A ton of contributing articles, and a day of chaos

A ton of contributing articles, and a day of chaos

Hey guys, it is Friday! We made it! Although I will have to let you know later if I have actually survived the week,. You see my two oldest kids Nora and Caleb have a half day at school. This means I have to get them up, do the normal routine of getting them on the bus. Clean up the morning tornado mess, maybe start some laundry, read a book with my little Gavin and then get the kids off of the bus at 11:30. Where they will be famished and demand more food. Anyone else feel like as parents all you do is make food and then clean up the food mess? Rinse, lather and repeat. It is the early release today, but really just code for more work for Mom. Oh, I also will now have all 3 kids home for the remainder of the day. 
In my Mommy dream’s and planning we will have a wonderful and sweet time enjoying these precious extra hours we get. In reality I will plan a fun activity or craft for them (because I always have the best of intentions) which will end in tears, fights, and me stating that it is nap time. They will inevitably not nap and play in their rooms, where I will pretend to not hear them. Am I the only one that has days like this with all kids home? They enjoy each other, I adore my kids. However, they are in the routine of going to school everyday. When that gets messed up, there is hell to pay in cranky kids who need their space. 
I am not just writing a post to complain about my horrible day. I am not that self centered, psh. Give me more credit. I am also sharing about the other places that I have articles out right now. You need to go and read even more of my words! Totally!

I shared a new project at Homedit. This is a furniture piece that is one part pretty and one part function. It is a fancy shoe rack. I had to take pictures of it in my dining room because closets are dark, depressing and mine has a pile of clean clothes that I am too embarrassed to show off. However, because of this I now have a ridiculously organized shoe collection. You can go here to see the full article and tutorial. 
I am also over at SheKnows talking about how I felt when I sent Nora off to Kindergarten 2 years ago. I had written it but never shared it anywhere. I figured with back to school having just happened a lot of other parents can relate to my feelings. My feelings of chasing down the bus driver and yanking my child off of the bus. I mean, that jerk was driving my child to school. Without me! It was all kinds of wrong and I needed to express myself in writing versus yelling at the poor bus driver. I would like to report that I have mellowed slightly in sending the kids to school since then. I am a seasoned Mom. I skip down to the bus stop and then cry quietly in the house, alone. You can read that article here.
Let’s talk Mom guilt, yay! I know, way to bring it down Emily. Right? I figured I have to suffer through the good, bad and ugly of raising kids and dealing with my Mommy emotions. I wrote a article about just that, featured at Moms Magazine. What can I say, being a Mom makes me emotional and I like talking about it. I blame the post baby blues. Yes, my last baby is 4 and a half years old. But hey, I think it still counts. You can see the article I wrote here.
Last but not least, I need your help for this one! Calling all supporters of me and my words. You can go here at The Today show and vote for my article I wrote about the wonderful Mommy wars and feeling less then worth being a Mom. Having had 3 c-sections I have dealt with my fair share of Mommy judgement and I think that it is time I get over it. On The today show parenting team I get to write things for them, but the more votes I get the higher up my article gets. It is a sad popularity contest. However, I have to win!!! No, not really. I am completely joking. There are also some other great articles from other people talking about Mom judgement. Just be sure to click to vote for me while there. Should I get pins and hand out suckers with my name on them? Promise to get soda for lunch? Will that win your vote? Here is the link again if you need it. 
Phew, that is all I have to share today. I get around. Wait, that made me sound easy, which I am. I will write a article for just about anyone that will let me. I like to write, share, virtually talk. I am safe and always use protection when throwing my writing around. I am not sure how else to end this round up, I think me insinuating my writing slut-iness is a good enough place to end it, yeah? 
What are your plans this weekend? What are some other websites you like reading? 



  1. Your kids are so sweet! And I LOVE the name Nora! Have a great weekend, Momma! xox

  2. A pile of CLEAN clothes? I have dirty clothes I'm embarrassed to show off. I love your shoe cabinet thing, it's great!

  3. Love the shoe rack. So much nicer than the plain, boring ones we have!

  4. You are doing a great job as mom to 3 adorable & gifted kids. Don't ever forget it. I voted. Thanks for sharing your story! Love that shoe cabinet project, by the way 🙂

  5. You are one busy lady. I did not know you write for other places, that must be fun. I love how you write, and already voted for you. Good luck.

  6. I'm having a day like that so it was great to hear your moans as it means I don't feel so alone. X

  7. We just got in from religious services and shopping for the kid! He better be motivated to finish the three subjects of homework he has after what we just spent on him! He also attends some after school programs this yer so my day is longer without parenting duties, it is a big help. Except I have six blog posts to do now. Right now!
    Thanks for the push! Mitch

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