Update on the happenings in my home

Update on the happenings in my home

How have you all been handling the new school year? I know a few of you have been at it for a few weeks, and others (like us) just started. Dale and I are already school parent slackers. Guys, we did not even get through the first day before we began relaxing on our well meant school year plans. We are big on packing healthy lunches for the kids. We are not crazy about the hot lunch options at school. Last night we finally got around to packing lunches around 11pm, after a long discussion of us thinking hot lunch might be the way to go. Nothing against them, just for us we prefer giving our kids food we know they will eat, and we know it is healthy. However, this year is long. Just started and already we were pretty much doing the very mature rock, paper, scissors over who would get their lazy booty off of the couch to make it. We do not even have homework, spelling words, or extracurricular activities thrown into the mix yet. Ugh…..

Speaking of extracurricular and school, are we all ready for the chaos that is the school year? We have this huge and amazing organization station in a portion of our laundry room. A small mudroom nook of sorts. It has got the school organizing things down. We have a place for coats, shoes, backpacks, homework, notes, anything school related. There is still a few things lacking in this set u. I know, hard to believe considering that this is a fairly large area.  We needed a schedule, one I could see at all times. I have everything in our life organized in my calendar on my phone. But, I am a visual person. I also wanted to have something that Nora and eventually the boys can read to see what is going on as well.

I am sure all of you home decor blogging friends and fans of home decor know where this is going. I put myself to work this weekend. In the middle of finishing the laundry room and the boy’s bedroom. I created a massive family command center. The above picture is these wonderfully perfect baskets I purchased from Target. I did not have a plan for them. It was simply love at first sight in the aisles of Target. You all understand. It happens all the time. These beauties came in these bright colors, and were numbered in the exact amount of kids I have. It was as if the decorating fairies created these baskets for me to come across, fate. It was fate.

I moved them around, tried them out in our study, walked around with them. Then smack dab in the middle of me working on this new command center, it hit me. Of course. Baskets, family organization, and command centers. It was so obvious. I am so excited to share this newest project with you all! I am currently taking pictures and writing it all up. I had hoped to have it done today for you all. However, our hallway is dark. I needed to wait until I could have as much natural light as possible streaming into it. I can do some editing, but nothing beats good ‘ole Mr. Sun. I finally got the beautiful streams of light I needed to make this photo shoot happen.
I am beyond excited about this project. It was never intended to happen. But, it all came together so well. I mean, who in their right mind undertakes another small project while in the middle of two really big projects? Me, that is who. I also have you a big clue to this reveal. This command center is smack dab in the middle of our hallway. It seems strange to put something so big, and potentially dis-organized in such a small space. It all works, and works well.
I also just hinted at another large project we are working on. For a lot of you there is one room in my home that has not seen too much action on the blog. That is my boy’s bedroom. We have the decorating 90% done, just finishing up a huge project. It is big, literally! This has been years in the making and we are finally in the home stretch of this big built in bunk bed job. The above picture is how it looked a while ago. But, this give you the idea of the scope of this project. Also how amazing it will be once done. See, we are always working on way too many projects at once.
So today this is just a quick update on the happenings in my home. I have a lot of projects getting finished up, pictures to take and posts to write. I just need about 1 week total of alone time, uninterrupted and it all should be done in no time. Totally doable, right? I mean I now have a organization station and a command center. That is a double whammy of family organization. I can make this happen.




  1. I love the home! It looks so comfy and homey!

  2. Emily, I love your kids spaces, sooooo cool!!!!! You have been blogging a bunch this summer, you put me to shame!!! LOL!!!! I don;t always stop and take the time to comment but I always come and look and LOVE all you do!!!!! xoxoxox

    • Thank you so much! I have felt like this summer I have not been very active with doing things around the house or blogging. I am so happy that it is not coming off that way! You are so sweet to say all of that!

  3. Emily, so sorry the above comment was from me….I was logged in with my work account…LOL

  4. Oh my this just serves to remind me that I need to be more organized! Wow, good job!

  5. I saw those bins at Target and I'm trying to figure out what I can do with them. I just love them. Target just gets me every time!

  6. Again, very impressed! I love reading your blogs,,,no not just because I am your Mom but because you are so amazingly talented! "Smiling big right now" if my house could only resemble yours! Well anyway, Emily you have outdone yourself yet again, your projects are so heart felt and so practical that anyone can use them and I am sure they do! Organization is the key, especially with three! Keep up the fantastic projects and try to keep the sanity with school being back in session!

  7. I love those baskets! I agree, Target is soooo dangerous!! 🙂 I can't wait until we have a bigger house and we actually have an area where we can fit a command center, I think my planner-loving heart would swoon.

  8. According to my kids, you are one COOL mom….bunkbeds and bright vibrant colors! Love it. The baskets are super RAD….love that edge you have when it comes to your kids space.

  9. The baskets are so cool! Cant' wait to see more :).

  10. Even though school lunches may not be as healthy as you would like schools have to follow guidelines. I have seen some lunches that don't look too bad.
    Nice baskets.

    • That is true, my kids can be picky at times. I like to know that they will eat a good lunch, and can give them what I know they like eating. I also am not to the point where I can trust my kids to est the healthy stuff yet, those sneaky little ones 😉

  11. I love those baskets! My Target must not get all of the same stuff. You guys always snag such cute stuff! Don't be too hard on yourself, Emily. Heading back to school is hard on parents, too. :0) Have a great weekend!

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