Fall 2015 front porch, & about a boy who turns 6!

Fall 2015 front porch, & about a boy who turns 6!

I am going to be revealing my fall front porch today to you all in this post. First, I have some very important things to get out of the way. Every Mom loves their children massively and wants to shout it from the roof tops. This is my version of shouting…. Today my sweet son Caleb is 6 years old! He is the lucky middle one, he gets to be both little and big brother. He relishes that role so much! We will be celebrating all things Caleb today as soon as he gets home from school. He got love, confetti, cinnamon rolls for breakfast, lots of hugs, starting the day off in a celebratory fashion for my new six year old. 

Where does the time go? I miss my squishy, big cheeked, dimples, baby rolls and big blue eyed baby. But, getting to see more and more of the perfectly imperfect Caleb is so exciting. I get eager thinking that I get to watch him grow up, having a front row seat for it all. I cannot go back in time, so I am going to enjoy the ride with this one. I just don’t want it to speed by too fast, I try to take it all in each day and enjoy Caleb. This boy, I call him my Mr. Man. He is all heart, all emotion, all love. He loves hard, fiercely, big, everything is big with him when it comes to feelings. He is such a loyal little person. The relationships he has with each of us is so special, different and important to him. It felt weird to showcase just Caleb in these pictures. He is truly a little man full of love and growing those relationships. 
The Big 6 year old!
Caleb was my 7 weeks premature baby, giving us 3 weeks of terrifying, heartbreaking moments. The first 6 months were rough with him. Having to do with all of those preemie issues of feeding, sickness, weight checks. It was long and hard. The personality that bubbled out of him shook me to the core and warmed me. His smile, inheriting my big dimples and knack for giggling so hard he cannot stop. He lights up a room. He has Dale’s quiet observation and calming nature. 
He is growing into a cautious, deep thinker, kind, gentle, quiet and intelligent little boy. We thought he would be a ladies man with his looks. Stealing hearts left and right as he grows. Knowing him now at 6, he will make the most amazing friend and eventual partner. His love has no bounds, it is limitless. I am so excited to see what comes of this sweet boy. Excited to see him gain confidence and grow into his own. I am also excited to see the relationships he will build. This boy will touch people, reach out, be something that matters to anyone that knows him. I adore my Caleb so much and am honored to have him as my first son. 
Giving the Birthday boy some love before school!
We will be celebrating him with love and praise today, and then again on Saturday. He has a LEGO obsession and that is the theme for this party. I will be doing some major crafting this week to get some LEGO party decor up. He adores all things decorating, and appreciates all of the little things I do around our house. Always the one to comment on them. So I will be doing it up big to make our house ready to celebrate all things Caleb!

Now that I shouted out my love for Caleb it is back to business. Let’s talk about my fall front porch! I shared my interior fall home tour, which can be seen here. This front porch has a lot of projects and decor from last year. I threw in a few pieces from this year. Some I have shared and some that will be featured with a full tutorial coming soon.

This table I made this past spring, adding some much needed furniture to my front porch. The bright orange 3 dimensional pumpkin Dale made on his own last year. We actually decided to make this a yearly thing and he has already created a fall inspired project all on his own again. I will be sharing it soon. 

I love adding some cozy blankets and pillows this time of year. My front porch is fully covered and does not have to worry about the elements too much so I can get fancy with what I put here. 

These orange signs I just whipped up a few weeks ago. I will be sharing the how’s and why’s of this project soon. Actually a fun group sharing post will be happening here and a ton of other blog’s this Sunday where I will be sharing this sign tutorial. So watch out for that!

I had to get some mums, they are perfect for fall. With all of the other flowers seeming to wilt away the bright and bold colors of these are stunning. I made this mason jar leaf art and shared it here on the blog. 

These pallet pumpkins have been one of my most circulated projects on the internet. They have had some glorious moments in the spotlight being featured at various websites and online publications. They are so bright and rustic, I see the appeal. I am now handling their fan mail. 

The key to my front porch, and something I always stress here is that all of this was low cost or no cost. Free wood pallets, secondhand pieces given to me, things left out for the garbage truck. Thinking outside of the box, imagining what you might want the space to look like and then coming up with creative solutions and ways to make it happen. 
I also always try to show the tutorial for things, so that everyone can give it a try. If I can do it, so can you. Seriously. The first time I used a saw I prayed to every known god, deity, Santa, everything, in the hopes I would not lose a finger. I survived and so did my fingers. I got over that fear and became a real power tool chick, girl power! 
This yellow, I am loving it!

I made this moss B a while ago, the tutorial can be found here.  I love the outdoor and indoor feel of this moss B paired with the rustic frame. 

Of course I have to have some scarecrows. My kids love when I break these out. I honestly think they are a little creepy. Not sure why, they just sit there, staring, smiling… my kids freak out about ants on the slide in the backyard but these guys are cute and cuddly. Kids are weird.

My front porch is one of my absolute favorite things about my home. It has a barrel ceiling, great arch, columns, and pitched roof. I want to eventually get a big hanging light that shows off the architecture even more. I always try to do this porch justice. I think my decor can never take the full shine away from the porch itself. I do try. 

Anyone else? Just me thinking these are a little weird? I do love my yellow rocking chairs, those are perfection for outdoor seating. 

I really need to find more time to sit here on the porch. It is so dreamy and cozy. I can see me leisurely drinking my coffee, maybe reading a good book. Waving to my neighbors, and listening to the bird chirping. What a day that would be. 
Then I remember I am in the trenches of raising kids. We have chaotic mornings, time-outs to be had, messes to make and clean up, books to read, shoes to tie, spelling words to practice, dance parties to have, forts to build. I am in the thick of chaos right now. I will have time for leisure later. For now I admire my front porch while decorating, something I enjoy so much. Then I admire it while rushing in and out the front door or playing “I spy” with the kids. 

I hope you all enjoyed my fall front porch! I keep it cozy, adding more color then I had inside my home. You can see my home fall tour here. I like to brighten things up outside. You can go bold and it never feels like it is too much when outside.

I am off now to get ready for my Birthday Boy. We have some gifts and plans for this guy. He has been counting down to this day for weeks. Seriously, everyday he asked how many days he has until he is 6. How do I convince my kids to slow down just a little bit with this growing up thing? I like them now, I liked them before and I will love them later. I just want the days to slow down just a little more, the years are speeding up at a terrifying pace. My boy Caleb is 6, I swear I held him in my arms, kissed his newborn cheek, fed him, held him, just met him…. then I blinked and he is 6. Let’s slow it down a little!

Caleb and I this morning. I had to do a Mommy and Birthday boy selfie. 

I have a few hours before the kids get home, I think a good walk down memory lane in pictures and a good Mommy missing her baby ugly cry sounds like a good day. Yay for Birthdays!



  1. Those are some great decorations! You have a nice assortment of stuff. I love the mums in the tub and the homemade "fall" signs!

  2. Your decorations are so awesome! 🙂 Love them!! I hope your little guy has a GREAT Lego birthday 🙂 My son has an obsession as well 😉 haha

  3. Emily, great job on your front porch, it looks beautiful! And Happy Birthday to your adorable son!

  4. Very pretty front porch. Love all the decor. Happy 6th Birthday to your sweet little guy! So precious.

  5. I give up. I guess it is time to let go of Summer and embrace Autumn. Don't want to, but have to.

  6. I love how festive everything is and I really like your porch. I have always dreamed of having a traditional front area like that.

  7. Looks beautiful. It's my favorite season, so I'm happy to see you celebrating it. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Happy birthday to Caleb! Your front porch looks lovely! I really like the scarecrows. How do you keep them in place if it gets windy?

  9. Happy Birthday Caleb, Emily it all looks so awesome!!!

  10. Emily, Caleb is so adorable. He looks just like you. Happy Birthday to your big boy.

    • He does look a lot like me, he cannot stand the dimples he inherited from me because of the constant comments on them from others. I was the same way growing up. He is just too adorable.

  11. Such awesome fall decorations and I love the pops of color as well as the creativity! The best thing of all is celebrating that adorable Caleb's birthday! He is such a joy and blessing to the family and I just love him so much!

  12. Precious children! I absolutely love your decorations, and your house looks so great! I loved this post!

  13. Very pretty front porch!! I love the decorations!!

  14. Fun fall crafts! The porch looks great 🙂

  15. You have adorable kids! Happy Birthday to your guy… great photos of him. Also love that porch… and how it screams FALL in a good way. My favorite season.

  16. Such a cute porch! I'm in the process of decorating mine. I don't have kids yet so this line worried me: the trenches of raising kids. Yet, I do remember my mom telling me that I won't understand her till I had kids.

    • Having kids is such a big job, and the absolute hardest thing I have ever done. But, BUT they are my favorite people to ever exist and I would go through it all again and again to be with them. I had one child and willingly signed up for it two more times. You will be fine and love it when the time comes.

  17. looks like fun to spend time with your family.

  18. Cute kid pics.. I also like that chair on your porch with pillow and blanket.. Looks so cozy!
    — DT | Here I Scribble

  19. Beautiful job! I just decorated my front porch for fall today too! I love the mums, just lovely! BTW, your kids are too cute!

  20. Ah birthdays with kids are so fun! Your little Caleb is so cute and I can really tell how much you love him in this post just by how you talk about him 🙂 Your front porch is darling too and I love that it is all done low cost or no cost! Can't wait to see the tutorial for your fall sign

  21. Such a beautiful house, love the pictures (and the Kiddies!) God Bless

  22. Cute front porch!! I love it.. And a happy birthday (belated) to your little guy!

  23. Beautiful porch and adorable boy!

  24. Your house is amazing! Seriously, I want your front porch, And you decorated it too adorable.

  25. Your front porch is so colorful and welcoming. And what sweet comments about your son. Children are such a blessing!

  26. Emily
    Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! so cute! love the porch! you are one busy lady! laura

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