DIY wall art flip flop

DIY wall art flip flop

Hello friends! Is it ok if I call you all friends now? I feel like we have bonded, I mean I welcome you into my home on the daily, I think we are past the “friend zone”. Ok then, now that we have defined our relationship, I have something really fun and different. A few weeks ago some amazing blogging friends of mine did a really great DIY wall art hop. I was supposed to be included in this amazingness, but I was a slacker and did not get my project done in enough time. I snooze, I lose. However, these ladies are at it again, this time we all got to select one art piece already done. Either by the original group of blogging friends, or one of the art pieces that were linked up in a corresponding link party. Are you following? And now for your viewing pleasure…. the diy wall art flip-flop.

I saw Sara from Shabby Grace blog and her perfectly rustic wall art and knew that was what I wanted to re-create. She created the one on top in the above picture, I created the bottom one. I adore every single bit of her art piece. I am a sucker for reclaimed wood. Or in her case, wood shims. I did not have any of those handy. But I did have some wood scraps that would work. I also have another fun surprise. There is a group of bloggers who are all participating in this wall art flip flop and you can see what they came up with below. Click on the link and get ready to get lost in home decor inspiration. You have a few hours, right?

The DIY wall art flip flop crew

Now, lets get down to how I created this. You can go over to Sara’s blog and see how she created it to compare. I expect a few of you to come back and point all of the things I did wrong. It is ok, I understand. I am no professional. 
I had this left over pine wood board from another project. I am pretty much a wood hoarder. This is about 15 inches long and was perfect for the size I was going for. 
I spray painted the board white. 

I have these scrap pieces of wood that I purchased a while ago in a bundle. They are about 3 feet long and rough. But, for things like this they are perfect. 

I cut down a lot of smaller pieces of wood. These will be the “arrow” wood in the art piece. 

I also measured and cut the longer pieces for the side of the art. Just setting the board along the edge of the wood and then marking where it hits. 
I then had to take the project inside because this random storm blew in out of no where. I will never get used to a Midwest summer. It rains all summer long. We get these insane storms with crazy winds, lightening and thunder and then in 20 minutes it is all gone. My kids were riding their skateboard’s down the driveway and it was humid as all heck not even 10 minutes before this picture was taken. I had just slathered them down with sun screen because it was sunny. In my mind, it is sunny out, that means it will be sunny out for the next few hours or so, at least. Not in the world I live in while in the Midwest. It will rain or maybe even snow. You never know. Is anyone else hearing Forest Gump and the “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get.” Just me? 
Back to the project at hand. It is time to stain these freshly cut scrap wood pieces. 

I am always sure to put on gloves, use a soft cloth. Wiping with the grain of the wood, and wipe the stain on. Scrub and rub in more if there is any runs, splotches or un-desired look to it. 

I only had to do one coat of my dark walnut stain. I am in love with this wood stain and am almost out. Notice the roughed up can? This baby has been well loved and well used. 

I set the two end pieces on the board, to see where to place the arrow boards. 
I am not attaching these wood pieces yet. Just placing them to see about arrangement and position. Starting at the front part of the arrow. 

Going down the line.

Making sure that they stay in the center and are somewhat evenly lines up with top and bottom having similar spacing. 

I am loving this positioning of it all. Now my task is to pick up one by one and glue them down without messing up the sequence. 

Lift up one… 
Lay on a line of wood glue…


Smush the newly glued piece back into place. Yes, smush is the term and what all pro’s call it. Wash, lather, rinse repeat for all of the scrap wood pieces. 

This project is done! 

Well, one more little step. I need to make this little shining wall art copy become actual wall art. I did not have a picture hanger or hook at home. And since I was dealing with a crazy storm outside and not patient enough to wait for it to blow over, I improvised. These are pipe clamps. They help wrap around pipes and attach them to things. I am not sure why we have them, but we did. Dale beat this thing flat with his brute force, muscle, and a sturdy hammer. 
Screw it into the back.
This art has been flip-flopped! I am so in love with this rustic piece! 

I hung it on the wall where the bench in our living room is. There was nothing there, I was never sure what to put there. Now I have the perfect piece. I am starting to incorporate dark woods into my home, and this wall has a great way to bring that in. There is so much light and bright going on here. Having this tone it all down is nice. 

I like that each scrap piece had a different texture and grain to it. It made the stain go on slightly different for each piece. The perfectly imperfect look. Which is what rustic and DIY decor is all about. 

Here is a wide shot of the space. This dark wood in the DIY wall art matches the free standing mirror I made as well as our wood floors. You do not need to have everything match, but having something flow with it is always a good thing. Clearly my home does not follow that matching rule either, I have about 6 different patterns in my living room. It works… I think… I hope…

Thank you so much Sara from Shabby Grace Blog  for your beautiful wall art that I got to copy. I hope I did it justice! 
I am really trying to stop myself from creating a gallery wall around this art piece. To me this wall would look great with a tastefully selected grouping of wall art pieces. But, I have 3 gallery walls in my home already. Sometimes the simple and clean is a good way to go. We will see if this lasts though, the urge is strong to clutter and create! 
Don’t forget to scroll up and see the other diy wall art projects that were done. Also, if you wanted to see the original post with the DIY wall art as well as the original link party, you can do here to do so. I hope you are all enjoying these collaborative post’s with me and my blogging friends. I am enjoying doing them, and they are forcing me to step out of my decorating comfort zone and create new things. I also like proving to the world I have friends! If it does not happen and get shown on the internet does it even happen? Who knows, but these lovely ladies with their beautiful homes and collaborating with me is proof enough for me that I am in some great company!  
Have you ever created something that you first saw on another blog? I hope so, that is what this is all about. What did you create? 



  1. Emily! I just love it and I'm glad you were inspired by my piece. The stain color is amazing and contrasts well with the white! I'm a sucker for brown and white anyways! 🙂 Looks great on the wall too!

  2. It looks amazing! I love how Sara's is more "rugged" looking and you did a "cleaner" version. You both have inspired me to try this one, I love it!

  3. I love love love the rustic piece! And I love where you put it in your home. That bench with all of those pillows. So dreamy! Also, I love that stain color.

  4. This looks so cute! Love it 🙂

  5. So cool! I love the dark stain….Oh and your settee!

  6. I love this project! It came out great!

  7. LOVE! It came out sooo cute. Dark Walnut is definitely one of my favorite stains. I love how easy this project looks to throw together, I'm gonna keep it in mind next time I need some large scale art. Great post girl!

  8. Great flip Emily – I love the contrast in colors and it looks awesome on your wall. Cathy

  9. That is serious one cute DIY Wall Art Project! Thanks for Sharing!

  10. This flip flop wall art idea is so cute! I love how yours turned out, Emily. And that photo of the storm clouds is such a cool shot!

  11. I love how yours turned out! I love the dark wood against the white background!! I love how you made it your own!

  12. It is so fun seeing how you all recreated the original pieces. Love that dark stain against the white. And I say, if you want another gallery wall, go for it!

  13. So pretty! I wish I had the skills or the nerve to try something like this. Seems to be straightforward!

    • This was really simple. You could even have a local home improvement store cut the wood for you if that makes you nervous. The rest is just wood stain, paint and wood glue. Give it a try!

  14. Love this!! Looks great on your wall – love how dark the wood is!

  15. Looks great! I love the dark finish you chose–really looks pretty against the white paint!

  16. It looks amazing! And your home looks so beautiful! I love the old style!! I'm a sucker for old history. haha

  17. Looks great! I love the dark glaze of the wood. Definitely a pop against the white background. Pinned!!

  18. I love this. The dark stain looks great against the white background.

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