How to make a built in bench

How to make a built in bench

How is everyone’s September going? I just realized that we are in the middle of it, already!! We have plans to go apple picking this weekend. I always knew the date, but just realized that is almost here. What now? The end of this year is going to come fast. We are back in school, kids are acclimated and whining about homework. All is well in the world. My littles little Gavin started Preschool last week. He was all for it, until I went to drop him off. He spent the first 15 minutes sitting on my feet and watching his class. I then had to leave him, while he was crying and saying he just needed his Mommy. It was crushing. Cut to 3 hours later at pick up time. He was holding hands with a friend and had made a skateboard ramp out of blocks. He survived.
This is my little man, glued to my feet.


Just had to share this picture with his adorable back pack. Would it be weird to insists he uses this until high school?
Our organization station survived its first full week of school! My massive overhaul of this corner has worked.
Here is how this corner looked. It was a tiny corner,  the door being there it was not easily accessible. We fixed the door issue by putting in this barn door, you can see here.  I needed this to function as the catch all, homework organizing, back pack and shoe central.



























  1. So glad I'm not the only one whose wonderful storage/locker/cubby system looks like this on a regular basis. I've been brainstorming ways to keep it better organized. So I don't have any tips for you yet 🙂

  2. Haha, I love seeing the "fun mess" your kids make of their little space. They just remind me how normal my kids are too. I love that station you have there for all the kids' belongings. Sure, they may not put everything all neatly yet. They will learn one day. Crossing my fingers for my kids to "get it" one day too. :). By the way, I so need a bench like that for my kids. Love the white against the dark shoeboxes.

  3. Super cute bench! I am not crafty, but if I was I would totally make one. We have shoes everywhere!

    • Thank you so much! This bench was fairly easy, it has simple cuts and some screws were needed to secure it. I am embarrassed to say that my kids shoe problem is my own fault. My kids don't have money, I have purchased every one of those shoes!

  4. I would love to build this bench, but I am very uncrafty. It is a great idea as we also have tons of shoes all over!

  5. This is AWESOME! Such a great way to at least HELP the kids stay tidy. The "real life" photo is awesome though, too! My entry way looks like that a lot. Hahaha!

  6. Holy cow! That is so impressive! I can't believe you can just up and make something like that. I'm am a newly converted follower. Bravo!

  7. Emily, this is amazing! I love the tutorial and I actually need something similar to this. Are you kidding, 24 inches can be a huge difference! Congrats on having that space, amazing!

  8. As a teacher, I adore this! Setting your kiddos up for successful school mornings with one space for backpacks, shoes, and jackets will help their entire day go better!

    As a homeowner, you've got the wheels in my head turning . . . I need something like this in my breezeway!

    Literary Sherri

    • That is interesting to hear from a teachers perspective. I really try to minimize the craziness of the morning rush. I want to send my kids off loved up and ready for the day. I am so happy I helped you find some ideas for your own home!

  9. What a transformation! I LOVE the new space and your tutorial is great! Thanks so much for sharing Emily! Pinning.

  10. I adore you for posting the "real photo"! That's what my house looks like right now…and all too often. Your bench looks great and you made it look so simple! You did a great job 🙂

  11. Great DIY and a great way to use dead space.

  12. I have been dying for a little bench like this – but alas, no room. I love yours!

  13. Looks great Emily! We are actually planning on doing something very similar for our front hallway…with a bench, baskets and hooks! I can't stand the mess right now! And good for you for taking all the progress shots! I always forget to do that! xox

    • Good luck on your own organization station! Contrary to what the messy picture looked like, this has made a big difference in the mess. My kids have gotten pretty used to putting their shoes, coats and backpacks away. It is nice to have it all have a place to go.

  14. We have been wanting to convert our coat closet into a "mud room." I might have to come back and use your tutorial as a guide when making a bench for the closet! Great job!

  15. First, I'm so glad your son enjoyed preschool (my middle cried and clung until November. Happy to hear yours was a one day event). Your space looks great- even with shoes strewn all over the floor… much more realistic when you've got kids.

    • Oh no, sorry your little guy had such a hard time! We had some issues with drop off today, but he always perks up while still at school. I have to keep it real and share the pretty and sometimes not so pretty!

  16. I love this command center and thanks for putting this tutorial together and sharing it with us!

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