DIY Halloween gallery wall reveal

DIY Halloween gallery wall reveal

I am finally wrapping up this DIY Halloween gallery wall. I shared parts 1 and part 2 earlier. Giving some simple ideas and tips to create some wall art for the Halloween season. I am revealing the whole thing today. I have always loved the look of a gallery wall, and one for the holidays seems so cozy. But the cost associated with a temporary gallery wall was not appealing to me or my budget. I found some low cost solutions to things I already had around the house.

The last addition to this space was adding a little fun string spider web to a round frame. 

I used tape and attached strips of the string to the back of the frame. 

Where the strings could not attach I simply tied the strings in a knot around another string piece. 

I made the pattern to be intertwining strings, a spider web. 

It is so easy to recreate a spider web, they are never perfect. So the pressure is off. 

I added some spider rings that I looped around the spiderweb. 

I have always found that people get scared to try a gallery wall in their home. It is really a fun and easy process. The key to any gallery wall is to keep both sides even. They do not always have to have the same shape of frame, or size. But, keeping a even weighted look to both sides is the secret to a successful gallery wall. 
I split this wall down the middle by putting my new DIY wood pallet wall art in the center. Then I put the chalkboard art on the table. I had nothing to match this with size or color, so it works best in the middle. The pumpkin rope sign I just made came inside the house and works great for a gallery wall addition. 

Next is the square piece with the fabric of the owls. This was featured in part 2 of the gallery wall steps. It works here because it is similar in shape of the pumpkin and has pops of orange and brown in it. Similar to the pumpkin.

I next put the smaller fabric picture on the left side. This way both sides have a fabric piece on it.

I needed a smaller picture on the right, so the newest addition of the string spider web frame works here. It is round and so is the pumpkin. As you can see, I am keeping things weighted the same.

The last piece was a drawing I did of a owl in a tree. I saw one similar online and free handed it onto black paper. Then gluing it onto the orange paper. Putting it in a simple frame. This may seem off with the right side having three pieces and the left having two. But, the left has two larger pieces and a lot of orange. The black owl art balances out the sizes and colors nicely.

That is it! With a few craft supplies and a quick afternoon I have a fun feature to compliment the rest of my home for Halloween. You can see my full home tour here. 

My kids are young, so keeping a fun and whimsical feel to our Halloween decor seems to work well right now. I cannot get too creepy and spooky yet. It is also a fun way to decorate for this holiday. 

While I was taking pictures of the dining room I had a photobomb happen in the name of my youngest Gavin. He knows how to work the camera. Each time I clicked a picture he promptly changed pose. Working it and hamming it up for the camera. This boy is my wild one, never shy and always up for a good time. He proves my point that we have to keep the Halloween decor light and fun. 
I need to get more personality going on. He is rocking it. Dale was off doing something around the house, Nora was drawing and Caleb was building LEGO’s. Gavin was waiting for his moment to photobomb me ant let his star shine. He told me he made my pictures exciting. True, so true. 

Back to home decor after we were so rudely but adorably interrupted… this Halloween gallery wall is done. It is also one of my favorite things, low cost and simple to do. As I have said, I like things cheap and easy. Don’t get me wrong, I like quality pieces and spending money when needed. No one has the time or money to cough up major dinero each time a holiday comes around. This is just giving another example of a way to make your Halloween decked out and make your decorating dreams come true without breaking the bank. 
This weekend is the official kick off to Halloween celebrations for us. We are going to the Zoo where the kids can wander the night away in their costumes, then we are also going to a local farm that does the whole, pumpkin picking, hayride, barn full of hay bales, cow you can milk, holding baby chicks fun. We love it and it is tradition. Then we will sit around the table while Dale and I become slaves to our tiny dictators who tell us exactly how to carve their pumpkin. I would let them do it themselves, but sharp objects and all. Plus, I think my kids enjoy bossing us around. 
What do you have going on this weekend?



  1. You are so creative! Love all your ideas

  2. I love it all! I think the house is my favorite, but the pumpkin is a close 2nd 😀

  3. I've never thought about making halloween decorations before. Where did you get the string from?

    Beth x

  4. SO fun! I love gallery walls! It turned out so great!

  5. This is so creative! I love the chalk house and the owl painting! The photo bomber is adorable too. 🙂

  6. I love the idea of a Halloween gallery wall, maybe next year I will put forth a little more effort. i think my favorite piece is the spiderweb frame!

  7. Thanks for sharing your idea with us. It’s so cool and fun projects. Your wall looks so great and little scared. I often decorate my Halloween wall with the masks and pictures.

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