Dining room revamp

Dining room revamp

**This post contains a partnership with Parrot Uncle, I was provided with a light and am giving my honest review of it. All opinions and praise are my own.**
You ever have one of those moments where one small thing turns into a bigger thing? Like having just one cookie and then suddenly half the bag is gone, having one baby that turns into 3, going to “look” at the humane society at the puppies. What I am trying to say is things have a way of escalating. See, I wanted to change the ceiling light in my dining room. The one we had was OK, but once we changed things around and this became our official dining room I wanted something a little more fancy. I needed some drama and ambiance. 
Two things happened to make this dining room get revamped. I signed up to be a part of a fun challenge with a group of people all about a 30 day flip. We have a theme each month, last months theme was a secondhand store find. You can see what I did with a no longer used electric fireplace. This month the theme is DIY room challenge. I am in the thick of the one room challenge, so a big time overhaul of the dining room was not possible. But a revamp can happen.

The other thing that happened was a company called Parrot Uncle contacted me and asked if I would be interested in working with them. I knew it was fate that this dining room revamp was going to happen. A new ceiling light and a new look to my dining room. This my friends is the equivalent of a home decoraters happy place. 
This is the before for this dining room. It is not too shabby, I just needed to dress it up. The first thing to go was the previous ceiling light. 
The light was nice, I just had a need for some drama. 

I found all of the drama I was looking for with this Large size industrial style matter black iron cage pendant. It is big, I am talking 19 inches big. It is also heavy and sturdy. Dale was nervous with this choice. He worried it was too modern for our home. Parrot Uncle has a ton of options, all so drastically different and beautiful. There were so many options. They have vintage and antique light fixtures which is what caught my eye the most. There is also a huge discount going on right now on their website. So when you see your next dream light, you know you will get it 30% off. Yes please!
I was looking to play up the farmhouse table and the slightly industrial look to it. Also bringing in some geometric shapes for a bold look. This was exactly what I had in mind. You can find this exact light here. I went with my gut on this and am so happy I did. Dale has since agreed that I was right. He should know this by now. I am always right! I was beyond ecstatic when the light came in the mail. By the way Parrot Uncle offers free shipping and free returns. 
After taking out the old light, putting in the new hardware, and hooking up the wires. It was time to install this pretty lady. Most ceiling lights are super easy to change out, it is as simple as twisting wires together, using wire covers and then screwing back in place. This light came with all it needed to be hooked up. 

This is the light right after hooked up. It is glorious and has enough wire and chain to work with. 

Before I did anything else I wanted to make sure it was set up and the light turned on. I put in a Edison bulb to give it the vintage feel. It was so pretty all lit up. 

Our ceiling light is set up in the center of the room, but because it is a walkway from the kitchen into the rest of the house I need a clear and de-cluttered path. That means I have always had our dining room table off center. Which means the ceiling light is always off center. Not a big deal when you have a flush mount ceiling light. With a pendant it becomes very obvious. 
The fix for this, other then make a new hole and repair the old one. While that option is appealing, ain’t no one got time for that. The next best option is to keep the base of the light where it is, put in a hook and have it hang over the table correctly. That is what I did. I had a hook that I placed in the center of the table. 
Voila! The ceiling light is hung and centered to the table. This is big guys, I have stressed about how to have a big pendant like this. With the chain this allows the light to be centered. I feel that I need to have a formal dinner party with this formal ceiling light. 

The next step in this dining room revamp was to add some new art. I needed to step up my game, the ceiling light made the room feel so different I wanted to have a big art piece to match the new feel. I purchased a pre-cut frame from Michaels in the sale area. I am assuming that someone returned it from the custom frame area. It was on sale for $3. I had absolutely no clue what I was going to do with it. I think we all know I have a serious hoarding problem. It came in handy though. I am using some wood pallets and this frame to turn into a great DIY wall art piece. 
I selected a few different sizes of wood, varying from thin to wide. Cut them down to size. 

I made sure all of them fit within the frame. I also sanded them down, to make them be as smooth and pretty as possible. 
I set them out in a order that I thought would work within the frame. Setting the bigger pieces on each end and then sporadically laying the others within it. Giving a variety and a non patterned look. 

I had all of these sample paint colors. I chose a dark green, dark gray, light gray, off white, teal, mint green, and dark blue. I thought they were something that will fit in my home regardless of where it is in my home. The frame is a dark gray color. 
I had enough to paint all pallets with two of the same color. So I had two dark blue, two dark green, etc… I am a serious painter guys. Also, notice the pretty ceiling light? All of this work for that beauty. 

I only did one coat because I liked the rustic look to it. 

Bringing in the frame and putting a line of wood glue within the frame. 

Then pushing each pallet piece into its designated spot and smushing it into the glue. I let it sit overnight. 
The next day Dale put a new picture backing onto this. 

He also had a tiny helper in the form of Gavin. He will be our future DIYer. He is always up to help out and interested in what is going on. 
The frame is ready to be hung, and Dale is ready for his close up. I keep convincing him he should be in front of the camera more. He is a big part of this blog and the camera loves him. 
The wall art went up. I love the colors and the differing pallet sizes in the art. Sometimes a big wall art piece does not need to be expensive. Just think outside the box and get creative. 
I also changed up the curtains. There was matching bold turquoise curtains here that fit with the living room. I wanted something softer here. But whatever I put here could not clash with the living room as this is open to that. Having them work together but be different. Not confusing at all.  I had these sheer curtains in the guest bedroom in the basement. There is a canopy bed in there and it was a overabundance of sheer. I stole two panels and set them up here. I am loving this soft and clean look now. 

I also added a simple mirror to the credenza and some new accessories. Keeping things calm, not too cluttered and simple. This light is perfection in this space now. The rest of the room fits. 

Eek! I am so happy to see this dining room revamped. It was a long time coming. The art and accessories in here had not been updated in a few years. I am transitioning into a more bold and less country look to my home. This dining room, wall art and new ceiling light now reflect that. 

This light is stunning from every single angle. I am loving these triangles in the light, such a great detail to this. 

My wall art is bold but not overwhelming. It was just what was needed here. I do not want this art here to overtake the room, but it needs to compliment it. 

Who knew all this dining room needed to feel fresh and new was some curtains, a new wall art and a new ceiling light. That is really all that was done in here. The transformation is subtle but important. 
I love the lines it projects onto the ceiling. The soft glow of it makes the room feel so cozy. The Edison bulb is nice to have in here because it is not too bright. With the bulb being exposed a super bright light would hurt the eyes. This give it all a warm glow. It also light up the room enough to eat with no issues. 
I was not familiar with Parrot Uncle until they reached out to me, and I am in love with this light. This was my first light from them but will not be my last. The quality of this was great. The scale of this light was what I was dreaming up. They have a 30% off sale going on right now, which is huge! 

This dining room revamp is done! I love seeing the simple updates and how it can change a room. No, this is not a massive redo. But the feel of this room shifted. It feels more complete to me now. It also feels like a legit dining room. This is the only eating area in our home, so this is both every day and formal eating. I needed to fancy it up. I think the ceiling light with all of its classy elements helped that along.

Don’t forget this is part of the 30 day flip challenge! If you are interested in following along with others look out for that hashtag on any social media. I will also be adding a list with everyone else’s  projects once they get done as well. To help you all find them easier. Also, thank you Parrot Uncle for this amazing light and letting me use it to revamp my dining room! Be sure to head over there and see if anything catches your eye. 
I find that as I get more confident in my decorating and getting a feel for what my home is, I see some subtle changes. I grow, my kids grow, we change, our life changes, and so does our home. We all evolve. My home is evolving and I am excited to see where it lands. For now it is little things like this that is doing the trick. 
What have you done recently to change things up in your home?



  1. Great fixture. I love it. Great makeover. You did an awesome job. If you do decide to move the light over, instead of having to repair the hole, you can purchase a small circle metal plate to cover it up. It's super easy and only costs a few dollars. Maybe something to think about later. 🙂

  2. I absolutely love the light fixture. And that wall art idea is really fabulous too.Makes such a statement 🙂

  3. That looks SO good!! I love the light fixture from Parrot Uncle and the colors you used for the wall art are gorgeous!

  4. Your dining room looks great, Emily! That light is so pretty!

  5. I love that light. I have never heard of that Company before I will look them up. Your dining room looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  6. That light fixture is SO cool! I love how you combined a rustic feel with a bit of a modern edge by incorporating the geometric shapes!

    xo, Chelsie @ Life with Rosie

  7. Amazing what a lamp and some wall art can do. It totally transformed the room. Looks beautiful!

  8. I love it. It is so bright and cheerful.

  9. How cool! Your dining room looks great – very creative 🙂

    Samantha | pearlsandpolkadots.net

  10. That light! *swoon* and we are all about the Edison bulbs too!

  11. WOW your dining room looks amazing. I love the color palette! Great job!

  12. Amazing what a new light fixture can do! I love it. And great job on the art – I wish I was patient enough for DIY projects like that!!

  13. How cool! Looks great, and I can't even believe you made that art work! good work!

  14. I love your revamped room. It is proof that you don't have to spend a zillion dollars to get a new, fresh look!

  15. You are incredible! I am always amazed at everything you "throw together". That light fixture is just awesome.

  16. Looks awesome! The new fixture makes all the difference. Great idea on the art work and clever way to move the light over.

  17. I LOVE IT ALL and love how you just hooked the chain over— we have a cathedral ceiling in our dining room and apparently the electrician couldn't get up in the little space so they just hung our light about 2 feet to the side. DRIVES ME NUTS!!!! (I inherited our house when I married my husband, haha!!!). I would absolutely LOVE for you to come link up with us at 100 Happy Days! You know a good reno makes EVERYONE HAPPY! http://www.akreativewhim.com/100-happy-days-link-party-1/

  18. I love how you have redone your space – the light is so perfect and your wall art is so awesome. Love being able to recycle things. Beautiful space Emily. Cathy

  19. That light is awesome! I think it makes the whole room look so much more "done". Bye boob light, haha! The wall art is fantastic too! Nice work.

  20. Your dining room feels so cozy! I really like that light and your wall art is great too! I really want to try and make one of those in greys and yellows for above our bed. Thanks for all the great design inspiration Emily!

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