Fall projects and the first day of school

Fall projects and the first day of school

The fireplace mantel last year
Today is it, the official first day of school at Our home! Eek! I am equally thrilled, excited, nervous, sad, and ecstatic. We have Nora who is going into 2nd grade, and my sweet Caleb going into Kindergarten. We got them on the bus this morning, luckily I had Dale and Gavin there for me as a distraction. Gavin will start preschool next week. It is only for three hours, 3 days a week. I am not even close to a empty house. Which is good, very good. I am also not close to being ready to come home to a empty and quiet house all day.
Off to school, Nora held Caleb’s hand onto the bus. It looks like she might be pulling him, he was a little nervous this morning.
With my rambling and Mommy-isms coming out, there is a point…. school is here. Which always signify’s fall. Fall is coming! (Tell that to the 90 degree weather today), weather aside. It is coming. In blogland I feel behind. Peeps have been pinning my fall decor from last year like crazy, I have people requesting fall projects of mine to feature. For us home decor blog’s we need to stay on top of things. I have to get the goods out to you, so you can make said goods before the holiday gets here. Last year I was crafting like crazy in August to get it all out there. But, I am now a seasoned blogger. Not really, I just have a full season of projects already in the archives. I will be creating and sharing new ones, now that I am down two kids during the day I hope to get some major crafting done. While I am reminiscing on how two of my three kids are old enough to be in school, and clutching my memories tightly. Lets look at what happened last year with fall decor around here….

I worked my little DIY booty off last year, and enjoyed every hot glue gun and mitre saw moment of creating. I created this leaf painted art. It was one of my first forays into fall crafting for the blog. It ended up looking more tree-ish versus leaf-ish. The fall feel was still there and I will be rocking this in my home this year.


Pumpkins, you cannot get more fall than that. It is pretty much a staple. You also cannot get more DIY fan girl then using wood pallets. I created these wood pallet pumpkins and it was a super fun and simple job. They are big and over sized and bright. Go big or go home for pumpkins is what I say.
Another DIY fan girl moment was creating this string leaf art.  String art is everywhere and it is gloriously perfect. It brings a new way to use rope or twine and a new DIY way to create large scale art. What could be better? Well I will tell you (said in my best salesmen voice), what could be better is art that works for standard fall decor as well as Halloween. Yes, the leaf could work for Halloween, but so could what is on the other side. This art piece is a double whammy. I like to go big for Halloween too. That means twice the work, creating and budget. I am fine with the creating but the budget thing can be rough. So I found a way to make this work for all involved. Click on the link here to see the spooktacular other side to this art piece.


In looking at my old projects I realized I had one series that has somehow been forgotten. I had a great monthly dollar store challenge. I upcycle or redid something purchased from the dollar store. I painted these pumpkins and turned them into great coffee table hurricane glass decor. These turned out so cute. Last year I dabbled in the white and cream tones for fall, this year I see me taking that theme and running with it. There is something beautiful about the simple and subtle fall decor. I also will be bringing back the dollar store challenge series. That is such a fun thing to do and great way to elaborate on the fact that a lot of money is needed to decorate your home. Or update it for the holidays. Who is ready to go shopping with me for some fun new upcycles from the dollar store?


I created these sequin pumpkins last year for a wonderful site I worked for. I wrote for Fancy Shanty for 1 year, and just ended that great partnership. It was time for me to move on and they were going in a more Hollywood and movie premiere direction. I recently shared these here on my blog as well. I incorporated them into my early fall table decor. We are running a link party where you all can show off your fall decor, old or new. Click on the link and go over to be included in the fun create and share challenge!

These little mason jars are not fall specific. But the twine, washers and flowers I put in them scream fall to me. I created them over at Homedit. I still contribute over there and adore the team I get to work with. I also adore mason jars, I mean… come on. You cannot get more versatile and perfect then a gaggle of mason jars. If you ever come across one, get it. You will not be disappointed.

This little leafy is another dollar store challenge lovely. I tied these leaves with some twine around every door handle in my home. It made the hallway fall-erific. Random side note and story time, all of my kids have imaginary friends. Nora has Jessica who is very smart and always demands a seat at the table. Gavin has Bobot, who is a robot who sits on his head. Caleb has Leafy, a leaf that talks and sings loudly. He also lives with his family in the tree’s, with other leaves that do not sing loudly. So when I typed out leafy I thought of the other odd members in our family. I never had imaginary friends, but my kids take theirs very seriously. Do your kids have one? Did you? Told you it would be a random story.
Here is my trio of Littles (who own the weirdest imaginary friends to ever exist) two years ago. My littles were…. littleler
I have to say, I was not feeling the fall decor lately. I am a die hard summer lover. I am a ride or die, flip flop wearing, summer dress twirling lady. However, all of these projects from last fall have me giving fall a happy welcome. Seeing the cozy home, the warm tones of color, and remembering all of the fun we have in fall. I am coming around to this. I am also being a busy worker bee and brainstorming like crazy for what I will add this year to our home. There is always a small shift, the way we grow and change; so does our home. What worked last year will be shifted, altered or moved to work for now. Here is my fall home tour from last year.


The warm colors, crisp weather, sweaters, boots, warm coffee, cuddling by the fire, and the ridiculously clear blue skies we get in fall. I am really looking forward to that. We tend to do fall big here, apple picking, hay riding, going to pumpkin farms. All of it! Let’s do this! But first the temperatures have to dial down a little, it is crazy hot and humid today. I also need to calm myself, looking back at old pictures makes me get very emotional and nostalgic. I am currently listening to old school Mariah Carey songs and looking at pictures of my babies on my computer in between finding old project pictures. It is full on ugly cry time, when did they grow up? It is the first day of school and another one in my crew will be gone all day at school. I have one more home with me, until next year… If I no longer let them sleep will they stop growing up? I feel like growing up is this cruel affliction that kids just simply need to stop doing.
How do you all handle the first day of school? Was it a big one with a newbie starting? Are you dreaming of fall yet?


Here is my trio of Littles walking to the bus stop. Gavin had to see them off in style, riding his skateboard of course.



  1. Ohmigosh they are the sweetest! I've got my girl heading into Kindergarten too this year — EEK! I'm sure it'll be the classic case of Mom crying in the car after dropping her off… ha! Annnd… I love that leaf decor on your doorknobs! So clever!

    • It is so hard to see them grow up. I adore seeing them grow, change, and everyday becoming more "them" but it is terrifying and sad to know they will become more and more a part of the big world. Stay strong, we got this!

  2. Love the pallet pumpkins- I always kick up my DIY game in the fall!

  3. I love Fall decor but I'm not ready for Fall yet! Also, I love your string leaf art, I've always wanted to try that.

  4. Awww, they all look so adorable for their first day of school! I love all of your DIY projects. I tried my first one recently and thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing…

  5. I remember your leaf project last year! Can't believe it's been a year! xo, laura

  6. Awww Nora 🙂 I love your pumpkins!!!

  7. I really love the variety of ways you decorated for the fall season. You gave me many ideas.

  8. kids are so cute! I love the simple leaf around the door knob! It's stuff like that that reminds me it doesn't have to be hard to make a big impact. Thanks for sharing at #findingfall

  9. Congratulations on the first day of school! I have one headed to 3rd and one to 1st, then one in preschool also. It's busy! I love all your craftiness, especially the string art. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing at Finding Fall!

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