Fall-oween home tour hop, Our house now a home edition

Fall-oween home tour hop, Our house now a home edition

I am so ready for this fall home tour! I am partnering up with a group of 16 bloggers to showcase our fall home tours. I now introduce to you the Fall-oween home tour hop, 2015. You will be able to see their lovely homes and links to their home tours at the bottom of this post. Sixteen blogs to peruse, stalk, enjoy and be inspired by. I know what I will be doing for the next hour or so!
Here is the other fabulous homes and bloggers taking part in the home tour hop, after my tour you can find the links to all of these lovely and spooky homes!

This fall was a bit of a transition for me. I tried a more muted fall theme. I still brought out the oranges, yellows and reds. But I did it in small pops versus all over the place. I was feeling the calm and serene feel of the lighter colors. We all know I like color in a home, I don’t think that is a secret. I feel that a lighter color palette feels so fresh and modern for the fall season.


I made this console table and the full tutorial can be found here.  It is such a wonderful piece of furniture to have in my home. It works for all seasons as far as having decor on it. I will say that fall decor works especially well with this rustic console table.

This table decor is proof that not a lot is needed to take your home from summer and into fall. The tree trunk that the light is set on was purchased from a craft store. The pumpkins I acquired over the years, and the acorns in the glass vases were purchased from Target in the dollar section. Not much effort at all and this console table is perfectly rustic and fall-ish.


This coffee table decor is a thrown together kind of thing as well. I added some details to these mason jars. Which I will be explaining in more detail soon. I redid mason jars in a few ways to bring out the fall feel to them.  My love for tiny woodland creatures is big in fall. Well, really anytime of year I adore them, but they fit so well in fall. This little hedgehog guy is sweet, rustic, and a little country.


Shameless bragging moment coming up here. I had some wheat that was sitting in a vase here, and during the day on Saturday Dale came home with some groceries and this beautiful fall bouquet. He stopped at my favorite local flower shop and surprised me with these. I love flowers for Valentines Day, and my Birthday. Just because flowers are my absolute favorite though. So, because I can call him out publicly for his awesomeness I am taking the time to do just that.


There are so many new DIY projects shoved in this little corner of my home. I am going to be sharing them all with you soon. I promised you lots of projects and inspiration. I am going to deliver that. I simply have to bide my time and not overload you with pumpkin projects a few times a day.
I can share a DIY project from last year here, the leaf string art I created as a double whammy. One side is ready for a general fall feel and the other side is spooky-erific. You can go here for the tutorial.



My fireplace mantel decor seems to change every year. I must have decorating ADD or something. What I think is perfection and so “me” and our home one year feels off and needing to be changed around the next year. That is one of my favorite parts of decorating my home. It is always evolving. Just as we are. This fall it has been hectic, with two of our 3 kids in school now. Maybe this is me trying to calm things down by keeping the colors light, subtle and clean feeling.
Or maybe I am searching way too much into it and this is just what popped into my head this year. Most likely it is that. I am not a planner when it comes to decorating. I pile it all on the floor and table and just start grabbing. Setting things where it feels right.


I was a frantic camera monster at this point while taking pictures for this home tour. We have had clouds and rain for days here and the morning sun was streaming into my home in the most glorious way. Natural light is always the way to go when taking pictures. Home or people, always choose natural light if possible. I had just gotten back from walking Nora and Caleb to the school bus, I was still in my “work out clothes”. Which is code for comfy clothes that are appropriate attire to walk around outside in. Fancy pajamas. I am so happy I jumped into action, sometimes the light is perfection and I get nice pictures of my home like the one above.
Here is the reality, the perfectly imperfect of the previous picture. This is literally what was happening on the other side of the couch from the picture above. Gavin, still in his pajamas, watching TV because I needed him to sit in one spot and not make any messes while I took pictures. The dog’s Teddy and Finn are eagerly waiting for me to be done so they can go on their morning walk. Yes, that is a pair of socks on the coffee table. All of this was going on just inches to the right of my perfect picture above. Things are not always how they appear in Pinterest world. I am ok with that. My home is lived in, pretty, decorated, and full of life. Also, it has a child glued to the TV and happy Mommy is distracted. TV during the day does not usually happen around here. I keep it real around here.



These pumpkins I purchased from the Dollar store. I set them in some hurricane bells I found at Goodwill. This whole set up is low cost and secondhand. My kind of home decorating!


I set some more dollar store pumpkins in the glass lamp base. I always tell my kids that I am magic and used my Mommy powers to make the glass melt away so I can put the pumpkins inside. They are always so impressed.
Then this year I messed it up, I was distracted setting things up. The kids had just gotten home from school and Nora asks me how I got the pumpkins in there. I showed her how the lamp lifts up. She gasped and had this huge smile on her face. Busted! She told me she figured it was something like that. Nora then proceeded to tell her brothers that she too can make the glass melt to get the pumpkins in. She also added it is probably a girl thing. Did I mention that I adore her and her quick wit?


These pillows are a great example of going fall themed without going over the top. Not one pumpkin or piece of orange is here. I did change things up with these. Usually I have just gray colored pillows with pops of turquoise in them. Bringing in the yellow is a nod to fall without being hit over the head with it. Yellow is a fun and bright way to bring in the fall colors.

Using different pillow shams is also a great and simple way to change up the feel and look to a room. A low cost, and no fuss way to dress up a room.



Here is even more examples of yellow and different pillows. This bench looks beautiful and welcoming. A great place to cozy up and read a book. However in this house it is a glorified dog bed. Humans can sit on it, but this is Teddy and Finn’s sweet spot.

The rustic wall art above the bench I created, you can see the tutorial here. I adore the dark wood stain of it in this spot. It makes this space feel more homey.


I am so excited to share with you all what I did here. This project was one that needed two supplies, that is it!


This little fall wall art set is my kids handy work. They are obviously very talented and going to be the next big thing in finger paint wall art. I can see it now! This project involved paint, messes and giggles. Chaos with kids is what it is!
I did a quick little tutorial of this. Which will be featured soon on another blog I have coming up. I have been hinting at it more and more but the secret is out. I am going to be launching a sister blog soon having to do with kids and parenthood. Real soon, we are talking weeks!!! So excited to be able to bring out and talk about the other side of me. The Mommy side, parenting side, and deeper thoughts. Not that paint colors and mitre saws are not deep, just different. I am going to keep this up as well. I will never fall out of love with home decor. Just going to go for the less sleep thing. “They” say you can have it all and I am going for it!
Gavin moved from the sofa to the dog bed. I mean, someone might as well use it.
 I am now going to have you all judge my son.What color hair does he have? Everyone says blonde, but Dale and I see a strawberry blonde little boy. For those of you not in the know, my husband Dale has a glorious head of spiral curls that are flaming orange. His natural hair color. We have two brown haired sweeties and then this little light headed angel. Gavin has light eyebrows and eyelashes with perfectly pink skin (very easily sunburned), so whatever his color is it is probably staying. Give me your opinion on his hair color.
Back to home decor and this Fall-oween home tour hop… This is a big clue to the finished project I was talking about earlier. How it only needs two supplies. I am pretty much revealing it all, but it is so pretty and magical. Who says twinkle lights are just for Christmas?
This dining room is still getting figured out. When we began using this as a actual dining room it has been great. But the feel of it is not quite right yet. However, the farmhouse table we made is still one of my favorite projects. The credenza in here is actually a dresser that I got from a local buy and sell page. I saw it listed at 8pm at night for $30 and jumped at the option. Because it was listed as first come first serve Dale hauled ass to get there first. It was mine!


This big canvas was painted by my amazing Grandma. She is one talented lady and I am so lucky to have this in my home. This may not always go with the scheme in my home, but this art piece will always be up in my home. Just how it is. Special things deserve to be displayed and this is at the top, along with my kids art as well.
A few DIY projects in this picture is the paper tray I made, details are here. It was designed to hold our mail, but Dale now uses it. He is a dropper. When he comes home he drops his keys, wallet, glasses and anything else in his pockets. Sometimes in one spot and most times a trail of pocket “stuff” is around our home. He now has a designate spot for it, in this wood tray I made. For my sanity’s sake I needed it to be confined to one spot. Marriage is all about compromise.


The fall garland I just shared, you can find the tutorial here.


The leaf mason jars were also recently shared. Here is the tutorial of them.


This is the fall tablescape for my dining room table. It is a mix of DIY ad upcycled pieces. I created these sequin pumpkins. When I made them Dale thought I was crazy. Sequins do not belong on pumpkins, pumpkins should be orange he said. Cut to us last weekend in any store that has home decor and I gave him many I told you so faces walking down the aisles. It was sequin, glitter and white pumpkin crazy. Yes, I told him so.



I spray painted these little white pumpkins last year that I purchased from the dollar store. I realized I never shared how I made these little rope circles. It was a random project that never seemed to fit in anywhere. I will have to get on that tutorial. The simple pumpkins were created and shared here initially.




Here is a new project, that is yet to be shared here. I need to get to sharing, I am too busy just creating. I turned this old window pane into a great wall art piece by using some calendar pictures. Wall art, even large wall art pieces never has to be expensive. In fact that is almost always one of my lower cost items. Getting creative is what it is all about.


This oversized vase with wheat is sitting on a tall counter in our kitchen. I will be very honest here and say I am never sure how to decorate for fall in the kitchen. This setting works. I still have some brainstorming to do in this arena. I have seen some stunning kitchens that are decked out for fall. I need to do more homework to get this space working as my dream fall kitchen. Maybe some of my blogging friends who are taking part in this Fall-oween home tour hop have some exampled of kitchen fall decor!



You can never go wrong with apples. When in doubt use apples for fall decor. The colors are stunning, and they are healthy snacks!


We made it! The end of my fall home tour. I do not have it together enough to decorate in the rest of my house. The living area is about all I can manage. Later this week I will be sharing my front porch tour. I went a lot bigger with it this year. I have never really focused on the outside of decorating for my home, but I was inspired after hosting a Instagram challenge that had to do with fall front porches. There were so many beautiful pictures people shared. Follow me on Instagram here to play along in any other challenges.
I love decorating for fall, the general fall that is. The colors are so warm and it is such a welcome feeling after the heat of summer. My house has now been overtaken with spooky things though. I will be putting this all back into place after Halloween, but my kids love them some Halloween. So I tend to decorate for them for Halloween. That home tour will be next week.
Today though it is about this beautiful season, and my collaboration with 15 other blogging friends. They are sharing their fall and Halloween home tours. This is how we came up with the Fall-oween home tour hop. You get the best of both worlds. Enjoy all of their homes!
Thank you so much for following along and taking a peek into my fall home tour! I love talking home decor, if you cannot tell. I also love sharing DIY and low cost ideas with people. Taking the terrifying feeling of home decor and showing the fun and low cost ways of making your dream home happen. Decorating can feel overwhelming, then to put into changing things up each season. Most do not think that is possible, because of time, skill or budget. However, as you can see most of my fall home decorations are either made by myself, up cycled from low cost secondhand pieces or purchased from The Dollar store. It is possible!
I adore the changing of the seasons, and am really enjoying the early days of fall. What are some ways you decorate for fall? Quick, tell me your favorite thing about fall?!! Don’t forget to tell me what color you think Gavin’s hair is. Sometimes it is not as simple as brown or blonde. A Mom needs to know these things!



  1. I love how although it is a different season, your house is still your house.Your style is so distinctive and that comes through in your decorating even when the seasons change.

  2. Beautifully done Emily! I love the less is more style myself. Of course, it looks like Halloween threw up on my house right now, haha, but I can't say no to Halloween and Christmas decor. It's just too tempting!

  3. Your home looks beautiful Emily, I am loving that leaf art above your fireplace! I can't wait to check out all the other home tours!

  4. What a great tour! So many great things to look at! I love how decorated your fireplace mantel. Love all the pumpkins scattered about the house. 🙂

  5. Beautiful, Emily! I love how it all came together.

  6. Everything is so beautiful, Emily! I love your little pinecone hedgehog man, that you have super mommy powers to get those pumpkins into the lamp base, and your kids' fall leaf fingerprint art. Your home is beautiful reflection of your family! Excited to be part of this tour with you!

  7. I Love your home Emily!! I really like that you didn't go overboard on the fall colors but it still feels very autumn-ey. And my favorite part is that you did it all without spending a ton of money! I'm going to have to try that tree fingerprint craft with my boys.

  8. Emily ~ Your home looks so beautiful! I love all of the neutrals and the textures {two of my favorite things}! Your kids art is such a nice addition, and I'm a tiny bit obsessed with your mantle and that string art! :0)

  9. Your home looks great, Emily! Love your Fall-oween decor!

  10. I can't believe you got that credenza for $30. My first thought was "holy crud how much was that sucker!"…and then you say it was only $30! What a score!! My favorite thing about fall is that it gets darker earlier so I don't feel bad about getting in my pjs earlier. Oh, and I think your son's hair looks blonde!

    • Ha ha, I shop discount all the time! Most of my furniture is either secondhand or made by me. The most expensive thing in my home is our sofa from IKEA! A vote for blongde hair, thank you for weighing in!

  11. I love your "family" home and that you decorate around the every day real life. Your kids and dogs are adorable and I am coveting tjose little acorns. If I stopped by your houe, they may or may not end up in my bag 🙂
    Thanks so much for hosting this great hop!

  12. Everything looks wonderful Emily. Love that leaf above the mantle, the mason jars and of course, the finger paint art!!! Thanks again for hosting!

  13. Your house looks perfect for fall! I love that Nora figured out your secret to the lamp, haha!

  14. I can't believe you made that console table! I love it! Rustic chic at its finest, amazing job!!

  15. I love your home! It looks so comfy, cozy and inviting! I'd love to come over, have a cup of coffee and talk all things home DIY's and blogs! Ha! And can we talk about that leaf art on your mantel?!?! Like woah! AMAZING!!!

  16. Adding your kiddos' artistic flair to your Fall decor is one of my favorite parts of your home….and that string art leaf mantle goodness – love!

  17. Love the pops of color and texture!

  18. All of those pumpkins are too cute. And I love how the lamp was on the wood.

  19. Wow, your house is gorgeous!! I love the gourds inside the lamp – genius!

  20. My favourite is definitely the big leaf over top of your mantel. That is stunning.

  21. Your house is a dream!! I love all of this!!

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