Question of the day- Monday

Question of the day- Monday

Today’s question of the day comes from Leslie, who blog’s at Life in every limb. Leslie asks…

My walls are covered in fingerprints ALL THE TIME. What’s the best kind of paint for a house with children in it? I used to have wallpaper everywhere- is that just not an option these days? I didn’t have that problem then!

To address the first question, I think the best paint to use for ease of wiping it down and scrubbing off kids “junk” is either a semi-gloss or high-gloss. Anything with a gloss in it. This type of paint will allow easy wiping of everything that kids throw at you, or the wall.  If you go with a higher gloss one the wiping off will be good, but touch ups from knicks and deep scratches is a little harder. Because of the gloss, it is harder to blend in with touch ups. 
To answer your second question, wall paper is definitely a thing still! I mean, the old school wall paper from the Brady Bunch is not in right now. There are so many beautiful options in wall paper, and a lot of easy installation ones.  I have not put any wall paper in my home, but not by choice. We have a horrible and rough finish to our walls that has to be sanded off to put a decal or wall paper on. Here are a few examples of beautiful and updated wall paper. 
Simple Room HD wallpaper for Standard 4:3 5:4 Fullscreen UXGA XGA SVGA QSXGA SXGA ; Wide 16:10 5:3 Widescreen WHXGA WQXGA WUXGA WXGA WGA ; HD 16:9 High Definition WQHD QWXGA 1080p 900p 720p QHD nHD ; Other 3:2 DVGA HVGA HQVGA devices ( Apple PowerBook G4 iPhone 4 3G 3GS iPod Touch ) ; Mobile VGA WVGA iPhone iPad PSP Phone - VGA QVGA Smartphone ( PocketPC GPS iPod Zune BlackBerry HTC Samsung LG Nokia Eten Asus ) WVGA WQVGA Smartphone ( HTC Samsung Sony Ericsson LG Vertu MIO ) HVGA Smartphone ( Apple iPhone iPod BlackBerry HTC Samsung Nokia ) Sony PSP Zune HD Zen ; Tablet 2 Android 3 DVGA HVGA HQVGA devices ( Apple PowerBook G4 iPhone 4 3G 3GS iPod Touch ) ; Dual 4:3 5:4 16:10 5:3 16:9 UXGA XGA SVGA QSXGA SXGA WHXGA WQXGA WUXGA WXGA WGA WQHD QWXGA 1080p 900p 720p QHD nHD ;

There is a lot of really beautiful, durable, and easy wall papers to use in your home. If done right, it will add value and make your home appear custom and not date it. Good luck in your quest to find some durable paint that is useful for kids. My other recommendation is to have the kids not touch the walls. Easy stuff, right? 😉

What do you guys think? What is a paint you have found to be great for wiping off stains and fingerprints? Have a question, home decor related, parenting, life, random, whatever? Email me at with your question, name and blog if you have one. Check back and see if your question is being asked!



  1. I take a bit of a different approach. I live by eggshell finish for most walls, and satin finish for higher moisture areas such as kitchens and baths. Eggshell has a little sheen to it – it's between flat and satin – but it's forgiving to walls that are less than perfect. Satin has a nice sheen to it, can take moisture, is completely washable, but it isn't glossy. Again, more forgiving to less than perfect walls. I save the glosses for trim work and doors.

  2. We like to use satin finishes and we haven't had any issues with getting those grimy finger prints off. I do love that wallpaper is coming back…it really adds a lot of character to a room.

  3. I always use semi gloss on my walls, for exactly that reason. Then I'll use the highest gloss I can find on the trim for contrast.

  4. We use to satin and eggshell paint! No problems. I'm diggin' that there is new updates wallpapers out. I can't believe how expensive they can be. Wow! I might add some to the house soon.

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