18 Amazing back to school ideas

18 Amazing back to school ideas

back to schoool

Who is ready for the kids to go back to school? If you say no, then I accuse you of not spending enough time with your kids. Look, I adore my kids. They are my favorite people in the world. But, they are tiny terrors who like to bang on the door when I am peeing, who get in fights, who make messes, I just broke up a fight because one brother was playing with his LEGO’s the wrong way. The complaining brother was not even playing with the LEGO’s, he just through he should be a tiny dictator. My daughter has rolled her eyes so much and proclaimed she is bored. In short, it is time for them to go back to school. 
However, with school comes a crazy schedule, so many papers, rushed mornings, busy evenings, and a deep need for organization. A group of bloggers and I got together to share some simple, easy, and life altering tips for the back to school time. There is something for everyone. Cute ideas for teachers, creative ways to pack lunches, schedule organizing, paper organizing. You name it and these ladies created it. I shared two of my projects here, the Mudroom organization satation and a simple shadowbox morning routine project.  This list allows you to go see all of the 18 great ideas. Each link takes you to the full tutorial and the awesomely talented bloggers blog. Hang out, look around, cry that the summer is over. I get it, I am happy to get down to a schedule but will miss the sleeping in, lazy days of summer. Also, I am pretty obsessed with my crew of littles and even the tantrums and craziness of them home all day is still perfection to me. Well, except when they spill their drink at all three meals. Then I am over it. Back to school time it is!

Back to School Vignette from Farmhouse Chic Blog


Ruler Succulent Planter from Elizabeth Joan Designs

Ruler Succulent Planter 1

DIY Weekly Cork Board Organizer from Little House of Four               cork+board+organizer+3 

How to Organize Math Problems from I’m not a Trophy Wife

How to organize math problems

10 Back To School Outfits for Boys from Tastefully Frugal


Chalkboard Lunch Containers from Little House of Four


Crayon Wreath Teacher Gift from Eye Candy Creative Studio


Shadow box Organizer from Our House, Now a Home

Shadow Box Organizer
DIY Door Hanger – Personalized Teacher’s Pencil from 3 Little Greenwoods


DIY Dorm Decor from Vintage, Paint, and More


Crayon Name Tag from Infarrantly Creative


Mudroom Organization from Our House, Now a Home


DIY Bulletin Board+ Accessories from Houseologie



DIY School Locker Chalkboard Initial from Eye Candy Creative Studio


Back to School Wreath from Infarrantly Creative


5 Ways to Connect with your Tween/Teen Boys from I’m not a Trophy Wife


How I Got Rid Of Flashcard Clutter from Casa Watkins


DIY Teacher Desk Organization Station from Elizabeth Joan Designs

Desk Organization Tray

Did you see a few that are needing to be done in your home? I know when I stumble across something, it makes me anxious to put it to work in my home. Even if I was not aware I needed it, once I see how flawless and pretty something can be I want to give it a try. Finding function and style for a home is my main goal. These tips and ideas take that to a whole new level. There is so many ways to simplify and ease the transition that is going back to school. I hope you enjoyed these ideas and take the time to go and see the links. Lots of inspiration!
What is something that stuck out to you from this list? Any back to school tips of your own?



  1. I've got no one to send back to school, but I love that ruler succulent planter!

  2. Love these !!!! Especially the wreath and the ruler Planter !!! My kids go back tomorrow and I'm excited for a new year.

    • Oh wow, your kids start early. I still have about 3 weeks before we go back. I am however doing the dreaded back to school supply shopping tomorrow. WHo is ready to spend crazy money on crayons!!?

  3. A lot of cool projects here. I'm a teacher, so I always have such mixed feelings at the end of summer. It's such an abrupt change from carefree days to high stress. My older son will be leaving for college soon, so I'll be in uncharted territory this year.

    • Wow you have a lot of changes coming up! I still have little ones, but feel like them going off to college will come way too soon. I hope you got to enjoy your summer and are ready to fall back into school!

  4. So many great ideas for going back to school. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great ideas here! As a teacher, I agree with Marcy on the mixed feelings about school starting back, but creative fun helps!

  6. These are the cutest back to school projects! ☺️

  7. I want a crayon wreath for my own home – too cute! And the ruler succulent planter would be adorable on a little desk.

  8. These are adorable! I love those little cubbies!

  9. I'm loving that ruler succulent planter!

  10. Love the ideas. The weekly cork board is my favorite.

  11. These are some really cute gift ideas for Teacher appreciation day also. The ruler planter is a must make! Well so area few others…

    xoxo Dani

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