. Wow, the bunk beds are going to be amazing! I can't wait to see this room complete!!

  5. Very cool! What a fun way to make sure you get through this project. Where can I find the original post for the One Room Challenge? (P.S. I found you via Design Your Own (lovely) Blog)

  6. This room is going to be so cute when you are done! Great progress on those bunk beds!

  7. WOW! You got a lot completed! I am excited to see what you do with the bunkbeds! So far everything looks great and your plans are coming along.

  8. Looking good! Good job on the storage and the bunk beds!

  9. It's going to look so good when it's all done! I can't wait to see the pics. I'm super impressed that you are building those bunk beds! How awesome! I'm still swooning over your family command center, too!!

    • Thank you so much! I am nervous to get them done. The command center has been a lifesaver with keeping my kids school information and schedule together. I would have missed a picture day or show and tell for sure without a big and bright calendar.

  10. That bunk bed is going to look amazing! Look forward to seeing more next week!

  11. Hi, Emily ~ This room is going to look amazing! Your boys are going to love it. I'm a big fan of HomeGoods and those bins are so fun and functional. And that bunk bed? Wowza! Good luck with your ORC. I can't wait to see the finished room!

  12. I don't think your before picture looks bad at all. I think the room looks pretty good. It'll be exciting to watch the progress! (And yes, the boys will have enough of their own drama when they're teens.)

  13. What a project! Can't wait to see it finished!

  14. Fun watching your progress!

  15. What a cool post. I love what you are doing and how it's coming along. I just followed you on Twitter as mommieagain. Good luck!!

  16. Look at you go! Lots of stuff on your list, I'm impressed 🙂

  17. Oh, the bunk beds are amazing. I can't wait to see it finished! So exciting.

  18. Wow!! The bunk bed is so impressive! Great start Emily!

  19. Looks good, you are making good progress. You make me want to do another room.

  20. Wow – that's amazing!! This looks so good so far!

  21. I can't wait to see how this turns out. I know it will be a big transformation with great style. I'm glad no one will be decapitated by the fan. I saw that error on Beach House flip last summer. Fan had to go…

    • Thank you! I hope you mean that someone also had bunk beds that got in the way of the fan and not a actual decapitation…. I assumed that was a family friendly and design show. 😉

  22. I asked you yesterday where all the toys are and now I see! All the little cars definitely look familiar. I'm excited to see how this room comes together. Creative organized toy storage is a constant struggle over here.

    • Oh yes, the toys are there, and everywhere. My house is currently upside down. I cannot tell the kids to clean up and put things away. There is no place for anything. I am working on a ton of storage options for this room!

  23. It's looking good so far! When you're done over there, please come start on mine. I need all the help I can get. 🙂

  24. I'm dying to see how those bunk beds turn out! They look awesome so far!

  25. You are so funny, and it just amazes me to see a to-do list with entries like "build bunk beds." 🙂

  26. Those are some awesome bunk beds!

  27. WOW! You're making great progress. I can't wait to see how the bunk beds turn out. Those storage bins are super cute. I love the colors.

  28. I've been tempted to build bunk beds for my kids. I'm excited to see how they turn out.

  29. I think it is awesome that you are making your own bunk beds! Love the metal bins! Home Goods is the best.

  30. We have built in bunks in our playroom, LOVE them! This space is going to be great!

  31. I LOVE those tins for the Legos! And you are genius for making the bunk beds adult size. Seriously, how is one supposed to get in there without bumping their head. Great job Emily! Can't wait to see more along the way!

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