My home style blog hop

My home style blog hop

Today I have a fun and new thing going on around here! I have joined up with a few blogging friends of mine and we are describing what our home decor style is. I try not to stick to a particular style, or to label it. However, having a way to introduce my home and break down it is a fun thing to do. Staking my claim to a a style allows you all to see how what I have meshes. If you have come over from one of the other blog’s, hi! I am so happy to have you on the home style blog hop. I will do my best to introduce my home and style to you and then send you on your way for even more inspiration. 

It was hard to pinpoint down a style. Using three terms is a better way to go. However, it does not encompass all that is in my home. There is a blending of many features and styles. These are the big 3. Rustic, Coastal, and bold. I bring the coastal from my roots growing up in the sun and sand of Southern California. The rustic comes from my Husband Dale’s Midwestern roots. He is all about living in the county and going fishing. Blending the two has been a constant struggle. The bold side of my home decor came out naturally. We have 3 young kids, a house full of noise, laughter, tantrums, fun and life. We are bold and lively. Our house needs to feel that way as well. Bringing in pops of color, fun patterns and bright wall art. 

The rustic side of my home
This console table is the best example of rustic. This is a table I made out of reclaimed wood from a barn close to our house. Using the galvanized pipes makes this feel like a modern rustic. 
This farmhouse table was something that we always wanted to do. By using bulky wood it becomes a standard rustic look. The thing that brings is to a more coastal feel is with the gray wood stain. I adore how this turned out and am falling more and more in love with the rustic style. This farmhouse table had a lot to do with that!
When I redid this fireplace it does not come off very rustic. But, you can get that feel in your home by the accents in it. The dark wood wall art, the old books, black furniture. These pieces bring out the rustic element without a in your face piece of dark wood furniture. 
The coastal side of my home
 Adding shells is the biggest and best way of bringing in coastal style. This shell display I created in our hallway to bring a piece of home to where I live now. I have so many great memories of the beach. We also visit very frequently so the memories of sand, surf, shells and sun is a family affair now. I wanted to bring out a color other then blue for this feature. hake things up a little. Using orange was a fresh way of having a coastal feel. 
Our kitchen and it’s sea foam green cabinets is a nod to coastal. The plan was to paint the cabinets white and then use a blue subway tile. Somehow things shifted and we ended up with this instead. I am so happy with how it turned out. 

This is my living room, while there is not a obvious particular style the light gray and turquoise color’s with the white couch is another subtle way of bringing out a coastal feel to my home. 
The bold side of my home
This gallery wall is the living and breathing aspect of our home. It has special canvas paintings, pictures, and artwork from my kids. The bright and various colors would have scared me when I first started decorating. The bright chevron rug? Forget about it! Finding my own courage to trust my instincts and wants within my home took time. I now get to put together great rooms like this to relax in and let more of my family reflect in the decor. We are bold, and now so is our home!
Sometimes bold does not mean bright colors. While there is bright colors here in my hallway, little pops of it in our command center. The white, dark wood floors, dark gray and black door handles and accents count just as much as bold. The stark contrast of them makes them pop. There is not a lot of color, but the bold contrast is still obvious. 
Although, using pops of color and pattern is still my favorite way to show off my bold side in home decor. This wood pallet garden bench shows off the fun and whimsical feel that bold colors bring. I am not sure if I would go this bold in my home, but who knows. Give it a few more years and this may just be our dining room table bench. I just may go bold!
Ok, first of all let me clear up that this is not in my living area. It is the desk in my daughters bedroom. But my goodness that bright pink is stunning and so fun. I am showing this simply to show how amazing and beautiful a bright and bold furniture piece can be. 
That is my home style, a little rustic, coastal, and bold. A little country and a little rock ‘n roll. Isn’t that how it goes? It is hard to put what is going on with my home into one word, or even three. I pride myself on making my home be stylish and functional. Making this home work for my family and our needs. I also do a lot of new build projects as well as upcycing secondhand furniture. Creating my dream space on a low budget. But, I worried that having “budget” be one of my home style descriptions did not sound right. Whomp, whomp. I figured it was best to go with rustic, coastal and bold instead. 
Have you been enjoying the home style blog hop? Be sure to follow along. We have blog’s sharing their style today, tomorrow and Thursday. SO be sure to check back in and see the other home’s and their unique style!
What are some key words you would describe your home style? Are you looking to change up your style? 



  1. Hi! Stopping by on the style hop! I love the command center! What a beautiful way to organize life! 🙂

  2. Love how you incorporate bold colors into your coastal decor! Great style combo.

  3. Love all the pops of color. That outdoor bench is so much fun!

  4. I love the bold side of your home. And that chevron rug!! It's a good thing you don't live nearby. HaHa! Thanks for sharing your lovely home.

  5. Very pretty Emily! I feel those styles definitely can overlap really easily and you've done a great job at that. BTW I love your daughters name! That was one of my top names for my first pregnancy.


    • Thank you so much! The styles are a fun blend! Thank you for the compliment on Nora's name. Wen we named her it was not even in the top 500 and now it is #40 or something. I guess a lot of people like the name Nora now 🙂

  6. Love your living room and gallery wall!

  7. Lovely home. You have done a fantastic job with blending the styles together. Great job!

  8. Your home is beautiful. I love theix of style you put together. Yet it does not seem confusing!

  9. I love the style(s) in your home! Mine is more rustic/Texas. I am trying to get it more to a "farmhouse" theme!

  10. It's funny that you say that you can't pinpoint just one or two styles to classify your home as, because whatever you're doing it's definitely working! I have always loved your home!! And that pink desk=love!

  11. I love it, Emily! Your home is so amazing and fun! I love that you did this little roundup, I've seen the pieces individually but it is so fun to see it all together and now I feel like I've almost been inside your home. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  12. Emily!!! Love your style and all of the colors you use in your home! So pretty and fun!

  13. Hi, Emily! I'm enjoying hopping with you and the other ladies. Your home really reflects that a young family lives there. Your command center is such a great idea!

  14. I had so much fun touring your home Emily! The coastal and bold elements have so much personality. I really enjoyed the sea foam kitchen cabinets, your gorgeous living room, hallway, and hot pink desk in your daughter's room!

  15. You home is wonderful Emily. I love the gallery wall. I have always wanted to create one but haven't gotten it done. Thanks for the tour

  16. You have such a beautiful and colorful style Emily! Of course you are my coastal sister, and seeing how you have incorporated it throughout your home in such a different way makes me appreciate it that much more! I love seeing different takes on style! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Emily, I love how inviting your home feels. The coastal colors are so your style! Your daughter's bedroom is a great pop of color too. 🙂 Thanks for participating in the blog hop. Pinned and shared your post.

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