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Hey guy’s, I have a fun and simple project to share today. You know how sometimes home decor or DIY bloggers sometimes call things simple and it really is code for extremely difficult, time consuming and involves serious power tools? I mean I do not do that, but some do. Anyways, this is NOT one of those times. 
I am over at Homedit sharing this easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy (to quote my kids) project. I did nothing more than purchase a kit and string some lights. See, I told you there was not much to it. However, I did explain a few how’s and why’s in the tutorial, which you can find by clicking here

I re-arranged some things in our home and these lovely chairs as well as this mason jar lighting is now in our master bedroom. IT is a wonderful space that gets used quite often when I am hiding from the kids working in here. Now I have some ambient lighting to set the mood for all of my inspiration. What can be more home decorating inspiration than some mason jars turned into lights? Head on over to Homedit  to check out the quick tutorial and more pictures. 

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  1. Looks great Emily!!!! I just ADORE mason jar lighting!

    1. Thank you! I do too!

  2. I LOVE THIS!!! Mason jars are my FAVORITE thing ever.. love love love!

    1. I am in love with them also!

  3. This looks so cute!! I love using jars for lighting, but I'm a little useless at making things, so the fact this is easy is definitely good for me!!

    1. It was so simple, there are kits online.

  4. So pretty! What a great idea!

    1. Thank you!

  5. Cute! I wish I had more time to focus on home DIY projects, hopefully soon!

    1. This was a really quick project.

  6. Sina says: Reply

    This is so cute! What a great idea! 🙂

    1. Thank you!

  7. This is adorable I love this! Perfect for the home office.

    1. Thank you!

  8. Those are cute! On a side note, I am loving your barrel back (cane) chairs.

    1. Thank you so much! I purchased them on craigslist and redid them. I loved the outcome and am always looking for more to redo.

  9. -Jen - says: Reply

    You had me at mason jar. This looks incredible!!

    1. I am right there with you, mason jars are amazing!

  10. Pesi says: Reply

    Love it!! I am a big fan of Mason Jar!! This is super cute!!! Love it!

    1. Thank you!

  11. Love this idea!!! It's so simple and looks great!

    1. Thanks!

  12. Oh my gosh this is so cute!! What a simple yet effective idea! x

    1. It really was simple, one of the easiest projects I have done.

  13. Emily your mason jar lighting is awesome!!! I love it and pinning it!!!! Everything you make looks great!!! Your very creative and talented!!!

    1. Thank you so much Kim!

  14. How awesome! I'm from the south, so I am a big fan of mason jars! I really love your entire seating area!

    1. Thank you! I love getting some time to myself and relaxing, reading or working here. It is a perfect little spot to be.

  15. Ariel says: Reply

    So I'm getting ready to move to a new apartment and somehow managed to collect a MILLION mason jars in a bunch of different sizes, and now I'm dreaming up things to do with them besides paint them and store craft supplies in them. All I can say is WOW! This is such a fun easy idea! It would be so cool to wire a bunch of these to make a chandelier! 🙂

    1. Congrats on the new apartment! There are so many options for using mason jars. This lighting kit made the process be so simple and easy. A chandelier with a bunch of these would be beautiful!

  16. LOVE!!
    Yes yes and yes. When DIY bloggers say "it's super easy! All you need is a glue gun some glitter… A wet tile cutter, a blow torch, 6 sheets of drywall and done!"

    Definitely going to check out the details on this one it seems doable :))

    1. ha ha, a blow torch! 🙂 I have never used a blow torch before… But this project is honestly really simple.

  17. That is too cool!! I love mason jars. I use them for just about everything in my kitchen. I never thought to use them as a light fixture, though!

    1. With the lighting kits the process of turning them into lights is so quick and easy.

  18. I have really been wanting to do something like this in our dining room! Thanks for sharing the link here!

    1. I was surprised with how quick this project was!

    1. Thank you!

  19. That is cool. I wish I was skillful enough to do that.

    1. With the light kit all I needed were two correct sized mason jars, light bulbs and that is it. The kit came with everything else.

  20. Emily, you make it look so easy. I am going to "attempt" to do this and I will email you my results this weekend. LOL

    1. I would love to see how yours turned out! This is such a simple project and way to build your confidence in DIY. I will be looking forward to your email!

  21. Wow! I think even I could do that. I was shopping for lighting this weekend and now feel inspired to make my own.

    1. This lighting project was crazy easy, give it a try!

  22. This is gorgeous! I was wondering how you keep the lamps in place, is it the weight of the jars holding it down, and if it is, then how do you keep the wires on the other end from coming off. Sorry for all the questions, the science in me suddenly compelled me to do so !

    1. Good point. The kit came with tiny stoppers, you push the cord through the stopper and then hook it to the hook on the ceiling. This will stop the light and cord from slipping through.

  23. So cute! What a cozy corner! Love the lights!

    1. Thank you!

  24. These are adorable! I love it, I'm heading over to see just how you made these lights. Thanks!

    1. It was a really simple process to make these, I cheated and got a kit instead of DIYing it all the way.

  25. These are so simple and so beautiful! I hadn't thought of mason jars for light fixtures but they look great!

    1. Mason jars are the perfect thing to use for a light fixture, they are so easy to find and usually very strong glass.

  26. I love it Emily! I have seen these type of lamps and been craving them. Great job

    1. I had been eyeing them too! I decided to take the plunge and go the easy way by just getting a kit. It turned out amazing and was crazy easy!

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