Question of the day- Wednesday

Question of the day- Wednesday

Today’s question of the day come from,

April, who blogs at Uncookie cutter, you can find her blog here

I’ve got an idea for what I’m going to put on this high shelf, but am having trouble with the brick wall. Can I leave it blank, or does it need something? The brick is so pretty, I kinda wanna leave it blank. I’m working on a busy gallery wall on the other side. 

Here is the picture of the room and wall April is talking about
First of all, I adore that slanted ceiling and that great wood work around the columns. The brick is beautiful! I think leaving it as is, or at the most white washing it. Similar to the picture below. 
Tutorial: How to whitewash a brick fireplace.
Tutorial at DIY on the cheap
This I don’t think needs to be done at all, but is a option if you wanted to tone down the red of the brick. You will find people who will scream at you to not touch the brick, and others who will say to paint it now. It all depends on what you want. As far as what to put on the brick. I think because you have a lot of wood work, and a busy gallery wall on another wall that leaving the wall simple is best. Right away I thought a large canvas picture would be beautiful. Either a photograph of you and the kids, perhaps in black and white. Or a large print, but on canvas would be stunning on this brick. With no frame, just the canvas in the center of the wall. It would give it a subtle wall art detail, but still have a rough feel like the brick. 
There is a lot of ways to hang pictures on brick, you can find a great tutorial, with pictures and options here. Anything in your room would be stunning with all of the great details. Let us know what you decide to do! 
What do you guys think? What would you do with this brick wall? Have a question, home decor related, parenting, life, random, whatever? Email me at with your question, name and blog if you have one. Check back and see if your question is being asked!



  1. I think I would leave it plain – especially if she is planning on decorating the high shelf and the wall across from it. Brick has such great detailing in itself!

  2. Tough one. It depends on what she plans on doing with the rest of the room. If she leaves the brick "as is", I would not put anything on it. If she whitewashes, maybe add a large picture.

    • I like your ideas. As of now I do not believe she is planning on painting the brick. I was just trying to give her some options.

    • Thank you guys! I painted the brick in my last house and loved it, but this brick is so much prettier as is than that was. I'm leaning toward finishing the rest of room first, and then seeing how I feel. I appreciate the feedback :)!

  3. I would leave the brick as is. I think it looks great!

  4. Thanks so much Emily! I wasn't sure if leaving it blank was crazy or not, but this gives me the confidence to just leave it!

  5. I would leave it AS IS and hang one large print on it. She has great detail in that house….not many homes now a day have brick walls in them.

  6. It looks great – I would leave it as is! I liked painted brick, too, but it's a personal preference. 🙂 Good luck, April!

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