DIY fall & pumpkin rope sign

DIY fall & pumpkin rope sign

Have you been able to tell how much I love fall? I think the over-abundance of fall projects being shared here is proof enough. I have had so many, in fact I have created so many that I am having to break my no weekend posting rule. I tend to take the weekends off. Spend time with my family, also that is when I create the bulk of my projects. Today however I am teaming up with a group of talented bloggers from all over, brought together by Hometalk. We are all sharing fall projects.

You all know how much I also love working with my blogging friends. I think my collaborations and relationships with other blogging people is one of my absolute favorite things of blogging. So this post is pretty much my favorite things. Like Oprah, who also shared her favorite things. Except no one gets car… I know, sorry to disappoint. But…. “you get some fall inspiration, you get some fall inspirations, everyone gets some fall inspiration!!!!!”

I created these DIY rope and fall pumpkins super quick and easy. I have always had a big fall sign on my to do list. I finally got around to it, and threw in a fun smaller pumpkin art to go with it. I put them on my front porch, which you can see the full reveal of here. This tutorial is really straight forward and simple. For all of you Hometalk dwellers, this will be easy stuff for you all. Which is good, projects do not have to be complicated to look nice. 
I took two scrap pieces of wood that I had in my garage. 

I used a bright orange to paint the boards. 

I had this big mess to get fixed. I am not sure what I would choose, a big knotted rope mess or a tiny necklace with a super delicate chain. Both are impossible and cause fingers cramps. Next up on my to-do list. Figure out a way to store this rope better. Future self needs to make this happen.

I cut out and placed the FALL letters on the board. 

Stretch them out so they are straight. I suppose this is not necessary. If you are going for the wonky fall letter look the previous picture could be considered done. 
Using a hot glue gun, and pushing the rope into the glue. 

Letters done and attached. Woohoo!

For the pumpkin I started with a outline of it. Glued that down. 

Taking the complete rope, with none cut off yet and winding it around the inside of the pumpkin frame. 

I did this by laying a bunch of hot glue down to a portion of the pumpkin. Going row by row. Once the glue was down I winded the rope around where the glue was. Pushing the rope down and smushed into the glue. 

I ended up with a spiral pumpkin. Or as my sweet 5 year old stated, a Target sign. Nailed it!

I smushed the middle in with a glob of glue. 
I needed to make this more pumpkin-like and less like the Target symbol. I had a tine square scarp of wood and some green wire. 

I glue the wood down with the middle of the wire under it. 

Tie the wire down in the center of the stem. Then wrap the wire around a pen. 
Making the cutest curly-q you ever did see. 

I set these on my front porch, ready for all of the fun, orange, and bright that fall has to offer. I adore dressing up my outdoor space for fall in the bright oranges. Inside my home I tend to keep it more neutral. Outside I can go crazy. 

This rope pumpkin screams whimsical and fun to me. No, it does not resemble a real pumpkin. I hope it does not resemble the Target symbol anymore. I think the stem and greenery help that along. 

It is so fun and simple to decorate for fall. Rope is a big time accent for fall. It is rustic, neutral, had a earthy feel to it. To me fall screams rustic, always had and always will. 

Did I tell you this was a simple project? I am sure most could have been perfectly ok without the tutorial. Cute rope, glue down, done. However, I always make my projects as simple to follow and execute. Tutorials are a must on this corner of the internet. This Sunday’s special post was worth the effort. I also needed the extra time to share projects. I have so much coming up, it will be projects after project for the next few weeks. So much going on around here!
There is also so much going on with this little fall blog op. You can click on the links below and see what everyone has to offer as far as a fall project. I know what I will be doing. Getting inspired and then creating even more from that!



  1. Looks awesome Emily. The rope pumpkin is so great. You have such a great front porch and the brick pavers in front with the rockers…. great set up!

  2. This is so great! I love different things on the front porch and you nailed this!!!!

  3. This is such a cute project. Looks great on your porch!

  4. Fun project! I love the pumpkin so much!

  5. I love this, an easy project and you are using my favorite medium – rope!

  6. How fun! Rustic fall at its best! Those signs really pop at your front entry!

  7. Emily, I love using rope and twine on all kinds of things. These are so cute and lend such a rustic feel to your front porch. Love them. Cathy

  8. Now aren't you clever! I love it! I also love your porch. So much style with all of your fall decor!

  9. Great signs and love the front porch fall decor. Just beautiful

  10. This is so. stinkin. cute.
    I especially love the rope pumpkin! Pinned 🙂

  11. Such a fun and rustic way to celebrate Fall. I think I need one soon. I am excited to pin for later.

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