DIY Halloween gallery wall- part 1

DIY Halloween gallery wall- part 1

Who is ready for Halloween? My kids are, they are wearing their Halloween costumes on the daily, and demanding candy just as often. I let them rock their costumes to their tiny hearts content. Not so much on the candy. That will come. This year we have Nora as Anna from Frozen, Caleb has chosen to be Olaf because he likes warm hugs. Gavin is going to be a skateboarding shark, just go with it. This is my youngest we are talking about, you know the ones. The rules do not apply to him. 
With Halloween happening in just a few weeks I am decking my house out, turning it spooktacular. Because I enjoy decorating and tend to transition and shift decor a whole lot, I am always looking for the absolute lowest cost solutions to feed my decorating obsession. I actually created a Halloween gallery wall in my dining room by purchasing nothing and punching not even one hole in my wall. I will be revealing all within the next few days. I am going to reveal this in parts, little project by little project. Make you get all excited and antsy to see the next step. Tell me I am not the only one that gets crazy into project reveals…. anybody? Bueller?

I will say one thing, this complete gallery wall was no cost for me. Meaning I had all of this laying around my house from various other projects. It is not fair to say it is no cost in general because most people do not have piles of wood, paint, fabric, markers and spiders laying around their house. Fake spiders. I mean, we probably all have real spiders around here, I do not work with those.

I had these random sized scrap pieces of wood from different projects. I gathered them together and painted them with chalkboard paint.

Once they were dry I got my creative juices flowing. In the form of a shaky hand using a stencil to trace out the word BOO! Then using the same shaky hand to draw out a spider and her web. I did this in pencil to make sure it all fit appropriately. Erasers are my friend. 

When I was fairly happy with the lay out I traced over my pencil lines with a permanent chalkboard marker. I have a few around from various projects. 

I repeated the process on the other slim board, this time writing SPOOKY and having a different spider web going on. It is all about variety. 

I was feeling good about myself and my elementary level drawing skills. I figured I could up the ante here and get really fancy…

Fancy in Halloween terms means a full on haunted house, obviously. I looked online for a image to be inspired by and used a few pieces from different images I liked. Putting them together in a mashed up version of a spooky house on the hill, with rickety porch and tombstones. Just your garden variety haunted house with bats stalking the sky. 

I was OK drawing this out with the pencil, hello eraser marks. When it came time to make this permanent is when sh** got real. Yes I could simply paint over my mistake and start again. However I am a pretty big perfectionist. Not with everything in life, at all. But when I attempt to do something I like it to turn out how I envision it to look and failure or repainting is not a option!
This is my tense face, Dale decided to have me stop, hammer time, pose and smile. Can you tell through clenched teeth I am just freaking out a little? Notice the permanent marker is very far away from the board? I was not having my eyes away from the board and this marker anywhere near the board. Safety first. 

I did it! I breathed a sigh of relief, there was no major mess ups! I promptly called my kids over to ask what it is I made. Kids will be very honest and if it looks like a sunny house with some funny rocks in front they will tell you. The consensus was spooky, scary, creepy, where dead people hang out and Halloween-ish. Nailed it!

The plan was to incorporate these into my mysterious and as yet revealed Halloween gallery wall. But they did not mesh on the wall itself. I still put them in my decor and on this wall. Just not the way I had planned. I am always changing things on the fly, trying something new mid project. Keeps me on my toes. Also, I usually start a project with a half-assed idea and some random supplies. It comes together as it is created. 
A tiny bit of the gallery wall can be seen here. I got even more creative with fabric, markers, scissors, and string. I guess that gives nothing away because 95% of crafts start with those supplies. It is just like baking. They all call for flour, sugar, a dash of salt, and butter. Yet each recipe makes very different things. Lock a group of crafting maniacs in a room and give them string, scissors, tape, markers and some blank pieces of wood. Each one will come up with something different yet creative that will become Pinterest gold and stolen by a big box store near you. “Hey, I made that same thing when I was locked in the room with a bunch of fellow crafters.” is what we will all say. Good times. 

Don’t look too close, you can see my eraser marks. 

I decided that the two narrow boards fit better on my fireplace mantel. I showed you what it looks like in my fall home tour. However it has been transformed into a spooky paradise where bats roam free. I will be sharing my Halloween home tour next week. In all of it’s ghost, spider, and bat glory  gory. 

Drawing spiderwebs is my new favorite thing to do. The first time I drew one it worried me that there was no rules, then I realized that is the best part. I can make it anyway I wanted, as spiders do. I am just like a black widow now, spinning her web. Except for the whole killing her baby Daddy thing. I happen to like my man. 

I have always loved those little owls on the mantel, but there is something very spooky all on its own about a random owl head with yellow eyes. Anyone see the movie birds? I know it was not owls, just magnify that movie with the wise old owl. Spooky for sure!

This is part 1 of the DIY Halloween gallery wall, look out for part two early next week. I know you are all going to have such a horrible time getting yourself through the weekend without seeing this amazing piece of decorating history. A gallery wall, for Halloween?!!! I am going to be having a fun post on Sunday, not the usual routine around here. I will be hooking up with a bunch of blogging friends (that sounded all kinds of awkward and suggestive). We will be sharing a fall project, and you will be along for the ride. So excited for that!
I am off to go and make a ton of LEGO decorations for Caleb’s birthday party. It will be a LEGO extravaganza tomorrow. We are serving the very classy pigs in a blanket, turkey and salami sandwiches, a fruit tray and chips and guacamole. That my friends is what the birthday boy has ordered to be served. A little random and I can guarantee a few guests will be stopping for real food on the way home. Anyone have any great LEGO themed crafts to share?



  1. Love this! Love your photo too! Great job! laura

  2. The skateboarding shark made me snort the orange juice I was drinking out of my nose! This is such a brilliant idea and it looks amazing! Well done!

  3. skateboarding shark, love it! This is awesome, so cool that you had all that stuff laying around. And your "elementary" work would make mine look like preschooler work, haha. Great job!

  4. What a neat idea!! That is so cool 🙂

  5. Love that you did chalkboard art! So fun!

  6. Very artistic! They look great on the mantel. And so true, there is something slightly creepy about an owl head 😉

  7. " Except for the whole killing her baby Daddy thing. I happen to like my man. " Glad to know that !!!

  8. I love this! So cute!

  9. Hi, Emily ~ These look great! I love the haunted house one. Your spooky, Halloweenie house is looking great. I can't wait to see the full tour! Have fun at the b-day party!

  10. This turned out super cute.

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