When your camera won’t cooperate

When your camera won’t cooperate

This is the basement, where my craft room will be. 
It is Monday, and this Monday is not starting the week off right. It began with me being too tired from the weekend to write my post for today. I usually do it on Sunday night. I figured I would share all of the sneak peeks of what is coming, I have A LOT of things to share. I was a busy worker bee this weekend. 

Then, I woke up. Late. Dale and I were up at 11:30 last night frantically searching for the car keys, with all of our house keys on it. We knew it was somewhere in the garage. Somewhere. We found them, but I should have known this was foreboding. I got up today (Monday) and had a 4 year old meltdown to deal with. I did not make Gavin the breakfast he wanted. What was it he so desperately wanted? No idea, he never told me. Just not cereal. It is the end of the school year. The beginning it was scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, freshly made smoothie. Or oatmeal and toast. End of year, cheerio’s and a pre-made, bought from the store smoothie. Yep, slacker Mom exists here. 

We moved past the tantrum, I got Nora on the bus. It is her last week of school before summer. The boy’s are already done with preschool for the year. I turned on the TV and let them have some good ‘ole fashioned Disney junior babysitting. Ready to have some coffee and write my post. Right….. not so fast. My camera won’t upload any pictures I took. Not one! My trusty IT support is not available, Dale is at his normal 9-5. Ugh, so annoying! Why does he have to work? I think I should throw a Gavin size tantrum right now. Adults should do that, when in the grocery store and the amount you have to pay is more than you wanted throw yourself on the floor screaming “I don’t want to!”. Do the arched back and dead weight thing too. I mean, you have to go all out with this adult tantrum.  It might make you feel a little better, or get you arrested. It could go both ways. 
It is only 8am and I need a nap. I think I will take my cue’s from Finn and Teddy and have myself a morning nap. Not to be confused with the afternoon nap my spoiled dogs get. That is different. So today I am sharing random pictures, because I figured I needed to be in contact with you all. let you know my super awesome, sneak peek worthy weekend recap will be coming. My weekend recap will be tomorrow. I have lots of sneak peeks, tidbits and hints of what is to come. 

I have already planned our next project. Once I get done with the laundry room I am going to be working on making myself a craft room. I need a place to store all of my paints, glitter, paper, fabric, and what not. Since the option to move is off the table. I am going down. Down to the basement. It looked like a episode of hoarders when I went down there. I hoard furniture. But, I have already made some progress. I just need to make it pretty. So really the basement craft room will be done simultaneously with the laundry room redo. Because, you know. I have nothing else going on. 
I am going to leave you here with a wonderful picture of Nora twirling. I am off to figure out why my camera won’t download. Probably curse at it, walk away, avoid it, give my camera mean looks, and then get distracted on Pinterest. Ok, I will just skip all of that and go straight to Pinterest. Sounds good to me. How is you Monday going?



  1. I have those days – hate them. I am thinking a morning nap is called for today – I could use one myself. Hopefully things pan out later today and your camera just magically starts working like my tech things do sometimes. Cathy

  2. I can totally relate!! My Monday was off to a super rough start too!! My 3 kids were having a war first thing this morning, my 2 dogs got out and almost got hit by a car, car battery was dead.. definitely need a do over!! I hope your day gets better!!

    • Oh wow! So sorry you had all of that happen! Our new puppy has found out he can squeeze through the picket fence in our backyard. He got out once, but luckily just wandered to the front porch and tried to take a nap. I hope your day gets better!

  3. I can so relate! Ha ha! Hopefully tomorrow is a new day!

  4. I have entire weeks like that sometimes

  5. Ugh, "the best laid plans"… and all that jazz. Hate it when it seems to be one thing after another. I had some camera issues over the weekend, but I was able to resolve them, thank goodness. It could have gotten really ugly over here. Hope your camera issues are solved quickly!!

  6. Oooohhhh these days!!! I hope tomorrow is fresh and breakfast foods will be happily eaten hehe you have to laugh on days like this to keep yourself from crying!!

    Very excited to see your finished laundry room and now new craft room to be yayyyyy Sooo exciting :)))

    • It was a rough day, but I am determined to not let it be a sign of the rest of the week. Tomorrow will be a new day! I am eager to get the laundry room all done and my craft room. I have some fun and simple ways to make it pop!

  7. your life sounds like mine, behind the scenes. Well, I hope all is better and that today(tuesday) is the start of something fresh and exciting! Love your blog!

  8. Ah! Sounds like a Monday!

  9. Mondays are the hardest day of the week for everyone no matter if you work away from home or at home! Enjoyed this and the two dogs look like they have the right idea to me!!!!

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