End of summer tea party, using dollar store finds

End of summer tea party, using dollar store finds

Hello all, I need a moment here. This week is a big week for me and Our home. It is the official last week of summer vacation. This time next week I will be in the mad dash that is morning routine, lunch packing, tired kids. Who am I kidding, next week will be a breeze. They are so eager to wake up the first week of school. The following week it will be work and cranky kids.
It is also a big week because on Wednesday I turn 30! I am ok with getting older, really. I have always looked at it as… I cannot go back, or stop time. So the happy alternative is getting older. It is a big milestone though. Thirty sounds so adult-like. Oh, I also get to go to the DMV and renew my drivers license before my birthday, there is that too. Like I said, big week.

Oh summer… how I will miss you!
With it being the end of summer I wanted to go out with a bang. I could not top the two fun filled vacations we took this summer. So I decided to end it on a sweet note. I made a fun and fancy end of summer tea party for the kids and I. We all pointed our pinky’s in the air and called each other “dahling”
I wanted to do this up big, this is memories people! So I went to the dollar store and grabbed a bunch of summery, bug, garden, floral, fancy things. With nothing set up or pre-planned, I was just winging it. I got home and started playing around with what I got. Some of it I used and some of it did not make the cut. All while the kids stood around asking when the fancy was going to start.
The first order of business was making seating cards. This was a formal tea party, and everyone knows a good hostess needs to pair people to keep the conversation going. Also, I adore my kids name and would monogram it everywhere if I could.
I painted these little clear plastic cups with chalkboard paint. Two coats. Used some stickers, and wrote their names on it. Instant fancy. Well, aside from waiting for the paint to dry thing. That always takes too long.
I cut a few of these flowers from a planter in our backyard.
Filled the cups with water, and I have a butterfly-rific name place setting.
I knew I needed to have a center piece. Everyone who has ever watched any reality show having to do with weddings and party planning know that people lose their sh*t over centerpieces. People have been mocked, ridiculed, fired and divorced over this stuff. My end of summer tea party was no different. I needed to make this centerpiece shine.
I looked at my loot from the dollar store and saw I had a built in flower vase. As you can see from the picture above it was pretty cut and dry. I had the fake lemons previously and the hydrangeas are from our front yard. I got three beautiful shrubs 2 years ago for Mothers day and they are my favorite thing in our yard.
The moss squares I made last year. The tutorial can be found here. Those wonderfully green and glittery candles were from the dollar store. They came fancied up for the occasion.
We are a reduce, re-use, and recycle kind of family. So we use cloth napkins all the time. I wanted to make them pop more. So rolling them and then tying it with a line of twine was all that was needed. It goes with the nature theme of this tea party table setting.

Remember how I was talking about re-using and also nature? This brings those topics home all the way. I used these hydrangea leaves as a border for the plates. They will not last too long. I believe I had them cut off of the plant and under the plates for about 3 hours and they were still nice and shiny. But, any longer there would be some wilting. So if you are looking to use real leaves in this way, have it be one of the last things you put on the table before your own summer tea party is ready to start.


This small place setting is so bright and summery!


I added the moss squares and candles to make there be different levels of height for the table. I think when setting up something like this you have to keep a few things in mind. One, decorate in a circle. There is no front, back or side. With it being in the center all angles need to be front and center. Two, having things in a neat line is not recommended. Having a slightly skewed set up allows the flow to work. Lastly, giving the eye many places to land. Which is bringing in the different heights that I spoke about already.

Because we do not encourage caffeine in our home for kids. It was ice waters in a fancy glass for all. Also, freshly bakes muffins. I had thought to do a full meal, but things get messy and crazy real quick with my crew of littles. Keeping the small amounts of food and beverage for this mini fancy feast is best. We could all clink glasses, enjoy the festivities and call it a day before anyone breaks, spills, or upsets someone. It can turn dark real fast. This was light, airy, fun and memories. No one wants memories of crying and tantrums. At least not for the end of summer tea party.



Seeing those lemons makes me realize I am in need of some pops of yellow in my home! It is so cheery and wonderful!



The guest’s of honor, 



As you can see, Nora showed up in her Sunday’s best. Poofy dress and all. The boy’s, well… they showed up with smiles on their faces. They were even eager to partake in this tea party, regardless of all of the pink and flowers. That is more then I was expecting.


Time for me to enjoy the end of summer tea party! I put the camera down; giggled and talked with my kids. You can find the tutorial for these simple paint dipped glasses here.


We all spoke in fancy voices, did our best British accents. Because my kids all assume with them having Kinds and Queens you cannot get more fancy then a British person. The Queen did not come to tea, the kids told knock knock jokes, we quoted Frozen and Despicable me movies, there may have been some farting noises, weird face making contests, and talked about our summer. They all enjoyed it and had different highlights of the past few months.
I realized, in this quiet moment with my three little ‘uns that me making a big deal out of anything makes them feel special. Taking the time to celebrate our time together, the undivided “us” time is all that matters. Kids are always up for a good time, the ever constant life of the party. Ask if they want to attend a fancy end of summer tea party, they are up and eagerly waiting for it to start. I am so happy I took the time, went all out for them. They have since asked constantly to break out the tea party accessories and do it again. I think I will, when they least expect it. Send them a invitation to the fanciest tea party around.
Grab a book…


… or get outside….
…Enjoy the last little bits of summer!
How is your end of summer going? I am slowly transitioning our home from full on summer decor to pieces and portions of fall. It happens so fast. Enjoy the last little bits of summer while you can.



  1. Love your pictures! They are always so beautiful. Happy Birthday this week!

  2. Good for you for making a special event and creating special memories with your children. These are the things they will remember forever!

  3. I love this idea!! Oh my goodness, it turned out so cute. Way to go Mama!

  4. So adorable as always. That is the sweetest table setting and I could see it working for a lot of different occasions!

  5. So cute! Love your photos! Can't believe you found all this stuff at the dollar store! Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a great idea! Hope you have a great birthday! 30 isn't so bad, I kind of am preferring my 30s to my 20s. 🙂

    • thank you, I em enjoying the last days of my 20's but looking forward to the 30's as well. I have heard so many people say you come into your own t that point. I have a lot to look forward to!

  7. This is so so cute!

  8. Your kids are adorable! And the centerpiece bit, Hilarious! You are so right, must be perfect! I love, love, love my 30s. I'll be 37 next month and so far it's the best decade yet :)! Happy Birthday!!

  9. I love the settings that you made. My favourite is the serviette wrapped in twine – such a nice touch. i've left my 30s already and now enjoying my 40s!

  10. This is such a fun idea! I love doing the British accents. Makes them feel like it's a "proper" tea. But even better, they shared their summer memories. That's the best part

  11. This is so cute. My daughter would love a real life tea party!! Thanks for all of the ideas.

  12. Your floral arrangement is so cute and so are your pics of your kids, especially the one on the tractor…my kids would be so jealous! lol.

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