Leaf mason jar project, how to add some fall

Leaf mason jar project, how to add some fall

Time for fall! This is the first official fall themed project of the year for me! These Leaf mason jar project, how to add some fall was the best project to start with this season, I am wearing a sun dress, flip-flops and all windows are open in the house. Sweater weather it is not. However, it was the first day of fall yesterday. So I am going with it. Fall project time!!! How can you get more fall than leaves and pumpkins? Put it together with wood chips and mason jars and it is a Pinterest dream come true. The one thing that is not Pinterest dream worthy is the result.
I am secure enough in myself to say that these mason jars came out ok-ish. They work. The tape did not work the way I was hoping. I might redo this and try again eventually. However, this project and idea is such a fun and simple one to dress up some mason jars for fall I had to share. I am not above showing my “eh” projects to the world. Or having these out and representing fall in my home. I put in the time and effort, and there is pumpkins involved. These are proudly sitting in my dining room.

I purchased these mason jars. I usually would have just chosen some from my ever expanding mason jar collection. But the ones I normally pick up at a secondhand store have writing on all sides. I needed one side of the mason jar text free. These have one side with nothing on it.

I picked three leaves that work size wise with the mason jars. Used some standard tape to put on the back. This is where if I was a student or scientist I would explain my process was wrong. I hypothesized I would make amazing leaf art. In conclusion I should have used more tape and secured the leaf better. I was never good at science, I was more of the flirting with the cute boy next to me and melting a hole in the table. Both true stories.

Here is how the leaves looked tapes on the mason jar. Be sure when putting the leaves on that thy go on the side of the jar that has no writing or details on it. The idea is that the leaf shape will be a cut out that has no paint on it. So a blank surface is best.

As you can see, the edges of the leaves are not perfectly resting along the mason jar. I had assumed that with the force of the spray paint it would push the leaf to become stuck to the mason jar. Closing off any gaps. Like I said, not the best scientist. I was planning to use the power washer of spray paints, obviously…. Moving on….

I used a light gray and a white spray paint. The two larger mason jars I used the gray for. The one smaller one I painted with the white. The big mason jars look beige here, but they are in fact gray. In this lighting the camera adds 10 pound of beige to the image. Who knew.


Notice the non stuck leaf edges? Yeah, I knew this was not going to work perfectly. It is ok though. I peeled it off and figured I would go with it. I am craft-er, DIY-er, and far from a perfectionist. I am a legit Type A personality that is perfectly ok shrugging my shoulders and saying “eh, good enough” sometimes.

We cut wood, A LOT of wood around here. Which means we have a lot of wood chips and shavings. Usually we either collect them to throw away, or leave them on the ground in the garage until they become annoying. Sometimes we sweep the garage and diligently push them out into the driveway where the wind picks up the wood chips and I imagine some poor soul just gets our wood remnants dumped on their lawn. I collected a bunch of them figuring I could always use them for something. I am a hard core recycle person. This was my idea to use them.


I took a handful, and lined the bottom of each mason jar with them.


These are dollar store fake pumpkins. They are tiny, petite little things and are perfect for this.


I had originally planned to put candles in the mason jars. Once I got into the project I thought they needs a pop of fall. The bright orange and fun shape of the pumpkins work really well with this.


That is it! My ok-ish fall leaf mason jar project is done. You know, sometimes you don’t knock it out of the park. I think the idea of them is adorable. I just wish the leaves were more defined. I will be playing around with this and trying again. If I get it right I will share my secrets with you all. Who knew a mason jar simple project would be my first struggle.


I love them together, I think the grouping works well with this. The leafs are not as defined as I had hoped, but with them in a grouping it is a obvious a ode to fall. Don’t take my struggle with this project as a sign that you cannot do this. It was so easy to do and my mistake should be easily fixed with more tape and securing the edges of the leaf before spray painting them.



I chose to go with the colors I did because with fall it is always orange centric. I have a hard time pairing a lot of orange with the rest of my home’s decor. So toning down that fall color scheme has been my goal for this year. Finding creative ways to still do fall big, give it the respect it deserves without a orange and red explosion. I adore those colors in a home, but with my cool tones of turquoise, gray and white the other two colors can feel off in my home.



I do love the pop or orange with the pumpkins, it makes the leaf cut out portion seem obvious. I just decided I will be redoing these, with more tape as I have described and another way that just popped into my head. I am a multitasking person and while writing this out a new way of doing this came to me. Watch out for the leaf mason jar project part deux soon.


This above pictures is giving you a little taste of the rest of my fall home. There is another DIY project peeking out in this shot. I went big with DIY this season and put my own stamp on nearly everything I put out this year. I had a lot of fun with it. That is the end goal of decorating your home, have fun with it. There is no right or wrong and none of it is that serious. I think you all know I do not take much too seriously. I was just told that I have resting smile face as opposed to resting b**ch face, apparently I am always smiling; even while talking. I guess I simply look at the jar as half full, the home decor as endless possibilities. And these mason jars with leaves  blobs as a win. I got to create, and decorate. Booyah!

Have you ever created something and it did not turn out the way you had envisioned it? What are your main fall colors you put up in your home?





  1. I love this idea! A great way to get the kids involved too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Whoa! When I saw the photos I had no idea that that is what was inside. How cool!

  3. Clever idea, Emily. I love how you were able to re-use wood chips! Let's hope the doggies don't knock them over. hehe 🙂

  4. Very cute Emily! Your so creative. I love your new fall theme project . It's hot here too not feeling like Fall yet. Pinned.

  5. Emily, this is such a creative idea! Love it!

  6. OH MY GOSH I love this craft SO much!! SO easy also!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting!

  7. I think these are so cute!! What a great way to use empty jars up!

  8. I swear you always have the cutest DIY projects. I would love to try this myself, but I'm certain it'll end in failure lol

  9. those turned out great!

  10. I think they turned out great! And yay for fall!

  11. This is some beautiful DIY work! I love the idea of flowers decorating your Mason jars! They all look great!

  12. This is such a cool and unique craft. I'll have to do this myself as I think this would look awesome on my mantle.

  13. This is so cute. I like how the leaf image is a bit faint! It gives off a bit of a spooky feel.

  14. This is really cute. It's time for me to do a simple project.

  15. What a fun craft. And not too hard! That's the kind of craft I like. Thank you for doing it step by step for us all!

  16. Have I ever created something and not have it turned out as I envisioned? Oh, only every time I do a project! Haha! I think your craft turned out very cute! And you're right, it doesn't feel like Fall when it's sunny outside, but decor helps to set the mood!

  17. I love the look of these and will be trying it out with my kids. Thanks.

  18. Those are beautiful, and I love that you are using fall leaves. So pretty.

  19. I love this project- it isn't too complicated and the results are lovely!

  20. Super cute! I love the simplicity and think they would make adorable candle holders. Thanks for sharing!

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