Home decor bloggers favorite space in their home

Home decor bloggers favorite space in their home

 I am rolling out something new and exciting, eek I am thrilled to do this. I have been wanting to celebrate all homes, not just mine. In doing this I have created the share your space series and the question of the day. All ways I am encouraging others to open up the dialog of home decorating and show off their hard work. 
Today it is all about some amazing home decor bloggers who are sharing their favorite spot in their home. One thing that surprised me once I rolled out this blog was the camaraderie with fellow bloggers. I mean, these people are my literal competition. But, we all support, lean on, encourage and inspire each other. It has been such a pleasant surprise and something that helps me along this blogging journey so much. 

Every person I meet in the home decor and DIY niche is so talented and with beautiful homes. When I am perusing their homes, I notice little nooks, comfy sofa’s, a relaxing porch seating area and always imagine myself in that spot. I began wondering what their favorite spot in their home is. We all have one. We all either had a adult in our life or had a friend who had the pushy parent that had “their” spot on the sofa. When you eat, sleep and breathe home decor the “spot” can be a big deal. So much time and love goes into our homes, and finding that one spot you turn to is special. 
I have my favorite spot in the house. It is this corner of the study. Yes it has my kids books overflowing out of the spool table. Yes it is just a few steps from my kids art table. It is also off of the kitchen and when the dishwasher is running has a slight whirl of noise. However, it also overlooks the back yard, has this comfy chair and foot rest. Lot’s of natural light, and my kids artwork is on the wall. To me, this room with its bright color’s, whimsical feel is where I love to spend my time. I can write, work, check emails, listen to music, read to the kids, talk to them, help with homework, and talk to Dale while he cooks dinner. Did I mention my husband is amazing and is a legit amazing cook? He enjoys it, and does it well every night. I… well… I can toast bread and make scrambled eggs. Maybe even spaghetti if I really concentrate. So this little corner of my home is pretty central and loaded with inspiration and life. I adore this small nook to pieces. 
So now that I have shown you mine, let’s see what some amazing ladies have picked for their favorite spot in their home….
It’s cozy and warm, and I spend a ton of time in here with my husband and puppy. This couch was a complete redo (painted the legs and reupholstered the cushions). We renovated the room and added back patio doors, so we get tons of natural light and have easy access to the backyard. – Green with decor
This cozy spot in my home is where a breakfast table typically would be. Last year I ditched the table and haven’t looked back since. When I snuggle on the couch I can read a book, watch tv or most of all be in the center of the action of my family. When friends come over it is where we sit and have coffee. I think breaking the idea of what a room is “supposed” to be and  making it what works best for your family creates the best spaces. – Hunt & Host

Budget-Friendly French Farmhouse Master Bedroom Makeover Final Reveal by Prodigal Pieces www.prodigalpieces.com #prodigalpieces
After several years of neglecting our own master bedroom while working on the rest of our home, it was finally time to create a space for my husband and I. We couldn’t be happier with our newspot full of memories. – Prodigal Pieces

kitchen sink area after 1

This space is a favorite right now because it is done. 😉 (Until I get these other projects done at least). No really…… I like it because I have decorated it with yard sale and thrift store finds. I love sharing decorating tips without breaking the bank and this room illustrates that perfectly. I attached another picture of my desk in the room that you can’t see in the first picture. All decorated from repurposed and thrifted/yard sale finds. – My creative days
It’s my favorite space because it used to be a 1-car garage but we converted it to a family room to add some much needed living space to our rather small house.  It felt like an addition was put on once it was complete! – The Honeycomb home
 My favorite spot in my home is this corner of my living room; I can sink into the couch, prop my feet up on the navy coffee table, and read a magazine, or daydream out the window while watching the wind blow through the trees in the backyard. – One mile home style
It’s my favorite place because it is coming together better than I could have ever hoped.  Sometimes all it takes is being in the right place at the right time to find the perfect inspiration.  – Pocketful of Posies
My blogging and creative space is my favorite space in the house.  It
is totally done with all thrifted and repurposed items I have done over time – things that inspire me that I love. – Vintage, Paint and more
This is our main family space for the moment and I love it because I love the bright colors and light grey walls!  I sit and spend about 95% of my time blogging on the coach and it’s my little oasis!  My happy place! – Refashionably late

It’s my favorite place for a number of reasons: it’s one of the DIY projects I’m most proud of, I love all the finishes and think it works well years later, and I’m in it multiple times daily so I can appreciate it often! – An Oregon Cottage
 It’s my favorite spot, because it’s an open and bright, yet it’s still a very warm and comfortable room where everyone gathers! – Exquisitely unremarkable
These rooms were beautiful. I can see why eash person picked this as their favorite spot in their home. It was interesting to read why they each picked the space they did. Each of us has our own life, experience, and needs for our home. What can work for some won’t work for others. This just goes to show that the pride and joy of a persons home may not always be what you expected. Be sure to click on the bloggers names and go check out their blogs. You will be blown away by what these talented ladies can do. 
What is the favorite spot in your home?



  1. What adorable homes/rooms! I live in a studio apartment which is pretty tiny but my favorite "spot" is the balcony which has amazing sunset views anddddd, if you squint really hard, can see the Empire State Building & World Trade Center. It's so quiet and serene out there and I absolutely love it.

  2. You home is so pretty! My favorite spot is our kitchen, it is where everyone gathers and we have the incredible view of the backyard.

  3. Great pics, lovely homes! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Every single room on this roundup is beautiful! All look so serene and quiet. Great roundup!

  5. I love this new feature! Your area is so perfect, I can totally see why you love it there. And Pocket of Posies bedroom is one of my favorite rooms ever. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love these rooms…they look amazing. My favorite room in the house is my crafting/writing room. It's where I get to be me 🙂

  7. The oregon cottage kitchen is probably my favorite! I dream of the day I get to design my kitchen! So exciting! Thanks for sharing all of these! 🙂

  8. I would have to say my favorite spot is not IN my home at all but rather my front porch! I love to sit on my porch and listen to the birds and the breeze rustle the palm fronds. These are all really great spaces folks have shared!

  9. Adorable rooms. I love browsing through kitchen photos, because this is the main area where I spent time the most.

  10. These rooms are all so gorgeous! My favorite spot is the backyard patio – we have an outdoor living space right outside the house and it leads up a hill to the pool area. We recently installed an outdoor TV so it's where I spend most of my time! Nothing is better than a summer night, making smores in the fire pit and watching the baseball game on TV! : ) Thank you for sharing!!
    xo Adriana
    Daily Dose of Design

  11. I love the cabinets in the salvage kitchen! And that kids nook is to die for.

    Sarah Noel | http://www.sarahsmirks.com

  12. Love you're picture and your space. And, Dale cooks every night! Get ouuuuut!!! Great idea to share people's favorite spaces! Loved this post.

  13. Such beautiful spaces, i love them all ��

  14. Those are tremendously beautiful spaces. For me, my favourite space is on the elevated platform of our living room. It faces a floor-to =-ceiling window, and to me that's important because it brings in warmth and sunshine into our small appartment. Makes me smile every morning!

  15. Every room in your house is so beautiful. Good for you and your creative mind.

  16. What a fun prompt and what beautiful homes everyone has!! I'm pregnant with #2 and one of my favorite places in our house is his work-in-progress nursery 🙂

  17. Soooo lovely! I love getting a sneak into everyones gorgeous homes!

  18. I really enjoyed this blog post. I am inspired to do something with my house. I am not skilled in this area at all, and I need all the help I can get!

    • This post was packed full of great inspiration, with all of these different homes and styles. With your home just start small, and your style and how you want it to look will evolve. It is yours, there is no right or wrong way to decorate when it is for your home and personal space. Have fun with it!

  19. This was a great idea! My favorite spot is my bedroom…no tv, just a bed and a chair where I can sit and relax.

  20. All of these spots are so great! I love each and every one of them and their uniqueness! 🙂 Thanks for including me in this post!

  21. Beautiful Photos! I need to clean up my space a bit, but mine is in the corner of my kitchen! I can see my daughter play and do my thing at the same time! 🙂

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