Let’s get real….

Let’s get real….

OK, I have not known how to start or what to say with this. I try to keep the fun big, the inspiration massive, and the personal to little anecdotes on life with this blog. But sometimes life gets in the way. I spoke about it here. We have all recovred from the terrifying ordeal that was our car accident while on vacation. We have purchased a new car, yay!

However, I have still been fairly MIA here. There has been zero progress on any of the projects. The laundry room is as is. Aside from a forever big pile of dirty laundry to be washed. I have been in a funk. Once the dust settled of dealing with car insurance, paperwork, car salesman, test drives, and getting it all squared away. The dust settled, and I still felt in the dust storm. Life hit me hard.

I will be very honest here. I seriously considered ending this blog. Well, considered is not the correct word…. decided to end this blog would be more correct. I was ready to close up shop. Sign off, end my current obligations elsewhere and put this in the past. Talk fondly about my year and a half time when I had a blog.

I felt relieved and sad with the prospect. The decision was not a light one, I just did not have any energy to get moving. To write out the countless posts of projects that are done but not shared here yet. It all seemed so unnecessary. I have no grandiose ideas of this blog. I am well aware that if I stopped this maybe a few would remember they have not had a email update from here in a while. Most though would not give it a second thought. Talk about putting things into perspective on how unimportant this is to others. This site that takes so much of my time and energy is not even a blip or importance to everyone else.

I felt vindicated in my decision. Relieved to have a set exit strategy. I sat with that for one whole week. Being all but radio silent on social media. Trying to figure out how I would end it all. Deactivate my accounts. Then I started thinking about the projects I still wanted to do to my home. I was redoing my home and decorating it long before this blog came along.

The obvious choice would then be to continue redoing my home. Finishing the laundry room, stalking resale shops for good furniture redo’s. But share none of it. Do it just for me. That thought made me so sad. In real life I do not know anyone who is into decorating as much as me. The only other DIYer I know is my husband. No one else wants to talk paint colors, no one else wants to hear the details of how I made a table. But, there is this whole group online. You guys that either really dig home decorating, fellow DIYers, or just awesome cheerleaders and fans of home decorating. You guys speak my language.

The thought of not having all of that made redoing my home feel a little empty. I like sharing my spaces, ideas, tips, and steps. Because I also like seeing others homes as well. My personality is all in or all out. It is either 110% or 0%. If I walked away from my blog I would want to walk away from all blogs. Close that chapter of my life and go back to reading about celebrity gossip all the time.

I thought about the dreams and plans I have for this blog. Some I have been slowly rolling out. With the share your space and the question of the day series. There is also some big-ish plans going on behind the scenes. It was not time to walk away. There is still so much to do, I want to see it all happen. Not for you, not for Pinterest, but for me. Little ‘ole me wants to see these plans, ideas, and future take shape.

Truth be told, being a DIY blogger is tough. Take the time that someone puts into writing a article, promoting it and then adding a good triple time to it. That is what creating things for your home, taking pictures, editing pictures and then writing it up is. For every project there is at least 5 hours of prep, planning, shopping, doing, creating, picture taking, and editing in there. Usually more than 5 hours. It is exhausting. Sometimes too much.

So I began shifting my thought process into how can I do both? How can I still have a home decor blog, make things for my home, without being a slave to projects? How can I still have some weekends to my family? How can I still have time to create? There is going to be some shifting here while I figure this all out. I want this to be a celebration of all homes. Not just mine. I would love to turn this into a community where people can come to talk home decor. Be inspired, share, and maybe see some projects I made too.

I know there is a ton of websites that do just that. However, they feel so legit and corporate I never feel comfortable jumping into the conversation. This is the mom & pop version of that. The less commercial version. I am still going to create, share, hopefully inspire. But things will have to be at a slower pace. I do not want to get burn out. I realize that is what it was.

I was in the fog of car accident, coming off of the glow of a vacation and work felt very unimportant and so far away. I want fun. This can be fun, it is fun. Sometimes work, but also fun and worth it. I forgot about the worth. The warm and fuzzies of making something, sharing it here and having people like it. Think about creating it themselves, or sharing a similar project of their own.

Once I figured all of this out, I got antsy to put it all into action. Getting antsy to start something is always a good thing. I have been bitten by the decorating and blogging bug big time. I am now wanting to create again. Get the laundry room done. Make some fun and simple crafts. I want to open up communication again with you all. Get the ball rolling in this sought after community of homes. This house is now our home. Meaning, you, me, us. Corny, yes. I am going to stop being polite and start getting real. This is not a business. This is me and you sitting down and talking home decorating.

If a project takes longer, that is ok. If I am so uninspired I have nothing new to share, that is ok. If you have something amazing to share, send it my way. I would love to share it. My blog, this site is not just mine. I can and want it to be a shared experience. Can you feel the kumbaya song coming on? I can. This is the new, mellow, more open version of Our house now a home. The permanent vacation version of events. The story of turning my house and yours into a home!

Thank you for following along and helping me out with this shifting of priority’s and goals for this blog!

Email me at emilye1@gmail.com with any projects you have done, homes you love, spaces you redid, great articles on home’s, a must have list of things to redo. Anything. I would love to turn this into something bigger than just me and my home. Tell me what you think of the idea? Any and all questions or comments are just what I am looking for.

Lastly, who is ready to get back to some home decorating?!!!!




  1. Oh wow! What a post! First off, so so glad you're sticking with us, I love your blog! And I totally understand what you mean about it being great to know that someone else out there will get as excited as you did that the old wardrobe door and set of bun feet you've been stashing actually turned out to be the perfect base for a new footstool! Lol! (Post on that coming soon, he he!)
    On a serious note, I am sorry to hear you've been struggling in the aftermath of the car accident though. Some years ago I had a near-death experience (almost fell off a 4 storey building but managed to catch myself and pull myself back up, scary stuff), and was a little shaken up on the day, but for a few weeks after I was laughing about it with friends, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere it seemed, I lost interest in life completely. I could barely get out of bed in the morning, my work was suffering, and as for a social life, forget it. I couldn't figure out where this seeming depression had come from, until a psychologist friend suggested it was a form of PTSD related to my accident. It totally made sense, and it went away after a while. Then again, a couple of years later, a similar thing happened to me after I was almost run over by a bus (yes, accident prone I know!). But this time I saw it for what it was, a delayed shock at the incident, and because I knew it would pass, it did, and much more quickly. I really hope that you are experiencing a similar thing, and knowing what it could be might help you to put it behind you. Sending you a hug! x

    • Thank you so much for your kinds words of support. The car accident has shaken me for sure. I guess I expected to bounce back into life once the accident was over and we were home. It has been more of a struggle to get back into things. So sorry you went through both of those terrifying experiences, but am so happy to hear you came through them. I am also going to be looking out for that post about the new footstool 🙂

  2. What a fun idea! Can't wait to follow along.

    Stephanie @ thedishbcs.com

  3. I go back and forth sometimes- glad you're sticking around. Love your house!

  4. Awesome, your place looks great!

  5. Glad you decided to go about blogging in a whole new way to ease the stress off of yourself. Continue to do what makes you happy!!

  6. I can totally appreciate this post and I thank you for writing it. Life changes make everything else difficult. I'm going through some of the same issues too. I love the new idea and hope to participate. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • Thank you for your sweet words, I am so happy you found this helpful. I am sorry you are going through some tough times. I hope you find a way to make things work for you. I would love for you to be a part of this new plan for my blog. Any home projects, rooms, or ideas of yours I would love to feature here!

  7. I totally know how you feel! I struggled with trying to balance it all for a while. Then I got a little burnt out and then once I decided to fully dive back in, I went full blast! I've found that cranking out projects just to crank them out burns you out. I wait until I'm inspired and have the energy and the project and post turn out SO much better. Also, instead of cranking out tons of my own DIY, round up posts bring in a lot of traffic! I found you through the Home Decor, Craft & DIY facebook page!

    • Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! Those are good points that you make. Creating when inspiration strikes and having quality work is best for everyone. I am so happy you are a part of the Home decor, Craft and DIY group! When I decided to create it I had no idea it would turn into the amazing space it is. There is so many creative, talented, and kind people in it. I have learned so much from all of them!

  8. I have had so many of these thoughts to myself. Blogging takes so much time, especially when you blog about DIY or recipes or things that are projects you first have to do, and then also take all the time for pictures and posting, and social media, etc, etc. I have often wondered if it's worth the time that it takes from my family. But I do love it! And I'm so glad that you've been able to come up with a way to keep going at it and turn it into something that you love again! Hope it all turns out great!

    • It is such a relief to hear that others feel the same way as me. It makes me feel like I can get through this. All of you are going through the same thing and still creating amazing content. I hope we all are able to find the happy median of work and family. Thank you so much for your kind words of support and encouragement!

  9. I'm so glad you're sticking around! Blogging takes so much time… and most of the time I'm ok with that. But the nights I'm sick or just plain tired it gets to be too much. That's ok… this is your blog. Run it your way! I love reading everything you put out here… and I think featuring other spaces is a great way to take some of the stress off! Hopefully you'll get excited again!

    • I know what you mean about having a hard time doing it when things are not going your way. I am so happy you enjoy my blog, hearing that makes me feel like all of this is worth it. Knowing that people do enjoy it, and that my work is going towards something. Thank you for your continued support!

  10. I am glad you are sticking around – the blogging world would be a worse off place without you Emily xx

  11. I love your honesty here. I think all bloggers need a break every now and then and I'm glad you were able to give yourself that and come back feeling excited instead of obligated to blog. This is a great little web space you've created 🙂

    • I am so happy others have found this helpful and truthful! It has been a tough road for me to come back to this place. But, it is a very good place to be in and I am so excited to start putting all of my new plans into action! Thank you for your support and kind words!

  12. I hear you Emily…I don't think non-bloggers realize how hard being a blogger is (and at the same time can't relate to all the fun blog stuff) I have contemplated stopping as well but I'm glad you decided to keep blogging…gives me motivation to keep going too. 🙂

    • There is a lot of work, but sooooo much good and amazing things that come out of blogging. I am so happy you found this helpful, and I am also beyond happy to hear it has helped you to keep blogging!

  13. Oh Emily- what a sentiment many o us share. I should have read this before I emailed you about Friday Favorites… that's been on my mind lately (the party not emailing you). I will email you later! laura

  14. I think we all come to this conclusions at one point or another in our blogging life. That's probably because it's so separated in our minds but not in reality. Like you said, you felt like a slave to it. I'm just glad you have decided to stick with it! You are right about making this for you. After all those are your dreams for yourself. Nobody's actions should stop you from reaching for them. I've learned with very little blogging success, that it all comes in time no matter what. Having read blogs that I came across on Pinterest, that I was sure had millions of followers, made tons of cash, and were soft of blogging celebrities of sorts, I came to find out that they were not as big as I assumed. That really opened my eyes up to the fact that reaching a ton of people for profit makes sense, but the satisfaction of entertaining, or touching just a few people can be just as fulfilling. I think that's why I've kept at my blog for so long. I don't have but a handful of people that visit regularly, but I truly value them because they do. Looking forward to what the future hold for both of us!! ��

    • This is all so important to keep in mind Iris, thank you so much for the reminder. Your blog is one of those blog's (and your home) that I am always inspired by. It is all done so well. Having followers, no matter the number is what is amazing. I get to share ideas, my home, and projects with people who get it. Who are just as into this as me. The number is not the goal, it is putting a person to each of those numbers. One page view is one person. That is really important to think about. I am so excited to see where we all go!

  15. I love it. I'm glad you found your new groove! And I'm so glad you're not leaving us!!! You've inspired me so much! And the women who recognized you at Home Depot. That's a sign! You got this! Your pace and everyone's space. It's gonna be awesome.

  16. Your totally right and I think power to you for sharing your feelings. Lots of people don't realize how much time and energy it takes to blog and be a DIY blogger especially! Lots of time outside of the blog takes place creating a projects! Excited to follow/join along in your journey!

    • I am so happy you are able to relate to this, and so excited to have met you and have you be involved with this blog! People like you, others who get the home decor obsession is the reason all of this is fun and sooo worth it!

  17. After something traumatic has happened, it makes everything seem less important. Life is most important. After my sister and her husband were attacked, my blog seemed so unimportant. But in the end, after taking time to reflect, you have decide if it is worth it for YOU. If it is, then you have to make it work around your schedule, not you work around the blog: which can be hard to do! But it sounds like you have a good handle on it. I'm glad I'll still see you around!

    • I am so sorry to hear about you sister and her husband. It is so sad that things like that are what gets us to look at things differently. But, getting the message is important. I am still working things out and finding the balance. Having all of you and your amazing support makes all of this a lot easier!

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