Outdoor wall art, Fancy Shanty contributing article

Outdoor wall art, Fancy Shanty contributing article

Moss Letter DIY - Outdoor Art
I have to say, for all of my proclamations of being busy in my previous post. I am still bringing the projects. Just the ones that are being featured at my other contributing website jobs. This outdoor wall art is over at Fancy Shanty. This was a fun and easy crafting afternoon for me, using some moss and a letter B, which is our last name. I made a fun, bright and nature themed wall art for my front porch. I have had so many compliments on this when people are coming up to our front door. I think most do not ever think to put art up on their porch. It is a pleasant surprise for most. I broke down the simple way to make this. You can go here for the step by step instructions. 



  1. I like outdoor wall arts! This letter is so pretty, I have to check how it's made!

  2. this is so cute and would make a wild statement on a black door! Love it.

  3. I literally just bought this same frame in turquoise. I was thinking about putting chicken wire on the back, but I am loving this too. Now I have a tough decision! This is perfect on your porch!

    • oh wow, this frame was purchased at a garage sale a few years ago. That is great there is one similar in a store, and in turquoise!!! I love the look of a frame with chicken wire and some kind of detail in the center, great idea!

  4. Emily, this is gorgeous!!!!!

  5. Love the outdoor art work so garden like. I am going to have to try this. Thanks for sharing

  6. That is so beautiful! One of my favorite projects was when I painted the frame of my mirror blue, let it sit out in the sun for a couple months to get the sun-stressed look! PERFECT for outdoor art! Thanks for sharing!

  7. So cute! Such a great idea to put it in the frame! Genius!

  8. This looks so coy, I could do my reading and writing there!

  9. This is so cute, I love the frame…what a fun DIY, a must try, thanks for sharing

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