Share your space #6

Share your space #6

I am so excited! It is time for another Share your space. I have gotten so many ideas and inspiration from the people who have been gracious enough for me to feature their home. I am getting daily “gifts” in my email from people sending me their pictures. Keep ’em coming! My email i

Design. Create. Decorate.
Today is a special treat, we get to go in the home of a designing duo. A husband and wife who blog at Quince cottage. Ron and Rhiann along with their two adorable dog’s Daisy and Buster have created a beautiful home. 

I mean, that chandelier…. gorgeous! That little peek of the porch makes me want to jump into the picture and have some sweet tea on the porch. It just feels like that kind of space. 

This entryway is stunning in their home. That door and table, I adore that color. I have it all over my home, and have such a soft spot for it. I love the detail on the table. Also that great wall piece, a perfect place to display trinkets. 

This barn door, it is what dreams are made of. My dreams at least. I dream of barn doors, is that weird? The antique feel with the industrial slider is great. I struggle at times mixing dark wood stains with light paint colors. Quince Cottage manages to do it effortlessly. 

You will have to go and take a peek at their blog, here to see all they did with this space. It went through a huge transformation. That mirror, the wood walls, the fireplace, the peek of chandelier in the mirror. These pictures do not do this home justice. Head on over to visit Ron and Rhiann’s home. Thank you so much you two talented people for letting me share your space on this blog!
I love the country style of the home. It is so bright and airy, but homey. I am glad to see that my dog’s are not the only photobombers around here. There was little appearances from dog’s all over Quince Cottage. Which I love, a house is not a home without a furry friend that stalks you all over the house. 
This home is everything I was hoping to share with you all. It is a slightly different style from mine, with new projects and ideas. Celebrating people’s homes, all styles and types is what my new and improved blog is all about. If you have a home, space or project you want to share email me at for your turn to share your space!
What did you think of the home? Are you as in love with it as me? 



  1. That barndoor is beautiful. So is the fireplace and that console table. I am in love!

  2. Oooooh I've missed your home updates and sneak peeks of other homes!

    That barn door! I dream of them too!
    Seriously so stunning.
    The fireplace and mirror, to die!
    And that shelving unit in the porch area.

    Ugh every time I come here my to do list gets bigger ;)))

  3. Such a pretty home!

  4. I feel like this is my dream home!!

  5. Can I move in?! I love her style… Especially that barn door and chandelier… Swoon!

  6. Love the decor. So bright and beautiful!

  7. Wow that looks just amazing loving seeing all the different houses here one place to see it all.

  8. UMMMM, YES!! How beautiful! I am in awe. Thanks for sharing, love this new segment you have going on. How fun you get to peak and share others beauties. Thanks for letting us all in on the treat!

  9. That first shot is gorgeous!!! What I wouldn't give for a porch like that. Beautiful home. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  10. I love the mantel and the mirror above the ire place— very elegant space.

    • Elegant is a great word to describe this home.

    • That mirror was a "field destroy" at a high end furniture store Ron worked at for a while – in other words it arrived in such bad shape that it wasn't worth it to the manufacturer to have it come back. So Ron did an amazing job of making it hold together with plates and screws in the back and so far it's survived 3 moves!

  11. Wow! Can they come decorate my home. I love the color and that barn door is gorgeous..well heck everything is gorgeous!!!

  12. What a gorgeous space! SO my style. When can I move in! Motivates me to get ours in order but we live in a dump and I am so motivated until we have a place of our own. lol Thanks for sharing it!

  13. I dream of barn doors too… I don't think that makes you weird at all! This space is so pretty! I definitely need to pop over to their blog and check the rest out!

  14. These are all so beautiful! My hubby did a door similar to this barn door, only with re-purposed pocket doors. I love the Chandelier too!

  15. Gorgeous! I love that mirror above the mantle! Stunning!

  16. Emily, I completely spaced the fact that you were hosting us, but thank you again so very much. We really appreciate it and are now basking in everyone's lovely comments.

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