How to make a simple fall garland

How to make a simple fall garland

Oh fall, how I heart you! I know that with fall it is the welcoming committee to winter, which I am not crazy about. Just when I start disliking fall for that reason it comes back with sweater weather, crisp and clear blue skies, orange, gold and red leaves everywhere, and warm evenings being cozy by the fire. I just cannot quit you fall. Did I mention that fall crafting and decor is so fun? I made this garland with a few simple supplies and got a festive and different fall garland.

I purchased these leaves from the dollar store. They were cute, but I wanted to do something different with them. To be perfectly honest I was not sure how they would turn out. I planned to spray paint them and having never spray painted on this material I was expecting a crafting fail. Eh, I spent $1 on these, I can take the hit. 

I was so pleasantly surprised. I mean, how beautiful are these freshly painted white leaves? The spray paint needed to be held further away from the leaf then usual spray painting jobs. Is there even “usual” spray painting jobs? Graffiti? What else do people use spray paint for if not random home decor projects like this?
If I held the can to close to the leaf  the paint ran and looked weird. Not natural at all. You know, as if white spray painted fake leaves could be natural? 

I also purchased this place mat from the dollar store as well. I do liked the busy pattern and the mix of black and white. In a weird way it seemed fall-ish to me. 
I cut out pieces big enough to fit some letters that spell out FALL onto the paper. I could call this a dollar store challenge but I purchased these letters from a craft store. So it does not count. Judge rules… not a dollar store challenge contender. 
Anyways, I glued the letters onto the paper and then cut around them. Once they were cut I put in holes with a hole puncher into the paper and looped it onto twine. 

I also looped twine through two holes that were punched in the leaves on the top. I told you fall has simple projects, fake leaves, paint, and a hold puncher. This garland is the best of fall with it’s simplicity and leaf ‘centric loveliness.

I set it in a wall in my dining room and laying against this mirror it looks so great! I had originally had this hanging in the window in our kitchen and study area. But the space just kind of overtook this little garland. Figuring out a good place to place a garland can be just as important as making it. Finding a place to let it shine and make sense within the space is key.

Fall does not have to be pumpkins and orange overkill. Using these leaves with the black and white theme makes it feel modern and updated. Nobody wants dated holiday decor. I adore how my house was decorated by my Grandma growing up. However, I do not want to replicate it. Finding ways to bring the fall decor into the here and now is fun. Making your own mark. 

I like light colors with pops of bright and fun colors. This garland puts that together in a nice little twine rope bow. It is officially October today! Holy moly, where did September go? Break out the warm boots, sweaters, apple picking and pumpkin hunting! It is time to get out that fall decor and let the holiday shine. 
Also, just a friendly reminder that if you have children they will be needing to pick out Halloween costumes soon. We were at Target this past weekend and they were already picked over. It was still September. Who are these over planning and ahead of the game people? Probably the ones that already have their Christmas cards done, and some presents purchased and wrapped, hidden away. If you are not one of those people, be prepared to fight over the last Elsa dress on the rack in a few weeks. 
Have you started decorating for fall? What are your go to colors to decorate for this time of year? Have your kids already staked claim on a costume for Halloween? We have a Anna from Frozen, Olaf, also from Frozen and a shark, not from any movie. Just a friendly shark that skateboards. Don’t ask this is my wild child, 4 year old talking. There is one in every family, you know the ones… he is the “one” in our family. 



  1. Emily, this is so simple yet so pretty!

  2. Love your creativity, Emily! I am more traditional myself . . . also not crafty . . . so there will be fall-smelling candles and misshapen gourds on my mantelpiece and a few fallish trinkets I have acquired at Walgreens over the past few years . . . and pumpkins and mums on the porch.

  3. I can't tell you why I'm so into white leaves this season – but I am! So cute!

  4. Very cute! What a great idea to punch holes into the leaves! I may have to copy this 🙂

  5. Cut and clever! Not everyone's home mixes well with fall colors, so this is a good alternative. It also goes with the textured neutrals look- ala Joanna Gaines.

  6. I've just got to make a fall banner. Christmas too at that. I bought some printed paper and twine, now I just have to find the time to make leaves and Fall letters.

  7. That is so creative and looks terrific! I like the way you gave the leaves texture and letters more depth.

  8. This is cute. I would love it in color too. What a great project!

  9. How do you come up with such amazing, novel ideas? I love the idea of focusing of the "fall" rather than Halloween in my decorating, so I loved it.And your pictures are stellar, too! 🙂

  10. Another gorgeous project from you. I love this creative and beautiful Fall Garland. Thanks for sharing. Pinned.

  11. I all ready have some of those very leaves here at the house. I may just have to try this.

  12. I think it turned out great. I have those leaves too and I really like them.

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