Our Shelfie decor challenge #1, mirror mirror…

Our Shelfie decor challenge #1, mirror mirror…

I have been talking about some new and exciting things happening with this blog. I have shared some of them with you all, the new share your space series as well as the question of the day. I am enjoying them so much and hearing more of your voice. I do not need to be the only one talking around here. But, there is also a lot of things changing behind the scenes. I am a part of a wonderful group of talented home decor and DIY bloggers. We support each other, share our projects, and think of new and creative ways to entertain you all.

One of them is a new challenge being held on Instagram, you can follow along here. the Our Shelfie challenge. Myself and 19 other bloggers will take part in a 6 week challenge of decorating a shelf or mantel in different themes. Here is where it gets exciting, you all can take part in it! Show us your Shelfie too! Use the #ourshelfie in your pictures to play along. There will be a selected winner that will be featured on our Instagram accounts, as well as some of our blogs (including mine). I am beyond excited to start this and see what my blogging friends come up with, and what you all come up with! This week’s theme is mirror, mirror on the wall… 

I made this free standing mirror frame a while back, you can see the tutorial here. I think part of the fun of this challenge for the Our shelfie is using things that you do not normally think of using for shelf or fireplace mantel decor. I will admit I was a little intimidated with this first challenge, I do not use mirrors a lot in my decor. I had no clue what to do. Then this popped into my head, setting it long ways along my fireplace mantel. 
The mirror became a very dramatic background setting for the decor. Because my fireplace is so large, I can use this bulky mirror and it is not too much for the space. With home decor, size does matter… oh yeah, I went there 😉

To make this mirror theme pop more I used mostly glass accessories. Helping the light and reflection be the standout in this theme. Yes, those are shot glasses I am using as a vase. I am not a drinker, but apparently when you get married you have to register for things like these. Almost 8 years later, Dale and I have enough glassware to open a fancy bar. Or, reuse the glasses for a floral vase.

I am loving this new fireplace mantel I have set up. It is so fun to have had this challenge because I would not have thought to create this look on my own. Having friends who are stellar home decorators and knowing they will be showing off their goods in this Instagram Our shelfie challenge, I knew I needed to bring my A game. My A game apparently means using shot glasses and sticks. Hey, it may not seem like it would work; but I think it does. Head on over to Instagram and show me your Shelfie. Here is my profile, where you can find the information as well as the other bloggers taking part in it. Search for #OurShelfie to see all of the entry’s in this weeks challenge and show us your best mirror themed shelf or fireplace mantel decor set up!
Are you on Instagram? If so, follow me and I will follow back. I would love to get to see a little more of your lives too. How do you usually decide to decorate your mantel and shelves? Is it a decided upon theme or does it slowly come together. Most importantly, does it involve shot glasses? 



  1. I love your mirror and I could decorate with mirrors all of my house! I'm obsessed! Love how you placed in on your mantel!

  2. I love that mirror project that you did. That mirror has so many uses. Totally looks like it belongs on your fireplace. This challenge is so much fun!

  3. I always laugh at your jokes, which makes me look weird at work. I would have never thought to turn this mirror sideways on the mantel. It is a free standing mirror, that is what I would use it as. You are so creative. I cannot believe that you made the frame. When I saw it on Instagram I was hoping I would be able to see where you purchased it. I guess I better get to work making it.

  4. I love your beautiful decor! I never know what to do with my mantle. In fact, right now it has one simple layer of picture frame, vase, and clock – covered by 9 pictures the kids and I painted. It looks like a hot mess (but then, so does the rest of my decor). As soon as I can get a ladder I'd like to move all the art work to one wall and reclaim my lovely fireplace. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration!

  5. I love how you turned the mirror on its side to make such a different look. So pretty with all your glassware.

  6. Looks great Emily!!! Love all the new things you have going on with the blog!!! So exciting.

  7. Love this mirror – and love that you used shot glasses! 🙂

  8. Love how classic and clean your mantle looks. Perfect for summer 🙂

  9. I have no mantel, and thus no shelf, but I really want to create a faux one.

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