So much going on…. a little update and sneak peak

So much going on…. a little update and sneak peak

Hi friends, let me just start off and clear some things up. It is Wednesday, you do not have the days confused. It is also the day that I always share projects with you all. However I cannot deliver that today, “we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming….” I apologize. This is a big No, No in the blogging world. All advice from “them” is that you stick to your niche and your posting schedule. “They” say that people prefer it that way. But, I am a freaking rebel. I do things my way, and also I did not have a project post together in enough time for today. Rebel!
I have so many projects going on, I am creating up a storm right now. Loving every second of it. But, with all of the painting, sanding, staining, gluing, I have not gotten to take any legit pictures of it. I need to set the projects up and make them look pretty. 

I have a fall home tour ready to go. My home is full of pumpkins, woodland creatures, sticks and so much rope. Not sure how rope has become a part of fall decor, but it works beautifully. I love the warmth of a fall decorated home. I have not gotten to take pictures yet because my home is not camera ready. I still have two projects in the works in my dining room, one in the process of being done on my fireplace mantel, and two ready to be hung up. Also paint on my wood floors that needs to be wiped off and dog hair, so much dog hair!
The picture above I shared on my Instagram account earlier this week. A little teaser with my fall home decor. The vignette above is on my dining room table. It is a neutral colored, sequined wonderland. With pumpkins! 

I got a amazing birthday gift this year. Dale got me a Cricut! For those of you not aware of what it is, it is pure magic. Also a machine that cuts images, shapes, can make stencils, decals, images to be put on pillows. It does everything, not the laundry. It cannot fold and put away laundry. It can create those really cute laundry signs people have though. I put it to work recently making some leaves. This is one of the projects I have been working on. I used my new Cricut to cut out a ton of different colored leaves. 

This project above is big! BIG! It is a corner of the electric fireplace in my bedroom. The room that has not been touched since we bought the house. We have not even painted the walls in there, yet. It is slowly becoming transformed. Our master bedroom now has to have a dual function (other then where the magic happens. Awkward yes but I had to say it, for comedic purposes of course) and is now my office as well. I need storage, a desk area, and a place to record videos for my blog. Wait what!? Yes, something big is coming on the horizon around here. I told you I have been working on a lot of projects. Home decor projects and blog projects. In due time, all will be revealed!

This is how my home looked on Monday morning. Not quite fall home tour ready. I have a project that was left out overnight for some wood glue to adhere, kids lazily watching TV and the dogs wondering when I will take them on their morning walk. When it comes to a home decor blog, and a DIY specific home decor blog…. it takes a lot of ugly and mess to get to the pretty. 

This little nugget of turquoise and painters tape is a cute and functional piece I am up-cycling for a challenge with a group of blog friends of mine. I am so close to having this one done. I need it done before the cold temperatures come and the mittens need to come out. Yes, that is a massive clue to what I am creating here. Take a few guesses…. It was the butler, with the candlestick, in the dining room! 
Lastly, my sweet friends; this me being organized with my blogging and project schedule. I have been creating like a mad woman for so many amazing opportunities, collaborations, working with brands and other blogs. I have been doing so much in terms of project creating that the picture taking and blog tutorial posts have been a little slower. I guarantee it is not for lack of content. I currently have 8 projects completed, step by step pictures on my computer and ready to go. I just have to write up 8 tutorials and take final picture shots. I am in no way complaining, I can honestly say that my days are filled with kids, crafts, dogs, writing, and DIYing, these are a few of my favorite things! 
I am just letting you know, hold on tight. It is going to be a project overload here starting tomorrow! I just have to decide which projects I should share first. Dale did offer to write the posts for me. Let me give you a example of what the tutorial would be-
…Then with a plethora of pictures. Maybe this is what you all would prefer? I am thinking not. I am a wordy lady, with lots to say. He is a man of few words, but he is adorable, has red hair, knows how to work a mitre saw, and code anything needed for my blog; so a girl can’t complain. I am going to get back to my writing and creating. I am the mad scientist of fall projects and furniture upcycles at the moment. Muahaha! 
Be brutally honest, would the Dale version of tutorials be the way to go? Do I ramble too much?



  1. I just started my bedroom as it too had been untouched since we moved in, seven years ago. I left it for last because I had so many projects in the rest of the house. I just painted the walls last week, but am going to change one wall color because it's not what I envisioned. I desperately need some inspiration for in there. Can't wait to see your fireplace.

  2. loving that white/gold pumpkin and your home! i just got a cricut this summer for my birthday and can't wait to learn more about it/use it hopefully often!

  3. I love that you are sharing what you are up to! Sometimes it's just hard to get all your posts done so I love that you are sharing your current projects! It's a fun way for the readers to see what our daily life is like! 🙂

    • I am really eager to share the projects I have been working on, but did not get myself together enough to share one today. I am working on them today though. I like to share little bits of me and the reality of a home decor blog. People get it, understand, and feel like they get to know a little more about me.

  4. SO so cute! I love how you decorated your home! Especially those pumpkins outside! I thought it was super neat how you made them!

  5. Oh Emily- I am so happy to hear that I'm not the only one who missed my "schedule" this week. I do a cleaning tip every Tuesday… Every.single.Tuesday, and yesterday I didn't do it. Seems like we both have a lot going on, but you, you REALLY have a lot going on. Sounds like your blog is about to explode with inspiration. Thanks for giving us a sneak peek of what's to come. And, as always, I appreciate your humor and honesty!

  6. I love this real life post! I feel the same way…except nowhere near as organized as you are 🙂 I can't wait to see all you create!

  7. Life can just get so crazy! I cannot wait to see what you make with that Cricut! I'm dying for one!

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