DIY wood shoe box organizer

DIY wood shoe box organizer

This is the last of my organization station post’s! If you are new here, I have been working to improve our laundry room. In one corner we opened up a wall to gain some much needed space and created this monster that I call the organization station. You can find the full reveal here. Last week I explained how I made this bench. I created it to be a built in and resemble something that was made to be in this home. Now, I could have simply had my kids put their shoes in this bench and leave it at that. But, my kids are not that organized and I knew that in the bench would have meant trickling out and all over the bench. They need something to shove closed and then they are not seen again. The mess is hidden. So I got to work creating these wooden shoe box organizers. 

I cut down my pine wood to be the size that I needed. The measurements of these boxes are 18 inches deep, 16 inches wide and 10 inches high. This was the sweet spot for the space I had in each bench compartment. 

Before I started putting them all together I wanted to make sure that they would fit in their designated spots. 

Problem, the back board of the bench gets in the way of the boxes. I either had to make the boxes smaller or create a notched edge in the back of the boxes.

I put the boxes together, by simply screwing them in. There was not router edges or 90 degree angle corners. Simple and easy was what I was going for. The front of the box will be all that is seen 99% of the time.

To create the notch needed I used a saw and cut out the exact dimensions I needed to have this box wedge into the bench and sit under the back board.

Here is the box, all nice and pretty. The wood I used was a 1.5 inch thick pine wood. 

They all fit inside, yay! This is the whole battle. I could have left them as is, stuffed them with tiny people shoes to my kids heart and messy contentment. But, I needed to fancy them up a little. 

I stained them! I used a dark walnut, the same that I have used for little accents in the rest of this organization station. I will most likely use the same stain for any wood in the laundry room. It warms up the space and grounds it in a way that is needed. 

I also purchased some drawer hardware. Really simple to install. 
Mark where you want the handle to go. I traced around the two holes in the hardware itself. Then using a drill and drilling in the holes.

Two holes, perfect size for the given screws on this handle. 

Slide the screws through the backside. This would be the inside of the drawer itself. Then screw the screw into the handle itself. Super quick and easy. 

I am loving these! They are rustic, rich (in color not in price), and bulky. They are also super sturdy. My kids cannot wreck these. Although they are up for the challenge I am sure. 
Here is how they look in their home. Ready to have shoes flung in.

This drawer pull handle fits right along with the coat hooks I have in this organization station. I love this finish. Paired with a dark wood stain and then the white walls it has such a pop to it. 
See, I kept the edges and corners of this simple. All I needed was some shoes, lots, and LOTS of shoes to go in here. 

Here is where you can see the easy lazy  side of me come out. I ran out of wood stain. I knew I would not have enough for all three boxes. So I stained the outside, took the pictures, called the organization station done and piled in the shoes. They function perfectly fine without the interior stained. I will get to it.

Here is how the notched back corner looks. The back piece of the box has also been cut down to size as well. It sits under the back board when pushed in all the way. 

Here is how it looks normally. I was going to organize the shoes, line them up all pretty. “But then I thought hmm better not….” (bonus cool points if you know what movie that is from) I like to keep it real around here. I have a pretty home, this blog is full of shiny and perfect pictures. This home is also full of three kids, two dogs, and apparently a person with a shoe problem. That person is me, This is no where near the full extent of my kid’s shoes. This is about half of one child’s shoe collection. Number of shoes they have purchased…? Zero! They have no money. I buy them all. But, it is ok. I am an adult and I can do that, I also create the perfect space to house the shoes. Kids shoes are so dang cute!

I forgot to mention, I found these little metal letters at Michael’s craft store and nailed them into the boxes. I am not sure if they will stick around. They are far too temporary to stay on. When I say that, I mean my kids take them off and steal them, play with them, or hide them. They are cute and I will use them in a higher up place, out of reach of kids.

Notice in the above picture, there is no letter in the middle box. It is already MIA. We are missing the N. The G is also hanging backwards. These kids are quick because I know they were all set up when I started taking pictures. Then the dog needed to go out, one of the kids needed help getting a sock on, the other had a booger for me. You know how it goes. I came back for more picture taking time and was missing some letters. Let’s just pretend all of the letters are there and I did not take a booger from my child to throw in the trash. OK?

These boxes were really easy to make, with all of the simple cuts and lines. Making them allowed me to have the exact size I wanted and needed. DIY style is always the way to go when you have a space like this. Finding the absolute perfect fit with style and size is near impossible in a store. Now you can make them! I have the complete other side of the laundry room to do. There is big plans for the other wall, also the ceiling. Eek, I am so giddy to get to creating and sharing!

This is the other side, you can see how I installed the upper cabinets here.

Next up around here is a ton of fall projects coming your way. It was leaf, pumpkin, and other fall trimmings around here this weekend. I am overflowing with ideas and projects at the moment. Nursing a third degree burn from a hot glue gun, have two projects drying on the dinner table, and some wood ready to be stained. Yep, I am getting the house ready for fall!

What is a way to keep kids shoes organized? Have you started decorating for fall yet?



  1. Thanks for sharing this Emily! It looks wonderful! I am thinking about doing something similar to my home, and I always welcome different ideas on how to go about DIY'ing things myself.

  2. These shoeboxes made from wood will definitely stand the test to time (and better than the canvas ones that most of us buy. I love the dark walnut stain on them. Thanks for sharing, Emily 🙂

  3. These boxes are very cute. I just saw some similar at Target, but they were not the size I wanted. I see the benefit of making them yourself. You had me laughing with the missing letter and booger story. I enjoy reading your posts for the ideas and the laughs.

  4. Who would have thought these were so easy to make? Cute! Well done.

  5. So cute and functional! I need something like this!

  6. We just made shoe cubbies for our kids in our coat closet. It is so hard to keep everyone's shoes organized. Great job on yours. I really like the letters and handles for your boxes. Take care, Tara

  7. This is gorgeous! My husband and I are thinking about re-purposing the cabinets in our laundry room for this exact thing! Can't wait to show him this!

  8. That is so crafty! I am inspired to make some myself now.

  9. They look great – I particularly like the colour, they look like they've been around for ever (which to me is a good thing!!)

  10. Amazing! These look so good. Thanks for the detailed instructions. Now I need to work up my courage to try and make them. 🙂

  11. So would you like to come build this for me? I ended up with plastic things because I am power tool-challenged and cheap.

  12. These are perfect for our storage lockers, but I'm worried about them scraping the shelf underneath. Have you had that problem or are they on some kind of track system?

    • Oh, thank you so much for pointing that out to me. I forgot to mention what I put on the bottom. I will edit the post to add that. I purchased some of those furniture pads. They are circle, with sticky adhesive on one side and then a soft material on the other. I out four down in each corner and it slides with no issue.

  13. I can't tell you how much I admire what you've done with this space. I have always wished for something like this. We have shoes EVERYWHERE.

  14. Wow! You are amazing! I love all of your projects. Do the boxes scratch up the bottom or do you have
    something on the bottom of the boxes ?

    • Someone else pointed it out to me, I forgot to add this to the post. I will be editing it. Not sure how it slipped my mind, anyways. I purchased furniture pads. They are small and circle shaped with a sticky adhesive side and a smooth material side. I put one on each corner of each box. They slide with no issue. Sorry I did not mention it within the post.

  15. I wish I had a similar organization system. I can't tell you how many times I've tripped over one of the kids' or the hubby's shoes. Great job writing up this easy to follow tutorial by the way!

  16. My heart just swooned! Love the cup holders & stain colour! Plus they really are super functional!!

  17. Now to build a foyer so I can create a space like this!

  18. Love how this project has turned out! I was originally thinking you wouldn't change the colour of the wood, but the new stained look is awesome!

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